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Get All Movies

Put in the password 12PARSECS

Get All Creator Photos

Put in the password JEDICOUNCIL

Get Bonus Objectives Completes

Put in the password GIMME

Get Battle Droid for Genosis Academy

Put in the password TRADEFED

Get All Multiplayer Missions

Put in the password JORG SACUL

Get Campaign Level Select

Put in the password DOORDONOT

Get Unlimited Special & Secondary Weapon

Put in the password SUPERLASER

Get Padme for Academy: Genosis Level

Put in the password NATALIE

Unlimited Heath

Put in the password DARKSIDE

Wookie Unlocked for Academy: Genosis Level

Put in the password NERFHERDER

Unlock Multiplayer Levels

Collect the following number of Bonus Points to get each item

Raxus Duel multiplayer level - 5 Bonus Points

Thule Moon Control multiplayer level - 10 Bonus Points

Rhen Var multiplayer level - 15 Bonus Points

Jedi Academy multiplayer level - 20 Bonus Points

Get Unit View Option - 25 Bonus Points

Making of Movie Option - 30 Bonus Points

Music Player Option - 35 Bonus Points

Sketch Option - 40 Bonus Points

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