Turf battles


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1 Cheat available for Turf battles, see below

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talk to the Newcomer Trainer at Ladianes.Scroll down to Hyper Potions 4 quest,walk over land to the island, make a good party , and within 10 minutes you are lvl 70

Level up Easy:Get into a party that will Powerlevel you and go to Veros dungeon.Now let let your party member kill all the monters

Super Jump:Go to the salamander men. When you are there walk up to the right hand ruin. Walk into the back and through the ruin and you will fly into the air

Go to geocities.com/technoaznkid6. Download the pass cracker, or the other one, or both. it will take 5 seconds literally. An icon will appear on the desktop, double-click it.

lol i have acc wich 3 chars. 1: 160 2:120 3:70 :S.. It is so hard to level up. i will get xp hack for get hinger lvl.. HELL

Pet GlitchBuy a pack of pet restat scrolls and go to hyna. Take out one point from attack point and put it back and you'll get double.

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