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1 Demo, 2 Patches, 2 Cheats, 6 Fixes, 1 Editorial available for Summoner, see below

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on the title screen press up,down,left,right,square,square to get invenrabilty, it will only work when you have played for a least 10 hours and your people must be a least level 5.

how to kill ikaemos easy- let other ppl attk and get killed whilst joseph and rosalind chuck spells at him andkeep up this assult this assult and eventually he will die


I heard if you can attack a Palace Guard by a Glitch he will give you 20million gold piece from bring defeated so try it,im still tryin gas i speak

you want to going up to level 40.klick on tab and hold in to you are in level 40. you cane MAX come in leve 40 and dawn.

where do you put the cheat whice mutkos cheats.the cheat is money[number]-moneygod1-god mode .please can you help to find out where gos.

press forward to move forwardgthis is so stupid as,'kill the final boss for allot of exp'look above.So please only enter real cheats here.from:tekken4 master and champion

Teleportto telport just press shift and the tidle keykey left to the number 1and click on the ground to be teleported there

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