EA Is Looking For A Buyer

Electronic Arts is quietly looking for a buyer, the New York Post revealed.

According to the newspaper, the giant publisher has already entered negotiations with two private equity companies - KKR, and Providence Equity Partners, a major shareholder in Bethesda's parent company ZeniMax.

Negotiations only started recently and are still way too far from ending, but EA has already "made it known they'd do a deal at $20 a share."

EA stock has lost 37% of its value in 2012 and it is currently priced at $13.09. This decline was fueled by the rise of mobile and social gaming in addition to the protracted current gen console cycle. It is expected that EA’s stock would bounce back in 18 months when the next console generation launches.

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So what's your point?

I know all this, so what's your point? It's still a company that just turned to profit hunger wolf like EA, i guess thanks to their with Activision CEO Bobby Kotick. Their new quality of the games that is going toward 8yrs old will push their fans away, like it happened with WOW and release of Diablo 3. They will bring less profit and VIvendi will start looking for another buyer. As far as i've heared they were planing to sell em to Microsoft.


This doesn't change much, it just comes down to change of hands, but employees will still be employees making the same things as before. So in the end most of you're comments are in vain. Because most of you are still morons that don't know **** about anything outside of call of duty.


"you're comments" - your comments. Both you're and your are correct, there isn't a wrong one. But you're is short for 'you are' (i.e. you're right buddy) and your is a word of its own denoting possession (i.e. your comments).


I'm not sure why are people talking like EA is dying. They're just looking for a buyer, just like how EA bought dice and became the owner of the battlefield franchise, someone will buy EA and own all of its games, keep the company running and publishing games to make money.

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