Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django - Continuation Codes from Boktai 1


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Continuation Codes from Boktai 1

Berserker: 0C=c-j21 2p8qg0:Z 57lmnCw N13Mc
Dark Boy: h9bfvCgX =>@Hf3>- 9Sm0smm nCw86jmJ
Gunmaster: X5zw6j>h MYqg/:Z 57lmnCw Nlwz=Mc
Queen: NzWQndfdK FK8w1 /8j48znC wNlmJ:1
Rook: DF74Lj@p =-7yTsk 4dlmnCw NlmJ:Mc
Solar Boy: >WJdj-c 0qgs7G 5Mv8yCw NlmJ:Mc
Solar Boy Alternate: NSffj4L 1-qMs7G 5Mv8yCw NlwJ:Mc
Trigger Of Soul: N0:7j@B -Fq::Z 57lmnCw NlwM=Mc
Trigger Of Soul 2: D??:7j@G -Fq::Z 57lmnCw NlwM=Mc


Beat the game twice: Cat and mouse mini-game
Beat the game: Wallpaper and stats
Beat Megaman's quest: Megaman Buster

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