Violent video games are not responsible for school shootings

School Violence


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With the latest tragedy to hit US schools in the past week, parents, talking heads and the general public have looked to point the finger at someone or something. It makes dealing with the tragedy easier for those affected, it lets people feel like they're doing something about it and it gives news casters the chance to get bigger ratings by claiming to have found the source of the problem.

Some people are pointing at guns, suggesting that if there was stricter regulation then none of this would have happened. While that's a whole other article in itself, consider the fact the whatever laws were in place, it doesn't stop someone like Adam Lanza from stealing the weaponry from his mother. Illegal gun 'owners' don't care about the law.

However as much as a beating as gun ownership is taking, video games are also in the firing line and just as you can say that guns don't kill people, people do,video games don't make someone a killer, the state of their mental health does.

Now I could list a lot of studies that show no correlation between video game violence and real world violence, just as those on the other side of the argument could quote other studies. When considering multiple sources however, we could perhaps conclude that playing violent video games, especially at a young age, may have a desensitising affect, just as watching violent movies does.

It doesn't make you more violent, it just makes you less emotive with regards to it.

That aside however, lets look at some of the games the press are suggesting are major causes for Lanza's disgusting actions. The Express is suggesting Dynasty Warriors, which “is thought to have given him inspiration to act on his darkest thoughts.”

Of course anyone that has ever played Dynasty Warriors knows this idea is laughable. Not only are there no guns in third century China when the game is based, but there isn't even a realistic interpretation of violence. Characters can use wind like super powers and enemies pop in and out of existence. The game isn't designed to be realistic – if so you wouldn't have hard rock playing in ancient China - and you'd find more actual violence in practically any other game in existence that features a combat component.

Then there's claims by a load of other publications that Call of Duty is to blame. What, the game series that's sold tens of millions of copies? The one with millions of worldwide players that don't shoot up schools?

You can argue that these games have a a minor influence, but you cannot place the blame squarely at their door, because if you could, we'd all be knee deep in shell casing.

Most of the accounts about Lanza's game playing habits say that it was “in a basement,” - where else in a house can you find a room that won't have light reflecting off the screen? - letting them use the angle that it's the games that were the corrupting influence. If he did indeed spend hours upon hours alone, in the dark, playing by himself, I'd argue that the isolation had a much greater impact on the brain of a young man than that of some virtual gun slinging.

And ultimately it may turn out that mental health was the big defining factor in this tragic incident - it certainly looks to have been that way with many other shootings, where often the killer is on medication of some kind. Lanza was said to have a development disorder and be emotionally detached throughout his teens. Clearly you have to be mentally disturbed to commit the crimes that he did and perhaps that's where the blame lies. As good as health care can be in this country, mental health is still looked at with real stigma. People are often told to just suck it up, be a man of fobbed off with a prescription. Mental health is a scary issue because it's difficult to quantify and even harder to treat.

Maybe better provisioning for mental health disorders, more willingness for people to help and a better understanding of how troubled teens grow into young adults, would be a better step than simply trying to ban an entertainment medium that is enjoyed by millions with practically no side effects.

As sad as it is as well, there will always be people that slip through the cracks. As a species we strive to make ourselves as safe as possible and will always continue to do so, but we will never have a perfect society, because if we did there would be no free will. While we all think the actions that took place at the Newtown school were deplorable, we all make the choice not to become violent animals ourselves and that's what makes us human, our ability and willingness to choose the better path.

I'm not arguing that we need tragedies to show us what's good in this world, but that evil is something that will never go away, because if it did, it'd take good with it.

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anyone whos is proper

anyone whos is proper addicted to games, violent ones at that, cant go out shooting kids cos there too addicted to spend the time. i remember being so i addicted to world of warcraft i didnt have time to eat much let alone go out side


"As good as health care can be in this country"? The US?!!!! ROFLOLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!! Good doesn't have to disappear with bad. You can have neutrality & altruism without evil. I like to mind my own business. If everyone could do that, we'd be fine. If someone wants to help someone else, that's nice. A "good" quality. It's not like we then need a psycho like what's his dumbass to shoot up a school to balance it out. Religion, resources, pollution, poverty & mental disorders are the problems. Science is the solution. A basement dweller who shoots innocent kids has a mental disorder. Anyone who attacks innocent people has a ******* MENTAL DISORDER! They don't need a test, or evaluation. When someone does what this gutter brained bottom of the food chain piece of genetic mistakery did, they're screaming "I'M THE FUCKIEST OF ALL **** UPS!!!".


BREAKING NEWS: surveys and analysis data reveals gun and ammo industry increases violent kills around the world, rednecks and gangs in city says games are the ones to blame


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"whatever laws were in place,

"whatever laws were in place, it doesn't stop someone like Adam Lanza from stealing the weaponry from his mother." That is patently insane. ANY guncontrol law worth the name would prevent people from having assault rifles at home and accessible to others.

It's America...

There are numerous countries in the world with more guns, violent video games, violent music, etc... But none of these countries have the same amount of shootings as America. Why don't Americans realize it is there way of life that causes this ****? Look at American TV. EVERYTHING is a war. Diet product are marketed to fight the war on fat, cleaning products are fighting the war on germs, etc... Then there is the American dream. People seem to be brought up with impossible dreams and believe if they don't hit cretin goals then they have failed at life. Wither you agree with my points or not, anyone outside of the US who has watched some of there TV will know what I mean. Americans just seem a bit removed from reality.

The inversion of sacrifice

The duel is the hidden model behind all human relations. Human institutions, e.g. the law, religion are aimed at limiting those duels from becoming a plague. Which is to say the war of all against all. Which to put another way is the zombie apocalypse. The disease is violence and it is contagious. The media helps spread that plague (NBK), but they are not the cause. I find it very interesting that on nearly the same day as the Sandy Hook massacre a man in China, spurned in a romantic relationship, goes and attacks over 20 kids with a sickle at a school in China. THE ISSUE IS NOT GUNS. I would say that the issue is technology. We have evolved to farm and hunt, and modern life is very fast now and very stressful. We feel especially powerless today. These shooters are canaries in the coal mine. Consider the so called sexual revolution, it did not cause itself. It was the Pill that caused the sexual revolution. Technology creates culture. We live in a dangerous age where the scapegoat, a natural defense against crisis, has been turned upside down. Instead of the mob picking on the nerd, the nerd now picks on the mob. This was created by technology. It is not going away. The anti-Gun group at their heart are Luddites. Consider how much the world has changed from 1776 when Edward Gibbon wrote "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire", specifically when he wrote that no man, no matter how great a man, could take on a hundred men (he was explained what makes politics necessary). We live in an age where that truth is no longer true. When killers figure out that high tech slings (guns) are vastly inferior to bombs, than there's a lot to worry about. Hollywood and video games influence THE WAY in which killers kill, but they DO NOT make killers. The media is trying to scapegoat these movies/games/music for the massacre entire, but we know that is false. I don't have time to write anymore, I hope this helps. Read "Battling to the End" or Watch this for more info:

It's funny that you specify

It's funny that you specify shootings. Yes, American has more shootings than almost any other country. However, by focusing on guns you're ignoring violence in general. Russia, where it is almost impossible to own firearms, is far more violent and has more murders than the US. Britain is the same way. This is the trick people use when trying to ban gun ownership, they talk about gun violence, but not overall violence, because the US is safer than most countries that have gun control laws. So don't tell me that I'm removed from reality, when you're ignoring the facts and trying to trick people with misleading wording.

you're acting ******* stupid,

you're acting ******* stupid, he's saying the WAY OF LIFE.. meaning it can be guns or knives strangle whatever, the gun just makes it easier. He's also saying its not the gun, its the ****** up mentality of little maggots like you. Learn to comprehend ********.

As Patton said

America loves WAR, fighting is a nature of the americans... Specially with the defenseless nations worth the oil and other valuable resources, but that's another discussion... The point is that GUNS is what makes america better than any nation, the freedom to defend your nation with your own hands from ANY enemy, being external or INTERNAL (e.g.: A CORRUPT GOVERNMENT)... Maybe I hate some stupid thing on america, but lets face it, I love the freedom americans have when it comes to protect your homeland from any corrupt ******* that wants that freedom destroyed, being some congressist ******* or a corrupt president (GWB)... So america make me proud, and start destroying any politician ******* that threatens your liberties...

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