CD Projekt: All DLC Should be Free

DLC Stinks

One of the guys over at CD Projekt, the company behind Witcher 2 and Good Old Games, has been speaking out about Downloadable Content (DLC). He thinks it should always be free, since it doesn't deliver enough to be worth anything.

Describing DLC as something CD Projekt considers "normal post sale service," Konrad Tomaszkiewicz said (via VG247) that it should be a big of a thank you to players for buying the game and not downloading it illegally. Harkening back to full retail releases on PC back in the day, Konrad explained expansion packs and how they were charged for, because in many instances they provided a whole new campaign, or new races to explore, in some instances practically doubling the content of certain portions of the game. In comparison, he says, DLC with its couple extra maps or new clothing really doesn't deliver the same sort of quality.

He has a point too. Remember how companies would patch in extra content for free on PC games? It would keep you playing their title for longer and made it much more likely for you to buy the sequel, or the next game by that developer. Now its difficult to find a company that doesn't feel like its rinsing you for cash at every turn.

Picture source: Fortress of Doors

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Paid DLC is BS

my biggest gripe with Paid DLC is that if its a multiplayer maps, NOT EVERYONE will have them , and not all servers will use them, Take Black Ops for instance, its almost IMPOSSIBLE to find a hardcore server with ANY of the DLC. Same thing with most of the BF3 Close quarters hardcore servers

Digital Lost Content

Who cares pirate till the end of the world!

Its not like your paying for a frickn business app, they want to sue let them. They can't prove shit about how it's killing their 9000 acres of office space.

App Developers

Look at say Rovio that made Angry Birds! They throw big episode packs at you for free ever so often. They also create whole new concepts like Seasons or Space that you can choose to purchase for practically nothing! Epic Games also delivers big content packs to Infinity Blade for free... there still are some devs and companies with the mind in the right place :)

Absolutely, they are

Absolutely, they are exceptional at the games they produce, their product is always well presented and reasonably priced. I won't pirate their games like with other company's (I buy the ones that are good) as I know that it will always be up to expectations. Sure they have had issues with some of their releases, but they were always sorted within two weeks or so (at least for me). CD Projekt, TAKE MY MONEY!

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