Asterix And Obelix: Bash Them All - Level Passwords


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Level Passwords

3 London Obelix Asterix Idefix Panoramix
5 Helvetia Asterix Obelix Idefix Panoramix
7 The Mountains Panoramix Asterix Obelix Idefix
9 Grecia Falbala Abraracourcix Obelix Idefix
11 Olympia Asterix Panoramix Idefix Falbala
13 Mesopotamie Idefix Falbala Panoramix Abraracourcix
15 Dead Sea Abraracourcix Idefix Obelix Panoramix
17 Hispania Falbala Asterix Idefix Obelix
19 The Roman Camp Obelix Falbala Idefix Panoramix

Asterix and Cleopatra MiniGame Passwords

Barrel Crisis 3121
Stone Em All 1213
Sculptoris 2331
Mummy Ball 3113
Slip Em All 1322
Shoot The Romans 2123
Super Bonus Level Culture Club 1232

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