BloodRayne 2 - Various cheats


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Various cheats

Enter codes at the cheat menu.
god mode: Uber Taint Joad Durf Kwis
All powers: Blank Ugly Pustule Eater
Enemies explode: Dodge This Moist Pimp
Juggy mode: Fake Bust Cunningly Distorted
Infinite ammo: Ugly Dark Heated Orange Quaff
Infinite rage: Pimp Reap Dark Dark Muse
Carnage Points: Cargo Fire Imp Kak
Gun Experience: Late Nurture Qweef Super
Freeze Enemies: Blue Green Purple Imp
Overload Mode: This Dark Distorted Reality
Time Factor: Quantum Lament Distorted Doting
Unlimited Rage: Pimp Reap Dark Dark Muse
Unlock All Combos: Bone This Curry Vote
Unlock All Guns: Whiskey Fake Kablow Shoot
Unlock Everything: Want This Dark Reality Taint Qweef
Unlock Outfits: Whack Lick Erotic Cunningly

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