Crytek CEO: If Next Gen Is Not Out Soon Consoles Will Fall Behind Tablets

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli believes that the greatest threat to consoles doesn’t come from PC, but rather from tablets.

"The current generations are drying out, and the longer we wait for the next generation of consoles, the higher the likelihood that they could fall behind tablets in terms of being the first thing people reach for when the time comes to play games," he said. "Tablets are putting pressure on the gaming industry, and taking over in some ways, so that should be kept in mind."

"At this stage, we can't comment on or even speculate as to when, or if, the next generation will be announced. But we think that it's time for the next generation and we think that it's overdue already," the Crytek boss added.

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Desktop Die Hard

PCs are moving towards tablets and consoles, that's where M$ want to be with Xbox and Win8 tablet. If laptops and desktop PC are dying breed, yes i think so, maybe Linux it's going to save as...


I don't see how a tablet is going to be better than a pc or console. Sure, they are fun for simple touch screen games but, the tablets are a completely different type of gaming in my opinion.


who cares about consoles!!!!! everyone here at least is browsing with a PC!!!

scrue Consoles the are the only reason the games are holding back!!!!!!

scrue? lol... Spelling and

scrue? lol... Spelling and grammar are important kid, for example "Consoles the are the only reason the games are holding back" games are holding back what/who? I assume you mean games are being held back. They're not, indie games don't need that much hardware to run on and they're the only sort of innovation you see in gaming these days. AAA games are just shiny graphics hammered into the same old molds.

you're an @ss

Perhaps English is not his native language. In any event, if you are going to go so far as correcting others' grammar instead of simply adding to the topic, maybe you ought to take some time and learn basic punctuation, you arrogant fool.

Important kid? Spelling and grammar are important kids? I believe you were attempting to say:

"Spelling and grammar are important, kid."

So I borrow from your arrogance and raise you one; Spelling, Grammar and punctuation are important, ignoramus.

"They're not, indie games don't need that much hardware to run on and they're the only sort...."

'They're not' is a complete sentence that requires a period as it's appropriate punctuation thus requiring a capital I for the word Indie. It should read as follows:

They're not. Indie games don't need that much hardware...

Your use of the phrasal verb 'run on' is incorrect. Run on is employed correctly when referring to time. Ex. 'This topic is running on for ever.'

Your sentence implies that an Indie game necessitates a given quantity of hardware. All video games require the same quantity per se; HDD, memory, graphics card, monitor, keyboard/mouse, sound card, speakers etc.

The correct syntax should have been as follows:

Indie games do not require such powerful hardware to run.

"... hardware to run on and they're the only sort of..." - run on sentence.

Please remove 'and' and replace with proper punctuation (a period) and begin a new sentence.

Please, don't correct people's grammar and spelling if you yourself are incapable of composing clear, concise and grammatically flawless prose.

You, sir, have been served.

Lern 2 pr00f r33d

"So I borrow from your arrogance and raise you one; Spelling, Grammar and punctuation are important, ignoramus."

The grammar Nazi incorrectly capitalized "spelling" and "grammar." What an 1gn0r@mus!


You complain about him and then you fo the same as him afterwards, amazing. Anyway indie games are the only new while cod and othe AAA games are graphicmods that require you to buy a expensive *** pc while a console for 15 times less price run tje games at about the same graphical settings and is a much easier way to game. Don't hate on me cuz i play both pc and xbox and i love both platforms.


Because the other guy deserved it you moron. You know like giving someone a taste of their own medicine but worse??? Try thinking before you say something next time.


Haha!!! I love it when idiots attempt to write a witty comeback but end up posting hilarious rubbish such as "because the other guy deserved it you moron." I hope you spent less than 3 seconds thinking that one up, you hypocrite; I pity the ***** that home schooled you. Why don't you do us all a favor and tear up your next welfare check?

you are a total *** if you

you are a total *** if you believe a pc cost 15 times more than a console and runs the same graphics. A 600$ pc these days can play any games with decent graphics (which means 3-4 times more powerful at the very least than your 2005 xcrap. See you in DayZ.. oh wait, you don't have it! Return to CoD and manage your obsolete geriatric thumb controller!

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