The Witcher 3 To Have "Absolutely No DRM"

While Square Enix is reaffirming its commitment to "increasing its profits" by using DRM, CD Projekt Red is reaffirming its commitment to gamers by having absolutely no DRM at all in The Witcher 3.

"I’d like to say it loud and clear: The PC version of The Witcher 3 will have absolutely no DRM from day 0," said CD Projekt cofounder and CEO Marcin Iwinski. "Zero. Zip. Nada. It doesn’t matter if you choose to buy it on and support us directly or buy the game in box format, you’ll still get the 100% DRM-free experience. And this goes for the whole world."

The game will be available through Steam also. However, that version will be protected by Steam's standard copy protection system. "Gamers have a choice in where they buy their games, but where CDPR does have control — like — there will be absolutely no DRM," explained Iwinski.

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Dunno why people consider

Dunno why people consider steam drm, it does have an offline mode where you don't have to login or anythign to access your games. Naturally you need to be online to download the **** thing but that's it.

Here is why

Because classic steam was just a plain old service driven by game companies. Current steam is a cloud operated independent service from games. So the question of whether or not games support drm or not is no longer the problem. The problem is Steam itself does in fact make use of drm we already see this in Linux, otherwise why bother porting a working system with a few disgruntled game devs. The fact you can run steam in offline mode means nothing if a game exe still relies on steam to work. It would actually be better to simply run your titles with cracked launchers than run it with steam in offline mode.

Sure offline mode means

Sure offline mode means something, just because an exe relies on a dll to launch that doesn't make it DRM. What DRM does is restrict people from playing the game if certain criteria aren't met. Offline mode may feel bloated but in no way does it restrict people from launching their games, so it's not DRM. Stop trying to add buzzwords to your complaints and try being honest instead (wah, I don't like steam).


Then why are you on here complaining? Go play your steam games, I don't know why you would comment on a site that has trainers and fixes *cough hacks cough* to run these supposed games. Seems to me your the one in denial haha

Steam does not force DRM.

You can put a game on Steam with no DRM whatsoever. It can even have Steamworks features lice achievements, trading cards and cloud saves (although obviously those features won't work if you launch the game without Steam).

Good on ya son!

**** Steam on this one. Good job brah. You get mad props from this lady loaf eater. I'll likely never play your game, but I'll recommend it to anyone who likes 3rd person RPGs 'cuz ya done good son. Ya done real good.


hing with DRM is that companies like EA, UBI underdevelop their games and rush out some **** that does not work for many more months ( BF4 *cough*). So how are you supposed to trust them for that 60EUR they ask? Companies like CD Project do amazing content that you just need to BUY - 100% trust. Superb content, amazing value - no need for drm. Other devs/publishers should take some notes.


Its completely useless. All it takes is one pirate to make the crack. After that anyone could pirate it no matter what other security measures they add.

I'll buy this game on GOG to

I'll buy this game on GOG to support them. I never had any problem with this site and with DRM-free games I can make a copy and show these games to friends which wouldn't buy it anyway so to me, a DRM-free version of a game worth much more than a Steam-key. I love Steam for it's services and features but if you can have the No-DRM version for 10% more, I'll go for it in a heartbeat.

I hate to say it but DRM

I hate to say it but DRM needs to be on PC. Console is completely different. On PC you can play pirated games in literally under a minute of downloading them. Consoles are way different because you have to Phreak the system. If you don't do it yourself it costs a lot of money and voids warranty. DRM does not need to be on console but is a must for PC gaming, else developers will stop making PC games all together.

Name one game which DRM

Name one game which DRM stopped people from pirating. Then realize that DRM was never meant to fight piracy, it was always diguised as an anti piracy tool while its true purpose was to stop second hand game sales. Of course no one would openly admit to that because gamers would riot over it, so make use of their naivete and tell them a silly story and they'll ignore all the obvious signs that it's a lie.


I'll name you one that didn't have a single copy pirated only,and I mean ONLY because it has always online DRM,and it's Diablo 3.Sure there was no need for DRM on consoles,because it is much harder to pirate on that systems due to firmware,use of BLU-RAY,internet connection requirement etc.Than there is WOW,and couple of other games,that newer got pirated due always online DRM.

Diablo 3 on PC has been

Diablo 3 on PC has been pirated and doesn't require online to play. Even the expansion that was released recently has been pirated. Just because the game requires online, doesn't mean it can't be pirated, get it through your thick skull.

Diablo 3 has been pirated and

Diablo 3 has been pirated and doesn't require online to play ??? hahaha You get this through your "thin" skull,Diablo 3 requires,til this day, a permanent int connection,because everything in Diablo 3 and its expansion is located on their servers,from monsters,loots,items,achievements and almost everything else same as World of Warcraft,please inform yourself before jumping to stupid conclusions.In order to pirate it one would have to emulate blizzards servers identical as they are,(they tried that with WOW check it out how that came up :D) And please,do try playing it without buying and let me know where you stand.

lol, some kids spout all

lol, some kids spout all sorts of garbage just to feel like they're right. D3 requires a connection but it's not an mmo, there ARE pirated versions of d3 out there, just take 2 mins to search popular torrent sites. It uses a server emulator to fool the game into thinking it's online and logged in as it has been done before with other always online games. So if you had spent 1 or 2 minutes searching before posting your crap you wouldn't have made yourself look like a total idiot. captcha: what should we call you


First off all,OM(F)G.I don't know who is more ignorant and less intelligent being,you or the guy with the previous comment.Second off all,i don't know where have you found in my comments that I said that Diablo is an MMO,maybe you dreamed it or something do tell me.Third of all,when you've seen the comments,you automatically opened torrent sites and searched if there is Diablo there hahaha,probably American stupidity at it's best. Diablo 3 is free to download even from Blizzard sites,since it's beginning therefore it is also on torrent sites,but it can be there forever you will not be able to play it.Almost everything in Diablo 3 is placed on their servers (Blizzard servers),read the previous comment,but slowly so you don't make up thing again.Not one emulator on torrents is working,because you don't just need an emulator to trick the game that it is online,this is not Assassins Creed you stupid, where you need to go online in order that the game verifies if it is original or not and play on,you would have to make a pirated server with all the items,quests,achievements and everything else identical to that of Blizzard.From your comment I see that you are as ignorant as the guy before you,and never owned Diablo 3,or tried to pirate it.Diablo 3 has always online DRM,but, buttttttttt it also has almost all of its components placed on its private servers,thats the difference in which it never got pirated,comparing to some other always online games with DRM.

So a quick tour of

So a quick tour of thepiratebay shows there is in fact a pirate copy of D3 out there. In fact it has a working emu, just fyi I don't really give a flaming **** one way or the other. Jizzard is not ma tea!

I hate to say it but you're

I hate to say it but you're retarded. Even with DRM you can still play a game within minutes of downloading it. Also it won't stop developers from making PC games because there's still money to be made on the PC. Why? Because most people still buy PC games that aren't DRM protected.

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