Pro Evolution Soccer 5 - Metal Gear reference


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Metal Gear reference:
Go to edit team and select "PES UTD". Scroll to the bottom of the players list and there should be a player by the name of "Metal Gear".

There are several players whose can use the Akka. To do the Akka, press L3 or Black3. Some of the players who can use the Akka are Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, C. Ronaldo, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Boot creation:
When creating boots, try adding all the parts together that have the same number for example, part 1 and part 2, etc. all with number 5 and you will have the Nike Vapors made. With some color tweaking, you can get them perfect. Also, make the base color the color you want the Nike "tick" to be, then make the panels the boot color. For example, red main color with white parts equals Thierry Henry's white and red Vapors. Boots that can be made using same number parts include Peter Cech's white and blue Lottos, the Retro Addidas World Cups, and Puma Kings.

Easy PES points:
Start an international league and select only two teams to enter the league. You will only have to play two games and will earn match winning points and 1,500 PES points each time you win the league.

German league:
Game name - Real name

Domstadt - FC Koln
Alm - Arminia Bielefeld
Rhein - Bayern Leverkusen
Isar - Bayern Munich
Westfalen - Borussia Dortmund
Fohlen - Borussia Monchengladbach
Stahlstadt - Duisberg
Rhein-Main - Frankfurt
Hanseaten - Hamburger SV
Niedersachsen - Hannover 96
Hauptstadt - Hertha Berlin
Pfalz - Kaiserslautern
Karneval - FSV Mainz 05
Franken - FC Nurnberg
Ruhr - Schalke 04
Neckar - Stuttgart
Autostadt - Wolfsburg
Weser - Werder Bremen

English league:
Game name - Real name

West Midlands Village - Aston Villa
West Midlands City - Birmingham City
Lancashire - Blackburn
Middlebrook - Bolton
South East London Reds - Charlton
Merseyside Blue - Everton
West London White - Fulham
Merseyside Red - Liverpool
Man Blue - Manchester City
Man Red - Manchester United
Teesside - Middlesbourgh
Tyneside - Newcastle United
Pompy - Portsmouth
Wearside - Sunderland
North East London - Tottenham Hotspur
West Midlands Stripes - West Bromwich Albion
East London - West Ham
Lancashire Athletic - Wigan

Real league names:
Game name - Real name

England League - FA Premiership
French League - Ligue 1
German League - Bundesliga
Serie A - Serie A
Eredivisie - Eredivisie
Liga Espanola - Primera Division

Real player names:
Player name - Real name


Kaliko - Kuijt
Roquel - Robben
Von Mistelroum - Van Nistelrooy
Carijalun - Castelen
Mahaali - Makaay
Basimo - Babel
Von Bokkur - Van Bommel
Hofu - Cocu
Lapoheet - Landzaat
Smajnel - Sneijder
Uido Yotoram - Ugur Yildirim
Farzel Gaart - Van der Vaart
Boulezoze - Boulahrouz
Manodenon - Mathijssen
Ktepheronip - Kromkamp
V.Blockoost - Van Bronckhorst
Heirufinga - Heitinga
Zouda - Bouma
Mainelo - Maduro
De Jortz - De Jong
Melonahat - Melchiot
Farzel Haar - Van der sar
Teller - Timmer

Real stadium names:
Game name - Real name

Red Cauldron Europe A - Anfield
Estadio Palo Europe A - Mestala
Catalonia Stadium Europe A - Nou Camp
Trad Brick Stadium Europe A - Old Trafford
Lutecia Park Europe A - Parc des Princes
Finis Terrae Europe A - Riazor
Magpie park Europe A - St. James' Park
Monaco Stadium Europe A - Stade Louis II
Massilia Stadium Europe A - Stade Velodrome
Isar Stadion Europe B - Munich Olympia Stadion
Borussia Stadion Europe B - Westfalenstadion
Hauptstadtstadion Europe B - Berlin Olympia Stadion
Orange Arena Europe B - Amsterdam Arena
Rotterdam stadion Europe B - De Kuip
Stockholm Arena Europe B - Råsunda
Cuito Cuanavale Africa - Vodacom Park
Diamond Stadium Africa - Newlands
Estadio gran chaco The Americas - La Bombonera
Amerigo Atlantis The Americas - Estadio Nacional
Nakhon Ratchasima Asia - Niigata 'Big Swan' Stadium
Kanji Dome Asia - Sapporo Dome
Dietro Monte Stadium Asia - Kashima Stadium
Porto Folio Asia - Yokohama International
Queens land park Asia - Nagai Stadium
Haze hills Asia Olympic Stadium
Occhio del mar Asia - Oita 'Big Eye' Stadium
Ayase-Nakano Stadium Asia - Saitama Stadium

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