Square Enix Removes Hitman “Small Tits” Hits App

Hitman: Absolution marketing team managed to top the nuns killing trailer controversy with a Facebook application that allowed users to call hits on their friends while insulting them.

When calling a hit on a friend, the “Hire Hitman” website allowed its users to select a reason for the kill from a list of reasons such as having “big ears,” “small tits” or “a tiny penis” among other profanities. The site would then post about the hit and its reason on the victim’s Facebook wall.

The website stayed alive for less than an hour before a flood of Facebook and Twitter complaints forced Square Enix to take it offline.

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All because some biyatch is truly a member of the itty bitty titty committee and the app somehow hurt her feelings. The world has gone way too soft, and I hope the mosquito bite sized woman who was offended by the app finds this as well, you're not fooling anyone, the Hitman app didn't suddenly draw undue attention to your underwhelming chest. The world already knew you were lacking in the dirty pillows department.

Why am I not surprised

This whole ******* world has gone to ****. Everyone is getting way to soft, for **** sake, even the true meaning of words are hidden under euphemistic language these days to make it all seem a bit softer. Captcha "never give up". Seems appropriate, don't ya think!

Aggressive dysfunctional teen

Aggressive dysfunctional teen male? I don't think many people will buy your claim the world is "too soft" Of course I understand you're trying to make yourself appear tough and project a macho psycho male persona you identify with from movies.

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