Neverwinter Is Xbox One's First Free-To-Play MMORPG

Free-to-play game company Perfect World announced today that it is working to port Cryptic Studios' Neverwinter MMORPG from PC and release it on Xbox later this year in China before rolling out to North America and Europe next year.

Free2Play MMO games such as DC Universe Online have been available on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 for several years now; nonetheless, the upcoming Neverwinter MMO shall be the first F2P MMORPG on Xbox One.

"We are excited and honored to be among the first publishers in China bringing games to Xbox One,” said Perfect World CEO Robert Xiao. "For the six months following Xbox One’s launch [in China], Neverwinter Online will be available only on Xbox One."

In addition to the usual micro-transactions, Xbox LIVE Gold subscription will be required to play.

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like this to be cross platform. i have alot of freinds on xbox one but i play this on pc and its a blast. i have yet to really put any money into this and theres still so much to do. raids and custom dungeons keep things interesting to get some sweet loot. :D

Yeah, I play on PC too. I

Yeah, I play on PC too. I tried Neverwinter a few times and enjoyed it, but I just think there are better options for F2P at the moment (Tera, Aion, Rift). Cross-Platform is something that would make me go back to it... if it was on PS4 because I only have friends that own PS4s lol

The game itself is still Free

The game itself is still Free to Play, and Perfect World will have control over the in-game cash shop. This has nothing to do with Microsoft charging for full internet access on Xbox One/Xbox 360. And this is coming from someone that loathes Microsoft.

Silly guy

The game is free to play, the monthly subscription to xbox live is a completely different thing. If the monthly xbox live service were free, would you call bullshit because you need to pay the electric or internet bill?

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