Crime Life: Gang Wars


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1 Cheat, 2 Fixes, 2 Trainers available for Crime Life: Gang Wars, see below

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Good weapons:When you use your weapon, it gets damaged. As soon as you get the chance, use it to change the weapon.P.S. Always use fatals because you get extra health when you kill with fatal.

if da police are after u, just try making it to the OUTLAWZ CRIB...once u enter there, all the police lose u

4 more money,make a robbery in a shop at blingsley hills.DONT kill the shopkeepers,but u should hit them and make them lie on the floor so they dont scream for help

DONT buy weopons from Big Al's.Just Find them on the road or take it from a gang member or make a fight with an armed headhunter and take his weopon...but u cant take molotovs

if u r running from someoneheadhunter,cop,KYC or watever...just take the subway or go to another region and they will immediatly lose u

if u need to recharge ur health and u dont hav a lot of money,order ur gang members to attack a headhunter.when the skull appears over his head,go and kill points will be given to u

if u hav a gun with less then 16 ammos,toss it and take any other gun on the'll always contain 16 ammos

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