Valve: DOTA 2 Is Free To Play But Not Pay To Win

Valve confirmed that its upcoming DOTA 2 will be free to play and that the game’s item store has already been launched.

The reputable studio made sure the make it clear that DOTA 2 will be a “free to play” but not “pay to win” game. In other words, all heroes and abilities will be available to all players for free while in-store items will be purely cosmetic.

Just like with Team Fortress 2, DOTA 2 creative fans will be able sell their creations through the game’s store and split the profits with Valve.

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A free game which I will

A free game which I will never invest a single penny on yet I get to play as much as I want to? Very well then. Funny thing is, I would've bought it had it launched as a normal game without all that DLC bullcrap. Is bullcrap ok to say on Megagames?

Just don't say nothing real

Just don't say nothing real negative because if they see that you have brains they will remove your post because megagames is bias, they have removed my posts so many times and I didn't cuss one time. Stupidity prevails.

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