NFL Blitz - FAQ


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Various Cheats

Enter any of the following "Codes" at the Matchup screen:

Effect Code
Big Head Team 203 Right
Bullet Passes 250 Left
Fog On 030 Down
Headless Team 123 Right
Hide Name 102 Right
Huge Ball 050 Down
Huge Head 040 Up
Hyper Blitz 555 Up
Invisible 433 Up
Invisible Qb 342 Left
Late Hits 010 Up
More Speed 404 Left
Night Game 222 Right
No CPU Assistance 012 Down
No Fumbles 423 Down
No First Downs 210 Up
No Head 321 Left
No Interceptions 344 Up
No Out of Bounds 211 Left
No Punting 151 Up
Power Blockers 312 Left
Power Defense 421 Up
Power Offense 312 Up
Power Speed 404 Left
Power Teammates 233 Up
Random Players 115 Left
Show Field Goal Percentage 001 Down
Show More Field 021 Right
Smart CPU 314 Down
Thick Fog 041 Down
Tiny Players 310 Right
Tourney Mode 111 Down
Turn Off Stadium 500 Left
Unlimited Turbo 514 Up
Raiden 3691
Skull 1111
Van 1234

Submitted by: Speed43186

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