First Unreal Engine 4 Game Will be Fortnite

Fortnite Game

Epic Games has unveiled that PC exclusive Fortnite, the sandbox, co-op building, base defence game, will be the first to utilise the 4th iteration of the Unreal Engine.

Initially shown off in a teaser trailer back in December of last year, Fortnite is a game based around scavenging and survival. We were shown the cut scene characters blowing up a section of a building in order to collect materials from the remains. These are then used to shore up the defences on the player character's base. During San Diego Comic Con, more details were unveiled for the game, including the fact that players can build and edit walls using a 3x3 grid mechanic. They can also add stairs, meaning multiple stories of building are possible. Doors, roofs and windows are also able to be constructed, though if you want to change anything you can simply tear it down with a hammer and start again, recovering the original materials used to create it in the first place.

The idea behind creating such a sturdy fortification? To keep out the night time critters. While only some imp like, undead looking creatures (that bear a stylistic resemblance to Overlord's minions) have appeared so far, chances are there will be a wide variety during the actual gameplay.

Due to the cartoony look of the game, some have expressed incredulity at the use of the next generation Unreal Engine. However, some of the screenshots released since have shown surprising levels of detail, especially in shadowing. Ultimately it will come down to how the animation works, as in a game with this sort of feel, smoothness is key. Hopefully there's the potential for lots of enemies on screen at once too.

Oh yea, it's going to be a PC exclusive. Though it has been hinted that it could be added to other platforms later. Design director at Epic, Cliff Blezinski tweeted that: "To be clear - Fortnite is PC primary and first, but we wouldn't rule out the possibility of other platforms later."

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this sounds like an updated high resolution MINECRAFT to me. doesn't it ? Maybe i'll play it now, i cant stand minecraft's low low low low graphics. we're not in the mid 80's anymore

Oh Come On! way is this good news: Unreal is always pushing for higher 'graphical' standards but nothing at all to do with 'gameplay'. Aren't you guys tired of the same old polished up feces? How about more realistic physics that would rival reality? Or do you really just care how pretty it looks? 'Realistic ambient lighting effects, etc.' versus 'extreme game mechanics, realistic particle systems, etc.' that would allow you near-real-world freedom from computational leaps and bounds? Not to mention game studios should be innovating, not grabbing up the latest 'game engine' and trying to make it do "sorta" what their vision entails. Please be more open minded and don't stifle your own imagination with the limiting mindset of relying on others and their 'results'.


The Unreal engine is one of the most accessible/versatile engines on the market, and the state of gameplay which you're frustrated with all lies on those who are using the engine to develop their games, not the engine itself. Also, physics engines are developed by other companies, so your complaints about outdated/mediocre physics should be directed at them, not the Unreal devs. I'm not sure why you'd get mad at Unreal for things that have absolutely nothing to do with them.

Indeed. Well said. The

Indeed. Well said. The overall product is in the developers hands, If they wanted to focus more on the physics there are other options out there and some I'm sure they could integrate in to the engine if they really wanted to use Unreal. Unreal simply provides a well balanced and as said, accessible set of tools for developers to play with. Try the Unreal SDK and you will see how great it is to work with,

Unreal engine

I love the unreal engine because it always works and looks great on current systems, hopefully Rockstar will utilise the unreal engine instead of using the one they used for GTA4 in future games.

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