Sony set to release 4k media player this summer

One of the biggest problems with buying a 4K display at the moment, is that there isn't a lot of content out there, but when you do have the media, there isn't much in the way of streaming hardware to handle it. Sony is looking to fill those gaps in the market this summer, with the release of a new media set-top-box specifically optimised for 4k.

It's called the 4k Ultra HD Media Player (product number: FMP-X10) and gives users access to all the usual sources like Netflix and BBC iPlayer, as well as a lot of 4K content via Video Unlimited. It also comes with a terrabyte of built in storage, so you can download 4K media as you please and watch it on demand.

Designed in conjunction with the new line up of enormous BRAVIA 4K TVs, the new media box should give users access to a wealth of 4K content at a time where the landscape of ultra high resolution media is a bit barren.

The move is a little surprising too, since everyone expected Sony to push 4K content through the PS4, like it did with Blu Rays on the PS3. However, to date all the Japanese electronics maker has said is that it's considering adding support. Of course it could be that the PS4 can't handle 4K media, which considering it can't even do 1080p gaming in most titles, wouldn't be surprising.

No word on pricing yet, but we do know this player is releasing in the summer.

What do you guys think? Is this something you'd be interested in?

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4K media is a gimmick to sell

4K media is a gimmick to sell more TVs. Ask people in the industry and you might get the real truth. Sales of flat screen TVs have started to decline in 2012-2013 as most people now have them. So they need something new to sell to the masses. I have seen the 4k and 1080p side by side, and while there is a difference its not all that mind blowing. Not worth the money IMO.


4k is not a gimmick you *******, more pixels = bigger screens = bigger TVs, just go back 10 years to your CRT and realise why you want the 4k, just dont expect tv to catch up till 2018 or gaming till 2016. We are just being shoveled old technology already. There is a massive difference to 4k, but do you need it or not depends.

Not being able to render 3d

Not being able to render 3d scenes in real time has no bearing as to whether or not the hardware can decode 4K content-- if annoying, the HDMI bandwidth limit would be a more likely roadblock (though I'm unsure if it is)

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