New Sony Patent Blocks Used Games

Sony has filed a patent application for a method to allow consoles to identify secondhand games and block them without requiring internet access.

The patent application claims that second hand games hurt game creators by preventing them from receiving their rightful “compensations.” This rings a bell to last year’s rumors that PlayStation 4 will block used games.

The patented system works by having an RFID tag in each game copy and an RFID reader/writer in each console. When a new game copy is played, the console ties the game copy to itself by writing its ID on the disc’s RFID tag. When that game disc is inserted into another console, the console’s RFID reader will read that info and refuse to run it.

"As a result, the dealing of electronic content in the second-hand markets is suppressed," reads the patent application. "which in turn supports the redistribution of part of proceeds from sales of the electronic content to the developers. Though in the following description a game application is exemplified as the electronic content, the present embodiment is similarly applicable to various kinds of electronic content such as an office suite, images, and music content."

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one more blow against freedom

one more blow against freedom. wake up idiots. stop buying this crap. look into free software operating systems such as gnu/linux which doesn't impose such orwellian restrictions against you. also, a freedom respecting console worth checking out is called ouya. or, you could just bend over, put your head in the sand... keep buying their products, and they will keep ******** you, again and again... appropriate captcha "how now, brown cow" (how are you going to play your used games when this is implemented? you aren't...) ...wake up...


So I guess gone are the days when you could take your new game to a friends house and play together on a Saturday afternoon...and places like Gamestop are going to go out of business. I'm glad I still have only my PC and get such cheap games for it (Trine 2 special on Steam only $3.74!). Don't think I'll be ever shelling out tons of money for a console and to get games for upwards of $50!

couldn' agree more

used be BIG on both 360 and PS3 until about a year ago. that's when i started hearing about all this crap about no used games and such. so i sold the ps3 and xbox 360 and bought a gaming pc. it's actually alot better. awesome games for cheap. got Skyrim (30 bucks), Borderlands 2 (30 bucks), Call of Duty: MW3 (27 bucks), and FarCry 3 (40 bucks) for 127 bucks on steam. i can use my 360 controller and it's great. and for those who like achievements/trophies, the games have that to. about 50 or more per game.


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