Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas - GTA Dark Knight Begins/Gotham City Mod


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GTA Dark Knight Begins/Gotham City Mod is a mod for GTA San Andreas that has alot of batman stuff in it, it has alot of vehicles, maps, weapons, peds, player models and ect all batman based, from the comics to the movies to the cartoons it has it, this mod is almost complete apart from the coding, in which i need a professional coder to help me finish off the mod, there are around 15+ codes not made yet and about 70 cleo codes that needs bug fixing as most of them have bugs, anyways atm the mod is around, 85% done, all that remains is the coding so plz if there are any pro coders out there that would be willing to help me then plz tell me via pm or replying to the mod page, anyways i hope you like the mod and enjoy the latest version of the batmod, a list of whats included in the mod as well as links and preview videos in the news, anyways ill ttyl thanks and peace

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how to fix this problem its easy...

just rebuild ur gta game and try to install ur mod dont use the SAMI u just use any of this installer SAMI or alci's IMG editor or IMG EDITOR just read the README file inside of ur gta san anreas that it contains how to install the file ok and can u help me how to download gta san andreas cause i dont know how to download it i only know how to install any kinds of mod

why?? no!!!

if u were in this problem i wont help u im charlie the boy that teaches how to install a mod if u were in this situation i wont help u only reply if ur asshame of ur self!!!!!!! i give direct download gta san andreas mod i wont give u a direct mod and i wont tell u my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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