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Strategy Guide

Various Cheats

Start the game with the commandline parameter 'set svcheats 1'. Then during gameplay press to bring down the console. Now type any of the following "Codes":

Code Effect
/god God Mode
/notarget Enemies Don't Attack
/noclip No Clipping Mode
/give all All Weapons and Ammo
/maph3 Get the Current Map Name
/spdevmap maph3 Jump to maph3
/give armor Give Armor
/give health Give Health
/give stamina Give Stamina
/nofatigue Unlimited Stamina
/kill Suicide

Submitted in part by FISKERQ

Cheats Server

/gforcebalance - Even teams forced/ggravity [number] - Set gravity to [number]. Lower number is less/gspeed [number] - Set Speed to [number]. Lowerer is slower/timelimit [number] - Set timelimit to number/svmaxclients [number] - Set max players to [number]/map restart - Map reset/kick [playername] - Kicks player/gfriendlyFire [0 or 1] - Friendly fire toggle

Give List

Use these with the /give cheat listed above.

mauser rifle
fg42 paratroop rifle
colt 45
large health
medium health

Name Change

Press to get the console and use /name [name] to set player name and colors

1: Red
2: Green
3: Yellow
4: Blue
5: Light Blue
6: Pink
7: White
8: Black
9: Red

For example, to change your name to "AmericaTheBeautiful" in red, white, and blue, enter:
/name 1America7The4Beautiful.

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