Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition


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Objective: Collect all of the notes and memos on Monkey Island.

Marooned Everyone
Objective: Use one save slot to play both endings.

Human Cannonball
Objective: Finish the entire game in under 3 hours.

Objective: Don't use any hints to finish the game.

Old School
Objective: Switch to classic mode at least once.

Ten Minutes Later...
Objective: Have Guybrush drown.

Escape Artist
Objective: Escape from the Monkey Island Cannibals' hut 5 times.


The Three Trials
Objective: Complete Part One: The Three Trials.

The Journey
Objective: Complete Part Two: The Journey

Under Monkey Island
Objective: Complete Part Three: Under Monkey Island.

Sharp Tongue
Objective: Learn all of the insults from the pirates.


Guybrush Kicks Butt
Objective: Complete Last Part: Guybrush Kicks Butt

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