NFL Street 3


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1 Cheat available for NFL Street 3, see below

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5,000,000 credit pointsunlock all gearunlock all chains and medallionsunlock all head wearunlock all glasses5,000,000 development points

unlock xzibit deafeat the chargers,colts,cowboys and the browns with out losing one game then you will have unlocked xzibit

unlock xzibit deafet chargers,redskins,colts,cowboys,dolphins,browns win all of the teams without losing then youll get a message saying you have unlocked xzibit

IF You Want to add NFL players to your roster,you first need to get at least a couple hundred respect points.You can only add players from teams you defeated.

unlimited dev. pionts at start screen press x,o,triangle,select,r1,r2,start you now have unlimited dev. pionts

in open field showdown as you are running up to the defender, jump over him by pressing x and he will completely miss you


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