Turok: Evolution


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1 Video, 5 Cheats, 1 Fix, 1 Trainer available for Turok: Evolution, see below

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Go to the Enter Cheat screen and enter EMERPUS for a code. Then turn on that cheat at the menu to activate it. Be Able to Kill Animals type ZOO,Pick level SELLOUT,Unlimited Ammo MADMAN

super cheat code....press fmbfb to unlock all levels,unlimited ammo,all weapons,invinsibility,invisibility and big head mode.

go to the enter cheat screen and enter FMNFB for a code. now you will be able to activate all the cheats.. have fun

If you have the Swedish version of Turok:Evolution for xbox OR Gamecube, you can write BAJS and you get all weapons for every level I mean ALL weapons


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