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NOTE: These are the main codes for Scarface: The World is Yours that are usually applied by pressing down the right key combination. Please find the instructions on how to use these cheats below.

Enter these codes into the CHEATS screen, which can be found in the pause menu at any time during gameplay. Mission cheats are unlocked after playing a mission. Note: Cannot save the game after activating

Fill Health: MEDIK
1,000 Balls: FPATCH
Fill Ammo: AMMO
Increase Gang Heat: GOBALLS
Decrease Gang Heat: NOBALLS
Increase Cop Heat: DONUT
Decrease Cop Heat: FLYSTRT
Change Time of Day: MARTHA
Lightning: SHAZAAM
Vehicle Repair: TBURGLR
Black Suit: BLACK
Blue Suit: BLUE
White Suit: WHITE
Grey Suit: GREY
Sandy Shirt: TANSHRT
Tiger Shirt: TIGSHRT
Blue Suit w/shades: BLUESH
White Suit w/shades: WHITESH
Grey Suit w/shades: GREYSH
Sandy Shirt w/shades: TANSH
Tiger Shirt w/shades: TIGERSH
BReal "The World is Yours" music track: TUNEME
Bulldozer: DOZER
Antique Racer: OLDFAST
Dump Truck: DUMPER
Stampede: BUMMER

Easy money:
Go down the road from your mansion. Teft turn at the end to the parking lot where the trailer is parked in the corner of the yellowish brick wall. Enable the "1,000 Balls" code to fill your Balls meter. After enabling the code, exchange your Balls for money. Repeat this as many times as desired. The higher your rep, the more money you will get for your Balls.

In Little Havana, start at the front entrance of Pedro's pawn shop. Go south until you get to the auto clinic then turn right. At the southern end of the auto clinic building you will see a yellow pole separating the building and a wall. Go through this small doorway and all the way to the back to find a sperm bank, where you can sell your Balls. Keep enabling the "1,000 Balls" code and selling your Balls to get an unlimited amount of money.

Go to the industrial zone and look for the sperm bank. They will give you 25,000 for your Balls. Enable the "1,000 Balls" code and just keep cashing in your Balls.

On Sandman Island, look for any Sandman leads that put you in a boat. Shoot the targets, then destroy their boats to have two crates appear; one with money and one with ammunition. Collect both crates for a nice amount of ammunition and money. This is an easy way to get money and ammunition, since you do not have any time limits on the boat missions.

To get better deals from drug suppliers, make sure your Gang Heat is low. You will get more product for the same amount of money. This especially helps if your Gang Heat and Cop Heat is at zero. 30 kg at 100,000 should net you 13 to 15 million.

On the island with the docks and winding roads, go by where the docks are located, at the top right corner of the island on the map. Follow the road to the building the orange spot with the bank symbol on it. There should be a building with a sign that reads "Bodog"; it is a bar. There should be a cage as soon as you walk in, where you can bet on cock fights and people fighting. You can bet as high as 25,000. There is also a casino in that building where you can also make money.

Easy money and drugs:
After selling drugs to a dealer, kill him and take his money and drugs.

Get stronger weapons earlier:
Some characters like the assassin and enforcer have stronger weapons. For example, play as the enforcer and call for one of Tony's cars. Once it arrives, go to the weapons trunk. Place the grenade launcher in the trunk, then switch back to Tony. When you go to the weapons trunk, the grenade launcher will still be there. You can do the same thing with the assassin to get the PSG-1.

Montana investments:
You can find these under the "Exotics" menu, and "Investments" option. The purpose of the investments is to provide different upgrades. You will need at least 1.5 million 40 million for Montana Legal and 20 million for Montana Sports to purchase most of these investments. The investments will help you level up faster.

Montana Records: Unlocks new music tracks and create a new playlist.

Montana Holdings: Fronts will cost you 10 less to purchase.

Montana Fitness: All your henchmen gain 50 health.

Montana Productions: Unlocks all of Tony's clothing options in the cheat menu.

Montana Legal: Visibility Events reduced by half cops look the other way.

Montana Sports: Maximum bets go up for all your gambling.

Montana Financial: Launder all of your cash with 0 interest.

Montana Defense: Carry an extra weapon and maximum ammunition.

Shark attack:
Save the game before attempting this trick. Go into the ocean from anywhere and start swimming, preferably away from land. After a while a giant shark should will appear and eat Tony.

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Island Money Glitch

After you complete all Downtown missions, you should get a call from The Sandman, which will unlock The Islands. Once unlocked, leave Miami and go to the North Islands (i recommend the Attack Boat so that you have strong backup for this). Once there, there should be an large sideways oval-shaped island (named Tranquilandia). Place a place marker about 1 1/2in (complately zoomed out map) southwest (bottom left) of the island and look for a smaller island with 2 pirate ships docked on it. There should also be an in-land buoy in the direction of a huge rock island with an arc, if the swarm of enemies doesn't tell you you're in the right place. If you are on the right island, there should be continuous waves of enemies appearing on the Island (there are a few other islands that spawn enemies as well, but this one in particular is the only one that is infinite). When killing them, some will give regular amounts of cash as if killing a regular enemy, but overtime, as long as you do NOT loop counter-clockwise around the big rock on the Island, you should start getting the "You killed them!" message for every 1 enemy you kill, and those enemies will start to drop suit cases and even boxes of money just for killing 1 enemy! If the enemies stop re-appearing, go on the right side of the rock on the island (do NOT go all the way around, or you will just get regular money) to spawn more enemies. Walk back in front of that rock to restart the cycle of single-enemy gangs. This can be done as long as you want, at ANY time, as many times as you want. Recommendation: Before doing this at reputation 5 and up, be sure to get Montana Productions so that you can change your clothes if you get blown up. This will refill your health and stand you back up, though you will have to unholster your weapon (you should be able to survive 1 explosion, but if you use the regular refill health cheat and you get blown up again while still on the ground, you WILL die even at full health). Note: This is easiest exploited at reputation 4 (R), while the enemies are all using the .38 auto pistol. From reputation 5 (F) and up, enemies will use the M-79 grenade launcher, and my personal take is to ONLY do it at reputation 4 and 6 and up. At rep 5, you get roughly the same payout as rep 4, except now youre dealing with grenade launchers instead of pistols. Also, keep in mind that your henchman will also be killing the enemies via the attack boat's mounted SAW, and he may be killing them so fast that you cant keep up with all of the money and drug drops. If this happens, you can simply stop shooting and let him handle everything, as he will NOT be intentionally blown up by the enemies (I don't know if the guys with .38 autos will target him). Because your balls will be constantly refilling from the enemies dying, you should be able to stay in rage almost indefinitely. Warning: While on your way, feel free to shoot at and destroy other enemy boats, as they will drop money, ammo, and health for your boat, but FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD, DO NOT SHOOT AT THE HELICOPTERS!! I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH! HELICOPTERS GIVE NOTHING FOR BEING DESTROYED AND WILL DO EXTREMELY HIGH DAMAGE TO YOUR BOAT!! IF YOU SEE ONE, DO EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER TO AVOID IT! Also, from reputation 5 and up (when the enemies start using grenade launchers), it is very risky attempting to leave the island, as enemies will likely spawn while you're trying to leave, and their grenade launchers act similar to RPGs for unknown reasons, allowing them to hit your boat from very long ranges and, depending on the durability of your boat, possibly exploding it.

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