Battlefield 2 v1.4 Patch (Final)


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After all the beta patches, EA has released the long awatied patch for Battlefield 2. This patch will update Battlefield 2 to version 1.14.


- New level: Road to Jalalabaad (Conquest 16-32-64, Singleplayer, Co-op)
- New Server Option: No Vehicles mode


- The vehicle drop has been modified to help prevent exploits such as blocking enemy vehicles, destroying vehicles and commander assets, or as an alternative to artillery.
- C4 tossing distance has been reduced.
- A prone->crouch delay has been added.


- Fixed the Linux server hangs when trying to load a Special Forces Co-Op map.
- Another attempt at fixing the Red/Blue nametag bug.
- Fixed the missing server info on the map briefing screen.
- Fixed the server browser issues with updating info.
- Fixed the filter by maps size option in the server browser.
- Fixed a low reproducibility crash bug related to the vehicle drop.
- Fixed a crash in Co-op after a player is revived without a kit.
- Fixed a server crash on Linux 32 when trying to rotate maps in Coop Mode.
- Fixed the occasionnal red distance marker appearing on the ground.
- Fixed the bug that caused the player's arms to become invisible when switching weapons.
- Co-Op bot console commands now function on local servers.
- Fixed the excessive damage taken by the Muscle Car.
- Adjusted the minimum number of players to start the round on ranked servers.
The new values for 16, 32 and 64 players are 6, 8 and 8 respectively.
- Re-enabled unlocks on unranked servers.
- Commander options are no longer available whilst commander is dead.
- Fixed bug where a spawn point is shown as selected when it is not if player has spawned in during the preview round.
- Co-Op (Local Server) - Fixed the issue where no other players may join the server if the server host is kicked and banned.
- Ranked Servers now force unlocks.
- Added support for multiple gamemodes in single maplist for mods.

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Battlefield 2 v1.4 Patch (Final)

Unrealistic? it's a video game moron. Go join the army and take a bullet or some shrapnel if you want realistic. Games only need to be fun.This game is a vehicle shooter. If you don't like vehicles this is not the game for you. Thanks for turning it into another pointless fps by even adding the option to remove them. Way to go EA. BF2142 can suck my ***, Quake Wars FTW.

Battlefield 2 v1.4 Patch (Final)

i dont enjoy game anymore after the patched that stopped c4 throwin, is it any better/different now, c4 wise?, only real reason i bought it, then they change it.!yes was abit gay being able to exploed them b4 they hit the ground, but was fun. then they took the fun out of it for me.

Battlefield 2 v1.4 Patch (Final)

eure seite ist grauenhaft, wenn man einen patch runderladen will kann man es nicht weil nirgends ein button zum downloaden da ist und wie bei allen anderen gibt es immer nur neue seiten oder es wird einem etwas untergejubelt was man nicht haben will. diese seiten besuche ich nicht wieder. danke für eure aufmerksamkeit

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