League of Legends pro fined for toxic play

Continuing to show that it expects a certain level of professionalism from its "pro" players, League of Legends developer Riot Games, has announced that ADC for the Compenhagen Wolves, Konstantinos ”Forg1ven” Tzortziou is being fined $1,000 for his continued toxic behaviour in his streaming sessions and in general Solo-Q. He's been issued warnings in the past but has chosen to ignore them and will now pay the price.

“In recent months, [Konstantinos] ”Forg1ven” Tzortziou has exhibited poor behaviour, both in solo queue as well as on community streams," wrote one Riot moderator on the official forums. “This behaviour included, but was not limited to, in game harassment, verbal abuse, and general in game toxicity. Tzortziou was given multiple warnings by LCS officials, and despite acknowledging his behaviour, he has made no subsequent steps to improve.”

Citing rules broken as section 10.2.7 of the LCS ruleset, which states no professional players may violate the Summoner's Code, Riot has issued the fine. However some have called foul, suggesting that it's not even remotely high enough to make a difference. While Esports players aren't in the same league as many sportsmen around the world, they earn an alright wage and often have hugely shared accommodation so have minimal living costs.

It's also been pointed out that Riot has banned players in the past for toxic behaviour, which makes you wonder why it's only issuing a fine in this instance. It could be because it's changed its stance on negative players and would rather coerce them into playing by the rules instead of kicking them out, or it could simply mean that a case is still being put together by the player run tribunal.

What do you guys think of the fine? Does it go far enough?

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They are in their right to

They are in their right to place the fine and dont have to tolerate it. I would watch a game or two of pros but there is a problem with the moda. They arent creative players, in fact the most important for any of them is the amount of clicks they can get in per minute. And! They play very dull and boring games that lend to this kind of play. Dota wasnt even the best of its kind when it came out for warcraft, there was another contender which I dont remember the name but was actually better that dota in terms of gameplay and fun. Dota copied it and simplified it and then the masses came in. Either way, it is one thing to play cool and another to hack a game and divide it into builds that depend on speed of execution. Something that real sports have a problem with as well because of money. Players want to show off their skills with fancy moves but trainers and stock holders want titles and money. For example, the chilena in soccer. Its an awesome move but trainers and stock holders hate it, unless you actually pull it off because if you dont and mess it up you are going to get your share of yells from the trainers and holders, yelling at you to play safe or not play at all. Happens in every sport. Happens to me a lot in games, getting a group of cool and creative players in a single game is harder than finding a few keyboard apes. I doubt you can have fun with any game under the pressure created with this and if the players themselves have no fun, the spectactors wont have it either.


The most interesting, disappointing & depressing thing about this to me, is that someone somewhere actually gets paid to play a ******* video game competitively. I suppose it's no dumber than baseball or hockey etc. though. :/

What's more amazing to me

What's more amazing to me than someone getting paid to play a video game is that people will actually go on youtube and twitch or whatever, and actually WATCH other people play these video games. How do you actually sit there and watch somebody else play a freakin game?!?!?! I can see if you're stuck in a certain part of the game and want to watch a video of how to get through it but to actually sit down and watch somebody play a video game makes absolutly no sense to me at all.

Am I the only one here that

Am I the only one here that thinks this is absurd? I mean, a private company like riot can legally fine someone for being rude? I hate trash talkers as much as the next guy but it seems to me riot is overstepping its boundaries. If they take a 'pay the fine or get banned' stance that could well be classified as blackmail in court.

I dont think so. If a single

I dont think so. If a single person is wrecking the games over all experience for everyone then those people may leave intern lose in money. If you work on something for many years and many millions of dollars you to may take drastic measures to protect it.

Not surprised

Should fine him for just looking like a douche. Kind of sick of people hiding behind their monitors knowing that what they say comes with no consequences. This guy finally learned his lesson. Should fine him $10,000, not $1000.


What do I think about this? I'm still trying to swallow that people are being paid six figures to play f-ing video games and that people are willing to pay to watch people play a game which they themselves could play at home. Otherwise all I think is I wish they could find a way to institute the fines into CoD and other online games globally, forget this 'pro' gaming, I want the ******** on Xbox Live and other online games to be fined $1000 for being dicks and generally ruining the experience.

You can play basketball at

You can play basketball at home too yet people pay to watch pros playing it and I don't see you complaining about that. Funny how you can find people still living by old paradimgs even in gaming communities.

Yeah but pro basketball

Yeah but pro basketball players have minds of their own and can do whatever they want with the basketball to make a spectacular play. A pro video player can no do anything that is not programed into the game and that you cannot replicate yourself while playing the game. There is nothing in a video game that a pro player can do that you can't do while playing the game youself but there is countless things a pro basketball player can do that you can't do while playing the game yourself.

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