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Tits and ass are incredibly prevalent in modern society. Sex is used to sell products in advertising, actors are shamefully primped into digitally crafted sex symbols and TV shows like Toddlers in Tiaras, stretch the definition of acceptable television viewing. Sex is everywhere, but oddly, not in our games.

With the recent pulling of No Reply Games' sex focused, interactive story 'game' “Seduce Me” from Valve's Greenlight service due to breaking of the terms and conditions – for being an “offensive” title – sex is back in the headlines of gaming websites the world over, all of them asking the question, “does sex belong in video games?”

It could be argued that games purely focused around sex are pornographic in nature and therefore warrant some sort of segmentation perhaps, in the way it is with websites and traditionally with stores that cater specifically to it.

But what about games that just feature sex as a feature or component of the overall experience?

Every time a popular title attempts to put anything sex like in its games that goes beyond a fade to black and some grunts, there's a problem. Look at GTA: San Andreas' Hot Coffee mod, or the blue side boob that appeared for a brief second in Mass Effect 2. It all gets blown out of proportion, people that haven't even played the game or seen footage of the event start screaming “save the children,” and to some it seems as if the world is going to end.

Of course it never does and children are as corrupted as their parents allow them to be. These games have age ratings for a reason and if parents choose to ignore them it's their responsibility to set it right, or at least explain things to their kids so they understand and learn about the adult activity in a constructive way.

But should it be there in the first place? Well the obvious answer would be yes, for a variety of reasons.

1: Taking into consideration the age ratings I mentioned earlier, the average gamer is in their 30s at this point. Not only have they had sex, they've been living with internet pornography for over 15 years. Believe me, unless you're doing a game adaptation of The Serbian Film, this is nothing we haven't seen before.

2: Unless it's Manhunt, where ritualistic killing was censored because... it's the game the lobby groups decided to go after, murder barely raises an eyebrow from anyone. Killing is rampant in games. Just look at the fast Paragon leveller in Diablo III. He's killed almost two million monsters alone. If he can commit mass murder, why can't a game have a sex scene in it?

3: Sex is a part of life. For anyone that doesn't know, it's how babies are made. Shocking I know, but we all began our life at a moment of parental coitus and society is slowly beginning to lose the taboo. It's still there – and enjoyed by many – but the simple fact is that sex shouldn't be considered a naughty thing any more. It's in films, in advertising, television and there is absolutely no reason it shouldn't be in our games.

However, despite these very obvious reasons that sex should be included in games and accepted by the public as a simple part of the artistic medium, the blame isn't entirely on the shoulders of complainers. Game developers could also help the cause out.

Despite the criticism for its leud content, Mass Effect actually has an incredibly impressive and deeply emotional erotic part to it but it is a rarity. More often than not, we get adventurers fucking hookers, or silly quick time sex games or button mashing to fuck harder. This isn't the type of thing that detractors of sexual content in gaming are going to agree with, probably ever.

No I'm not saying that because lobbyists and complainers have stale sex lives that games should be the same, but there isn't a reason that sex can't be used as an emotional connector between characters either.

Games focused around getting the clothes off of a digital woman should be just as allowed to exist in our gaming spheres as the latest AAA blockbuster, but they don't further the cause of sex in video games as much as they could.

Not only do I believe that sex deserves to be a part of gaming, I think it deserves to have more credit as a part of the emotional story within a game. It doesn't need to be your character just getting his rocks off, or a nudge-nudge-wink-wink from the developers saying “we know what you gamers want, digital titties,” but a real way for players to connect with a character.

We talked a few weeks about about how Lara Croft's surviving of an attempted rape could be used to delve into all sorts of new character emotions within a game. How about include a sex scene in that game not long after the rape and make it optional. Have it so that players can decide. If she goes along with it, perhaps Lara is emotionally distracted and merely trying to forget a horrific experience, thereby not building a relationship with the male counterpart. Perhaps if she says no, players can learn something about his character.

Sex is a massive motivator in human life and it should be used in games as well, not just as a treat or a laughable aside, but a real part of the gameplay. It can be part of the story and part of the world the developers create.

It doesn't always have to be, just as not every single racing game has to be a sim like experience, but just now and again I'd like to see some real effort put into sex.

That last line could have been phrased better.

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Sex shouldn't be needed to sell things

I am 31 years old and have been married for 11 years(Come December 3) and I like my wife agree that there should be no sex in games other than being implied. hell I don't even like sex in movies that are not Rated R or X. only reason to have sex in anything is because the movie sucks and that is it. otherwise you don't need sex. Look at robocop, T2 & T3 while T1 had implied sex but showed nothing. this day and age people are getting to the point where killing and murder is normal in games and even movies. don't get me wrong I love a good horror flick and I play games that has killing though I mainly play game like Parasite Eve(1&2), Dino Crisis, and mech against mech action, ect. Sex is not needed and shouldn't ever be taken lightly. also Parents are in a never ending battle with TV shows like those that promote teenage sex(MTV I think is behind of it) as well as Hollywood. it is hard to protect your child from everything and I seen what sex can do to a person. my mother was a nurse and explained things very well to my sisters and to me. though my youngest sister fell for a man-whore and ended up having his kid. why? because she was to stupid and also because everything seems to glamorize it but never shows the end results 99% of the time such as having the person's kid, stds, and so on. also there are ratings on games which I am thankful for. my kids are not allowed to go to friend houses that have any of those anti-cop/woman games such as Grand theft auto. Again I will say this, if you need sex to sell than your stuff is crap as it needs sex to be any good. (What the hell is up with the way these things are posting?)

Look, kid, I'm 50 and have

Look, kid, I'm 50 and have been married over 20 years. I just want to know why you think adults should not be able to see sex in whatever entertainment medium they see fit? What you've shared here are your personal prejudices, they are not reasons. By your argument, sex in real life ought to make life meaningless and bad. It doesn't, it doesn't in movies and there's no reason it would in video games either. If you don't want sex in video games, all you need do is not buy the games that are rated for adults. It's really that simple. Your rules are fine for you, but I'll be damned if I'm going to have your prudish viewpoint imposed on me.

I'm glad you said that. I

I'm glad you said that. I didn't feel like typing that all out on the phone. Just because I play a game with sex in it doesn't mean I'm gonna go out and rape someone who looks like the character in the game. Prejudice isn't the dame asd as logic and sound reason.

Not a good article

Not a very well researched or written article (and I know I'm going to get flak for this comment). The first problem is, implicit/implied sex already exists in video games and really isn't really problematic, nor has it ever been to my knowledge. So this how argument about sex being taboo only deals with explicit sex scenes. Those tend to be pornographic (ask yourself what the "Hot Coffee" scenes added to GTA:SA or the sex scenes in the Leisure Suit Larry games contributed to character development) in nature, thus earning some degree of limited availability just like pornographic movies aren't handed out to just anyone. The problem isn't with the government either. They established the ESRB to rate video games as appropriate for certain age groups based on said each game's content. They don't deny any developer the option to include explicit sex in a video game, but such a game will receive an Adult Only rating. Since this is considered the highest age rating and has the strongest impact on the sales of such video games, most developers don't do it because they want to sell as many games to as many age groups as they can. That's entirely their choice: a business decision made for business reasons. Asking companies to take up your cause and release games with explicit sex regardless of the marketing impact of an Adult Only rating is basically asking them to stop caring if they make a profit off of a video game they invested a lot of money in to. The real crux of the issue is whether or not explicit sex is so much worse than the content in an M rated game to deserve a higher age rating. That's the question this article should have asked instead of ranting on about how sex is a social taboo that's destroying the video game industry. I'm also not even going to get in to the very may things wrong with suggesting someone who had nearly been raped having an explicit sex scene later on in the same game they almost got raped in. I'll just say I sincerely hope you don't ask any rape victims for sex in the real world. As for sex showing emotional closeness, there are actually many ways of doing this that don't involve sexual relations. In fact, the more commonplace sex becomes, I suspect the weaker emotional power it will have and the less symbolism of a close or intimate bond it will have. Regardless, sex isn't necessary to demonstrate a closeness so that's not really a valid or "obvious" reason for including explicit sex in video games. Even if a person does want to use sex in that way, implicit sex scenes can do so with an effective set up. I'd go so far to say that it takes more creativity and story-writing skill to show a close bond without such obvious displays of affection. Jill Valentine & Chris Redfield, and Naked Snake & Big Boss have obviously close relationships that's demonstrated in the without the use of sex, or any romantic elements at all. It's demonstrated in the way they act and the concern they have for each others' well being and how the events of those stories affect each character. I agree that sex shouldn't be considered worse than murder and violence, but I also think that there needs to be a limiting influence with regards to how sex is used in video games. The Adult Only rating does that very well. If people get too comfortable with sex, it will be over used or exploited for its obvious erotic appeal rather than used as a legitimate tool for creative story telling. I don't see anything wrong with sex in video games, but I also don't want it to become "normal" for games to have explicit sex scenes.

Good point

I was inclined to disagree with your comment, but you made very good arguments on how sex could be portrayed. While I think it can be used very artistically to drive a story, the reality is the majority of the time it will be used as a lude thoughtless selling point. Likely to just dehumanise women and men alike.

you all

wow wish congress could think out of the box like this. i agree with you it should be in games. and the parent thing is a laugh as most parents wont blink an eye to violence or ratings simply becuase it gets there kids outa there hair. i think sex is deserved in gaming if nothing more to teach parents to focus more on there kids and what there buying according to the rating system.

We don't have any right to decide that, only the artist does.

I like to write as a hobby. I have for years. I used to write crossovers of various animes like Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon, and so on. I once wrote one for a creative writing class and turned it in, only for the teacher to return it telling me that she "didn't agree with violence". So I took it home and rewrote it, upping the level of violence and lengthening fight scenes, and turned it in again the next day. The teacher then "reprimanded" me and asked me if I, "thought this was some kind of joke". I told her out loud, very bluntly, "No, but the fact that you're trying to tell me what I should and shouldn't write about is". I got an F in the class, but I nonetheless walked away with my head held high because I didn't let her dictate how I express my creativity. The point is, no one person has the right to dictate what's suitable for another or what one artist puts in his or her work. I certainly won't allow anyone to dictate what I write about, and no game developer, movie director, or whatever, should either. If Movie A has too much violence for you, go watch Movie B. If Game C has too much sex for you, play Game D. I'm no better than anyone else and I don't treat anyone like I am, just like nobody is better than me and anyone who treats me like they are will get a severe chewing out from me. So put it simply, we don't have the right to decide if sex belongs in a game, only the creator does. If you don't like hookers in GTA or topless women in God of War, then either don't play the game and shut up, or become a big shot game designer and make a game omitting these things to show that it can be fun without them.


I believe sex should not be too exposed in gaming because it is a personal thing, I believe. I would feel uncomfortable watching someone play a game, or playing a game with others watching, and have a sex scene. It's very uncomfortable. I feel this way about movies too. If there is anything sexual, it should be mild, or implied, in my opinion. Maybe because I am a female, and I think differently about sex than the average male, I cannot see it the way the mass of male gamers do.

"personal thing"

you never watch a movie with a sex scene?? come on!!! how your parents make you? you should ask for a option ni the start of the game to turn on or off the sex scenes, that sounds reasonable. uncomfortable is to live with a person like you who denied such a human act. in the manner of personal thing, nobody ask you to publish a sex video with your partner, so, it keeps being a personal thing with no relation to the caracthers in the game.

-_- you cant say it doesnt

-_- you cant say it doesnt belong, it depends on the game. its becomming a problem that people are so uptight and love the smell of their own farts that they can't let the game creators create the game as they had visioned thereby giving us an awesome product. if its a game where a TON of sex scenes is a part of making the specific atmopshere then YES, if its a game where there is absolutely no reason for it then no it shouldnt be there (the same goes for every mainstream shit like female heroes which just gotta be there in almost every game and movie now -_- if there is a reason behind them cool, else its just wasted which shouldnt be in it)

-_- you cant say it doesnt

-_- you cant say it doesnt belong, it depends on the game. its becomming a problem that people are so uptight and love the smell of their own farts that they can't let the game creators create the game as they had visioned thereby giving us an awesome product. if its a game where a TON of sex scenes is a part of making the specific atmopshere then YES, if its a game where there is absolutely no reason for it then no it shouldnt be there (the same goes for every mainstream shit like female heroes which just gotta be there in almost every game and movie now -_- if there is a reason behind them cool, else its just wasted which shouldnt be in it)

If you don't like it...

Sorry to pick on you, Lisa, but I was looking for a comment just like yours to respond to and since this was at the top of the list... I have only one thing to say to people who have the attitude of, "I don't think it belongs in video games because I personally don't like it." NO ONE is forcing you to play the game. (Or watch the movie or whatever...) If a game has something in it that you're not comfortable with, simply leave it alone. I don't like shooters, but you don't see me saying, "All shooting games are evil and should be banned because I don't like shooting things." I simply don't play those games. I agree with one of the points the author of this article made that it just boggles the mind how games like GTA and God of War get less people bitching about them nowadays - and these games are all about violence and KILLING PEOPLE - while a game like Mass Effect with a sex scene that lasts.... What? Two minutes, if that? THAT game gets blasted as being "obscene" and "immoral" Two words: THE FUCK?! If I had kids, I'd much rather them play a game with a couple minutes of sex in it than one where they're constantly committing murder. Because I can be an adult about it and explain to them that that's what two people in love do and that's how babies are made, rather than refusing to talk about it with them like most parents seem to do nowadays. Anyway, my point is this: Sex SHOULD be allowed in video games, especially those which are very story-driven and have characters who are potentially falling in love during the course of the game. Examples include (but are in no way limited to): Ethan & Madison in Heavy Rain; Alistair and any female Warden in Dragon Age; Origins; Shepherd and... whoever in Mass Effect. Those scenes actually add to the story because they show the depth of emotions the characters are feeling for each other. Sex isn't evil or immoral. It's a beautiful, natural thing. And if you disagree with that, you shouldn't breed - because that would make you evil and immoral. Like I said at the very beginning of this mini-rant... If you don't like games with sex in them because sex makes you uncomfortable for whatever reason, simply don't play the game. Easy fix. Also: Props to any games allowing for and/or featuring homosexual couples. Equality is awesome! P.S., Lisa - I'm female, if you couldn't tell by my name. And I just totally disagreed with you. I don't think your stance is due to you being female, but more because of how you were brought up to view sex.... but that's a totally different discussion.

An Enriching Story

I think that sex in a game is a fine idea if it creates a more in depth story/character development. I like the idea of an RPG where I am able to create relationships, enemies, allies and if I chose lovers. It doesn't need gratuitous or pornographic cut scenes; implied is fine. I am an adult and I would like adult and deeper relationships in my story driven games. There is a place for hack'n slash, or FPS, as well as stories that try to push the emotional barrier.

Changing the World by making one!

Hello Everyone. I dream of changing the World, changing views and breaking unnecessary boundaries. I have seen in my life that there is a gleaming flame, one that engulfs this world and we suffocate on fumes of ignorance, stubbornness and segregation. I was born a rebel, one as such that I hope to lead this world to a new one. I agree with this man/woman and his/her supporters. This is 2012, a time for change not communism and tyrants aka ESRB's ways of employing false security by placing walls of segregation ( it's Ratings ) and a harsh caste of unequal diversity where potentially great games are outcasted and metaphorically "killed". What's life without experience, there are crippled people and even people who live strict sheltered lives. Gaming especially online gamihg may be the only way they can live it. Who are you to restrict their experience of life even from a game. Though they may or may not ever experience sex that doesn't mean they can't nor shouldn't learn from it through interaction even IF it's only through a digital simulation. I FULLY agree and support sex being vividly intergrated into any game no matter the measurement or degree of the emphasis on it's concept. It's a parent's fault if their kids see sex NOT just on games but as well as movies, internet, and even books because game are NOT just games. Games are creative worlds of exquisite lore and wonder created by the imagination of a Game Dev that players are allowed to experience and learn through interaction. NO parent NOR ESRB has any right yo take that experience away just because they feel it's wrong, what is wrong is that they are narrow-minded. With a prospective like that you wouldn't have hybrid cars, computers let alone your very jobs. Human progress is made through new discoveries and by those who challenge the world. As a man of innovation and change, I'll challenge the world and ESRB. Sex is natural, we been doing it since Our Genesis with Adam and Eve. I'll usher in a new Genesis. That's MY passion for the games I want to create and I'll fight for my visions for it's all I have to give back to the World - My Legacy.

open your eyes!

As of now I am sixteen, going on seventeen. the blatent fact that most of you are overlooking is as much as you would shield you're kid, they already know. At age 7 I was masturbating and had no Idea to what. At 9 my 14 year old friend showed me porn. the fact is, no matter how much you try to keep it from your child, they are going to find out. In my life expierience I have found thhat acually, the more you shield your child, the worst it is in the long run, at least typiclly. I know being raised in a more open household, where my mom explianed to me the risks, explained to me what it was, told me how it was a way to epress love, not some occult and freakish behavior, and didn't try to "protect me" has made sex a personal and meaningful thing. I agree that video games should not make it a throw away mini game, but if it makes a personal connection to the story, or corresponds or supports a characters personality, then I'm all for it.

Your parents simply didn't care enough to teach you.

Just because your parents didn't care enough guide you doesn't mean that all children have the problem. I was exposed to porn way before 14, and I got rid of it so that no one else would see it. That was because my parents cared enough to teach, punish, control, and ultimately guide me. Now, I am an adult, and these things are my choice. Certainly, I have enjoyed porn in my adult life, but I am thankful that my parents saw fit to protect my mind from that corruption at too young and impressionable an age. Far be it from me to be the fool that corrupts a child's mind simply because i'm too selfish to care if my desire to have sex in my games causes an immoral corruption to take root in a child's heart. You see, the prospect of that risk bothers me because I am not a pedo who gets a sexual thrill out of teaching kids about sex before they're old enough to learn about it. I'm not saying you are, but you're foolish to make such generalizations simply because you were not afforded the same concern by your parents and others as most kids are, albeit in ever decreasing amounts. And as a result, broken homes and children growing up emotionally damaged have become a norm rather than a rarity. So much for the freedom the sexual revolution supposedly gave us. Seems a lot more like a lifetime of some sort of emotional jail all so that a father and mother could have a momentary lapse of no-so-fulfilling pleasure.

why? this all seems rather

why? this all seems rather pointless. ratings are a complete joke. the very idea of ratings is a generalization that all people of a particular age respond the same to any given incidence. you put an "r" rating on a movie and all of a sudden it becomes a threat to society. if there was no rating system, the world would simply evolve (like it always has) into a more mature place that can handle such.


Here are my issues with sex in gaming, and I'm sorry if someone all ready posted the equivalent. Pro sex: Sex is being sold to us, as gamers, on a daily basis. From God of War's blatant nudity and sex scenes, to DOA's scantily clad ladies. There is a very vague line in what is acceptable for the rating board. Why is nudity okay in games like Dante's Inferno or Conan, and not okay in Saint's Row or Dead or Alive? Con Sex: Because of the ratings board. There are strict guidelines in who can and cannot see a Rated R film, and a lot of parents don't see the M rating on a game to be equal to an R rating on a video game. In fact, the fact that we still refer to them as "Games" may be the problem. Interactive Media might be a better term nowadays. I've worked in game retail. I've had parents yell at me because I wouldn't sell their preteen gamer GTA4 because "It's just a game! You F**kin R**ard!" (Direct quote) Until people realize what "games" have become, they truly won't be able to reach their full potential. Boobs.

Who set you up as the gaming

Who set you up as the gaming police? You have no right to tell parents what their kids can and cannot play. This is a parental responsibility, and it only becomes yours if you have a kid. I think it's quite sad that some people have such a skewed viewpoint that they think it's perfectly fine to usurp the parent's role and abuse a person's rights like you claim you've done. How dare you? You should be ashamed of yourself.


Do you want the government to step in? Is that what you need in your life to have the government to do everything for you? They already have laws that will fine retail stores if they sell to minors. It is the stores responsibility and the workers as well to make sure they abide by those laws. I love how you say it's the parent's responsibility to decide. Alright then, next time your child comes home drunk with booze, just keep that thought in your head. It's your fault and don't sue the bar/pub.

hold on now

First and for most you can't say that he has no right to tell them that he can't sale the game. IF THAT IS THE GUIDE LINE OF HIS JOB ! if the kid is a preteen and he sales it even with his parents present thats a law suit waiting to happen you have to think of it in a business manner. Ian If you run a game business and you make a game that is rated M and the child is 13 with their parent trying to buy the game you could lose your company all of your money would be gone. because whatever content that you put into that game and that 13 year old child goes out there and does it YOU AS THE COMPANY ARE HELD RESPONDABLE BECAUSE IT WAS YOUR GAME AND YOU SOLD IT TO THEM ! Not only that can be 2 people pertending to be the childs parents !

You missed the point...

I have also denied the sale to a minor of restricted content. Parents have also come by and had words with me over it. Honestly, if the parent comes by to make the purchase so be it, but the problem arises when the child comes to pay with his/her money while the parent is off doing other shopping. The feeling I get is usually related to the parent being annoyed that they have to actually take time out of what they want to do and focus for a fleeting moment on what their child is doing. Again, any parent may allow their child to play what they want. Parents, get over yourself, and don't get annoyed with merchants who are only following the letter of the law. Specifically @Cooper: You missed the point. This salesperson was not "the gaming police" and to go to the length of your verbal bashing really illustrates to me a hot-headed response devoid of insight or at least empathy. Get over yourself. It's illegal to sell certain content to any minor (as in alcohol, movies, etc.). You even mentioned in your article that the problem is actually with the parents not paying attention to their kids, or persons selling content without asking for identification. I don't agree with the ESRB in any viewpoint. I endorse graphic sex and violence. Society has yet to share this same opinion, and until it does, laws will be laws. I am a law-abiding citizen. I always will be. The difference I make is through voting.


I wrote an article on the same topic, which you might enjoy. and it's called "Game censorship – when will the oppression end?" (The Greenlight incident inspired me a tad). I liked yours :) My suggestion is out of mutual interest

If you can kill , steal ,

If you can kill , steal , destroy in games why the heck shouldn't you be able to watch nude bodies , have sex , rape or get raped ? People who claim otherwise are hypocrites and ridiculous and i think these self proclaimed women of gaming should learn how to talk and behave before attempting to judge the games world It's not respectful to shout like you do it in reality to your husband/boyfriend etc Adjust yourselves to the gaming world , understand it and then demand things I for one am for full content and of course with the proper rating because i'm sick and tired of dumbed down and censored games that have no taste because the adult part is removed

Too Difficult to Portray?

I don't disagree that sex, as a natural part of life, shouldn't be controversial when included in a video game meant for adults. However, I don't think games can handle it. They are good at simple things such as shooting. Alive or dead. On or off. 0 or 1. But sex is more complicated and involves emotions. If it is portrayed in a cut-scene, it is no more a "game" than a movie is. Yet if they try to make a "game" out of it, it ends up as a matter of pressing buttons or selecting menu choices. Not very emotional or stimulating or thought provoking.


why does it have to be in the game if they have it portrayed in there its fine but too have them play out a sex scene is just stupid this just shows how society just wants sex in everything like it wouldnt have any different affect if they did like in god of war where they didnt show it but portrayed it. you people that want this in games clearly dont play games for the actual game and just play it cause its there. you need sex in games just to get amused? its not needed in games, if i wanna watch sex id watch porn or better yet just go get some


games don't just try to entertain you but also thy to offer a real experience to you so why not add sex? isn't sex real? are you ashamed of having sex? should people stop having sex?

This is all very misleading,

This is all very misleading, you don't turn on basic television and see an explicit sex scene, some movies will incorporate a "soft" porn approach, but typically make it short to keep from an NC-17 rating. Sex is NOT all over television and movies, so using that to argue that sex HAS to be used in games is just ridicules. There is an Adult Rating in video games and a couple of titles have earned it with explicit sexual themes and scenes. Also, just because you are 30 doesnt make every gamer 30, and fact is most parents dont bat an eye at letting their kids play games that are inappropriate because they dont realize how involved games have become

Sex is NOT all over TV ?????

Sex is NOT all over TV ????? Watch prime-time network's advertising for their new shows. There is almost always an explosion, a woman with a bra/bikini top either undressing or similar, guys fighting or at least one punch thrown, car chase and more explosions and ALWAYS hot babes with a quick shot of seduction/sexual situation/intimacy. All garbage and all the networks do it. Network TV truly will rot your brain

the problem is

The problem we have today is that people who are not gamers think of games as toys for kids. However as this article states many games are in their 30's, heck I'm almost there myself being 28. The problem I see is the rating system and the ESRB. Yes that's right the ESRB. I can't tell you how many times really great ideas have been cut from games just because it was the one thing that would have tipped the game just over the line on the rating scale into adult only. I actually worked as a game tester for one of the big three. I've seen it happen, seen great things be pulled in fear of the dreaded adults only rating. What we need is a rating that is indeed for adults only and yet stores will still carry. Right now if a game gets an adults only rating the only stores that will carry it are sex shops. Games are not just for kids and if movies can have sex so should video games. Maybe it's the name of the medium that's the problem. Lets try this again. If movies can show sex then so should interactive media.

I agree with you that if it

I agree with you that if it is allowed in one it should be allowed in the other. But if it is allowed eventually the games will be just as bad as the movies. I know that some games (and movies) put scenes in that are not obscene, mass effect did a god job of keeping it meaningful and not just pointless sex. But most of the time it is tasteless and obscene. Maybe the question isn't "should we allow more of it in games?" But "should we allow less of it in movies?"

You couldn't be more right.

You couldn't be more right. What people don't understand is that video games are not just for kids. The generation that started playing video games are now adults. Guess what, we still play games and we want adult games. That doesn't mean all we want are sex games, but when a developer wants to put sex in a game or extra gore there should be no problem.

One minor quibble

I agree with you, but actually, the generation that started playing video games now have adult children of their own. The video game industry began in 1971 with the release of the arcade game, Computer Space. I started playing video games in about 1975 at age 13.

What are we talking about?!!

I didn't have sex until i was 30 and married..i choose to be that way. Oh and gaming industries wanting to include sex in games is a good way to ensure condom companies will have a good business in future, they could be even funding the games development...which is cool. I'm just saying.


There is already a rating system in place for parents to see before purchasing games. Children are not permitted to purchase games with inappropriate content. Specific reasoning for an adult rating is required for all packaged games. All digitally distribution services also mandate specific ratings and age verification. The issue has was addressed long ago. If you don't want your children playing grand theft auto or leisure suit larry then don't buy it for them, pay attention for games they borrow from friends, and ensure your kids don't use your credit cards. Adult consumers have every right to enjoy both violent games and games loaded with sexual content. Parents have no right to demand limits just because they are negligent in their parental responsibilities.

reply: irrelevant

the real problem is that a lot of parents us tv to raise their kids for them cause their not around so now they are turning to video games to do the same thing not paying any attention to the rating system anything to keep their kids quiet and out off their hair. p.s these are the same people who are the ones that say oh that person went on a shooting spree at school he playied to many violent video games


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