Crysis 2 Was 2011’s Most Pirated Game

The most pirated game in 2011 was a PC shooter, but it wasn't Modern Warfare 3.

With 3,920,000 copies downloaded through bittorrent, TorrentFreak reported that Crysis 2 was the most pirated game in 2011. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 came a close second with 3,650,000 copies and Battlefield 3 followed with 3,510,000 copies. The PC versions of FIFA 12 and Portal 2 took the 4th and 5th locations.

As expected, PC games were pirated much more than their console counterparts. The most pirated Wii game was Super Mario Galaxy (1,280,000 copies) which was in fact released in 2010 and the most pirated Xbox 360 game was Gears of War 3 (890,000 copies). Torrentfreak didn't report PlayStation 3 games piracy statistics.

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Artists or theives

You buy a car because the manufacturers show the speedo at 250 mph. You don't spot the tiny writing hidden in a corner that says "Not actual footage of the car". - Con "artists". -

The engine wont start or the brakes only work sometimes and then the makers either don't fix it or take as many months as they feel like to make a repair which adds more faults. - Con "artists". -

In any almost every business the law would be all over them but software businesses seem to be above the law. They have stolen your money and you have no hope of getting a refund then they complain when others "steal" from them.

Artists look to produce a "work of art" a thing of beauty or perfection. When can that be said of software - especially games software.


If it's illegal, why are they pushing the government to make piracy laws? Hmmmm, without an applicable law, I guess it's not really illegal... And if it was illegal, you'd think nerds would be off to jail, instead of sued... Not quite following your logic yet.... perhaps you can teach me mental-gymnatsics, then you and I would have something in common, unfortunately it wouldn't be sense.

Im an artist

..& I understand. Maybe it is stealing, yet this does occur with much of our media today. Have you ever recorded anything from the radio/tv?. Passing around a copy is one of the best ways to promote your product as it gets people talking about it. I produce music. Allot of music and I do it because I love it. Making a profit comes after, (although it is certainly a perk/goal.) I give out my tracks in hope that people will catch on and choose to pay for the work I have made. Likely if companies gave out compelling demos, that had enough restrictions to make people want the rest yet were long enough to be utterly satisfying than piracy could be lessened. This however is not the case. Many games, especially the ones who are being d/led by the thousands require purchase of the entire game (usually at a hefty price,).30-60 dollars is allot to invest in a game that you haven't played. Hence why many want to TRY the game before buying. I go over to friends houses and play there games that were legitimately purchased & its likely that I might go out and purchase that title/similar titles myself. As for developers owing us something you are correct, they don't. Yet IF you want to be respected and ultimately supported by fans you SHOULD put out a quality game. For instance in series games (Final Fantasy, Sims, Star Wars ectect.) there is a certain standard you expect them to have. When this standard is changed for the worst. Adding cheesy dialog/characters to appeal to a different customer base, putting in dated clothing options/lazy choppy animation, or changing completely from a first/third person shooter to an real time strategy game (command and conquer is a good example) than we as fans can easily tell that this practice is clearly ONLY for profit and is just riding off their company's previous success. This can be seen easily in many movies in theaters and the correct thing in my opinion to do, since we cannot usually contact the company directly is to show that they aren't supported by the gaming community. -ie Pirate their shiz. I pay for games that I have tested and those that I believe have dedication/heart put into their work. Some companies lose their soul along the way of success and this is our way of helping them get it back. By showing them they need to step up their game. :)


So roughly 3,920,000 copies of Crysis 2 pirated, but of course they don't tell you how many of those individuals purchased the game at a later time (yes it does happen). I know there's not really any method of measuring that accurately, but still. This is what I find humorous and stupid about posting "piracy" figures to the public.

Why do demos of games come

Why do demos of games come out like a few months after the games release, or not at all? its like they know their game is crap so they want to make sure they sell a bunch of copies to unsuspecting gamers before the bad reviews come out. sometimes they just release a multiplayer demo, because they are to ashamed of their game. Multiplayer demo's dont count when im looking to buy a game with a storyline.

true but pointlessly so..

true but pointlessly so.. crysis 1 would be a more hardcore benchmark for the most part... other than its not using dx11, it was by far the more demanding game. also I'd say because of the reputation of crysis, I bet many of those pirated copies were to make sure the game ran at all

Activations are one reason

I was never into pirating games i always purchased my games regardless if they were crap or not. However since the activations have been brought in this has been a real turn off for me. So the best way to avoid activations is to pirate a games that works better than the original.

Most of the games that are now pirated by gamers who own the game but download the pirate version to avoid the activations. EA still hasn't got the message activations encourage pirating.

I also suspect the pirating figures are not accurate due to gamers who already own the game but download the pirate version to avoid the activations Spore was a example of this. And it is real funny out of the pirating figures it was mostly EA games.


Really? all you ******* complaining about the games costing $30 $60. Let me tell you something, for a new release game where I live, most of them a generally around the $100+ mark. grow up already.

Nope, we got it worse over here.

In Australia it's worse, A quick currency exchange copy and paste from Google and: "1.00 AUD = 1.03458 USD". The average newly released PS3 game is: $110.00 AUD = 113.812 USD. Hell yes we get screwed over here, a newly released PC game is usually more reasonable at $79AUD to $90AUD.

You're wrong

Australia, gaming wise may be dearer than that of the US "The average newly released PS3 game is: $110.00 AUD = 113.812 USD" but in NZ were are still on average for a newly released PS3 game $10 - $20 dearer than Aus, plus our dollar is lower than the AUD $110 AUD = 144.34369 NZD. Plan on moving over there for work this year anyway, sick of earning 13.75 an hour. :(


Tell me about it. Over here that's generally what a popular new release game costs, despite games being a little cheaper for PC, around $15 - $20, and of cause there is Steam. You buggers are lucky over in the US, really, you have a lot of market competing with each other all the time to keep prices down, here in New Zealand, we have a bit of market competing to keep prices down; but of cause, not on the scale of the US. Can I ask ask how much the average minimum ***** starting wage is over there, and a very rough estimate of say, what a two bedroom flat would cost a week, cheers. Also your $60 is our $76 here. So as you can see we are getting quite ripped off.


I download games illegally , because they aren't worth the 60 bucks I see at the stores. my last game NFS the run, hell no, not worth it, and black ops for the zombies- for 50 bucks heck no... 60 bucks for one game, I remember payin that much 13 years ago for N64 games, Developers just want my money... (devils advocate mode)

Someone Does It Right

Sucks to be EA and make so many **** games... I mean really... I've been playing games for a good 20 years, and EA have ruined a number of good franchises... Blizzard on the other hand are laughing, I pirate most games as I only play them for a few hours before I'm bored/sick of it and move on to another... but I also buy games which I like and I'm happy to support the developer, ie. blizzard (diablo 3 collectors edition is already pre-ordered).

when a game company makes a game I actually enjoy playing for more than a few hours, I'll pay for the game.

I don't care how much work

I don't care how much work you put into something, if its crap, i don't want to buy it, and why expect anyone else to? crysis was indeed crap. so after i bought and beat it in the same day (short as hell), i felt extremely ripped of.

If they want people to stop illegally downloading as much, just lower the price on mediocre games (like crysis 2) during the release. if i paid $30.00 for Crysis 2, i wouldn't be as disappointed.


I pirated the **** out of it. Then I bought it.

In life there are lies, **** lies and statistics.
Each lie is, of course, progressively worse and furthermore misleading.

My captcha says "patience child", oxymoron perhaps?

no demos means a new way of trying before buying

as stated downloading games to try them out is a good and growing trend, since games companys have stopped demos , if you like it naturally you will buy it , be honest more people download movies, tv shows and music more , and crysis 2 was amazing with the ultra dx11 patch added and packs a nice challange on expert , thou you can download the realistic mod for it making it 1 headshot and your dead , but i will say support games companies that give a **** about true games and **** pirate scumbag


as a PC gamer im upset to see pirates alienating such great developers. If you have the means, support the developers who deserve it

Correct, and Crytek does not.

Crysis 2 was far far too short with around 6-8 hours through single player (which was very mediocre btw graphics are NOT everything). As far as I'm concerned Multi-player is irrelevant to me when it comes to Crysis because I do not find it fun.

Now, they charge full price around $90 for Crysis 2, and on the other hand I can get Dragon Age 2 for $90. I got roughly 30-40hours of play with DA2.

In my eyes Crysis 2 was only worth about $20-$30. If they don't charge such a ridiculous price at launch for such a short and average game then I would be happy to buy more games from them in the future. As it stands Crysis 3 will be obtained through other means...

FYI - Pirating is the new Demo since so many developers now never release Demo's.

Probably. I do that quite a

Probably. I do that quite a bit, since almost no games have demos anymore.

Plus Crysis 2 was a console-y piece of ****. I downloaded it, played it for 15 minutes, and deleted it.

Though i find it hard to believe that GOW3 had fewer than a million downloads...

I DID buy Portal 2 and BF3 because I knew how they were going to be, and were 100% worth buying.

Having most games now at $60 doesn;t help... 2 years ago, most every AAA PC titel was 50 bucks, now they're almsota ll 60, just like the god damned consoles.

well this is stupid

well this is stupid bullshit... lets see when did crysis 2 come out and when did mw3 come out? per capita mw2 was pirated way more as its only been out for a month while crysis 2 was released before summer or during summer. but which company cried about piracy? thats right crytech so of course they news will spin it as if they're right...


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