Shadow the Hedgehog - Unlock Egg Vaccum


Total votes: 70
Unlock Egg Vaccum:
Beat normal story the middle 3 stages on the map.

Unlock Samarui Blade:
Beat dark story the top 3 stages on the map.

Unlock Heal Cannon:
Beat hero story the bottom 3 stages on map.

Unlock Satelite Laser:
Beat semi dark story the top middle 3 stages on map.

Unlock Omochao Gun:
Beat semi hero story the bottom middle 3 stages on map.

2 Player Co-op mode:
On Story Mode, have your selected story mission as Hero and insert a controller into the P2 socket. The P2 controller should beable to move the Hero Character. These Characters include: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Maria etc. This is very useful against Bosses. Note: they cannot carry weapons.

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