Xbox 720 Specs Leak

Xbox 720

Some specifications for the next-generation of Xbox have been leaked, with those behind it claiming a world exclusive as this is no mere CPU info or GPU size - this is everything. While there is never going to be an official thumbs up from anyone at Microsoft that doesn't want to risk their job, we only have VGleaks word to go on. However a lot of the information matches up to info we've heard from trusted sources and industry analysts in the past, so it could well be genuine.

Breaking it down, this is what we're looking at:

  • CPU: 8 Core X64 chip running at 1.6GHZ with 4MB of L2 cache.
  • RAM: 8GB of DDR3 along with 32MB of "ESRAM", connected directly to the GPU.
  • Graphics: Custom Direct3D graphics chip supporting DX11.1+, running at 800MHZ. 12 shader cores.
  • Storage: SATA II HDD, presumably varied sizing options. Suggested default of 500GB.
  • Optical Drive: 6x 50GB Blu Ray
  • Networking: Gigabit ethernet and 802.11 a/b/n/g WiFi as standard
  • Connectivity: USB 3.0, Kinect In, HDMI 1.4a in/out, SPDFI out
  • Accelerators: These are still quite mysterious, but there are three, used for Data Move Engines, Video Codecs and Audio Codecs.

So if this all turns out to be true, we have a console with 16 times the memory capacity of the Xbox 360, a lot more storage space, better connectivity through USB 3.0 - though interestingly no SSD inclusion. Kinect gets its own input, alleviating problems found with using USB.

Most interestingly though are the accelerators, which could presumably improve performance for certain functions and perhaps even reduce energy consumption.

The only caveat to this whole thing is that the information appears to be about nine months old. I wonder if that means we'll see something more impressive by launch day?

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your all poo poo bums

this thread is funny. You are all complete retards. All consoles and PC Gaming is good for the gaming industry period. That's all that matters. Money being pumped into the industry so it thrives and bigger and better games are made. Nothing else matters. Who cares what platform you use? We are gamers and should unite as one. I dont know why we all have to be so divided. Brighten the **** up!

actually you are DEAD WRONG,

actually you are DEAD WRONG, u see the problems with consoles is that sony and microsoft WANT to kill each other so they are the only ones left so they can corner the market and charge more .. pcs on the other hand are a open platform and even thought m$ has windows they still have to be carefull has free oses are available .oh and dont get me started with apple and death to EA

Its obvious consoles (as know

Its obvious consoles (as know them) will die. Think about it, the next consoles to come out will be able to play media, view websites, run apps, sync with just about every modern device out there as well as play games. What have i just described? a personel computer? consoles are just PCs with a slimmed down OS. they even use the same processors for god sake. If microsoft were smart, they would give xbox 720 a secondary boot partition for a version of windows made with controller and controller-less (kinect) GUI.

death of consoles, death of

death of consoles, death of pc, its been said for many years now. so why would anyone take your word. People like console cause they can sit back after a day of work or school. many people dont realize they can hook their pc up to their tv, or wouldn't care to.

if these specs are accurate,

if these specs are accurate, my computer is running a faster 8 core processor, 32 gb ddr3 ram, 3tb sata 3 hdd + a 1tb sata 3 drive... better graphics than this console will have for sure as mine has 300+ shader cores... 2 usb 3 ports with a usb 3 hub on one of those for 4 of those, and about 8 usb 2 ports... my computer supports an xbox 360 controller natively, and with 3rd party software a ps3 controller with full sixaxis support, and I can use a mouse and keyboard also. and I can hook up to any tv that a console can hook up to, or if I had the monitors can hook up 3 and have them side by side putting a game that goes accross them all! lets see a console do that!

oh ya forgot to mention, my

oh ya forgot to mention, my computer can emulate a ton of different gaming systems without Jailbraking or hacking the software, and I can upgrade it later. and I dont have to pay some body to go in a fix my computer when an optical disk drive dies, dont have to know how to sodder to fix it myself...

don't be a douchebag

First off, a PC gamer is supposed to have a little more class than you just displayed. You displayed arrogance and willingness to show the forum just how un-educated you really are. I am a full-time PC builder. I mostly custom build gaming rigs, and I have both a console (xbox 360), and a gaming PC. You can't make the argument that your $800 rig is gonna kill the next genjeration of machines. It probably won't. Seeing as though PS4 is rumored to have AMD's HD 7970 mobile chip, and Xbox is supposed to have AMD's 8870, i believe. These are both good cards. Obviously, the 7970 would win here. But anyways, a console basically gets to use 90% of its' resources to dedicate to games. On the other hand, a gaming rig has windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 slowing it down because these three Nicrosoft operating systems are serious resource hogs. Include a good anti-virus program, and your gaming rig already will require 8 GB of RAM just to run "half-way" decent. Take a console running 8GB RAm vs a PC with 8GB RAM. The console wins here because the system is not only dedicated to gaming, but has almost no resources bogging it down. If the PC wanted to achieve the same level of RAM performance (which is vital for PC gaming), the PC would require between 12 - 16GB DDR3 RAM to achieve the same results of a console running 8GB DDR3. And this is due to massive amounts of RAM used by Windows and Anti-virus programs. I like both PCs and consoles. Sure, PCs will always win in the end with graphics. But really, who wants to spend $500 - $1,000 for video cards, just so they can say "I've got the best graphics"? Some people would rather play a game and have it look good and play great. Some people don't want to spend massive amounts of money upgrading a PC every year. Sorry, but in this economy, it would be a waste of hard earned money. For those who can afford $2,000 or more on a gaming PC, good for you. You're cool. For those who want to spend $500 on on the next gen consoles, good for you. You're cool to. This is a stupid argument.


you're trying to sound smart, but you're just a complete moron. You don't need an expensive pc rig to smoke a console. for $500-$1000 you're going to get far better quality and flexibility with a pc. You own both and like the console??? Do everyone a favor and stfu, don't embarrass yourself anymore ******.


You do realize you cant just compare a console spec to a PC spec don't you? A system like a console which is built to play games, is going to get much more out of the hardware than a system build to do anything and everything. Console gaming is not dead and never will be, as the majority of people do not spend money to build a top end PC which can play the latest games. People with a house, car, girlfriend/wife, etc... are always going to prefer spending a quarter of the price and settling for slightly worse graphics.

Speak for yourself...

Married to my wife with two kids... PC all the way. While everyone who plays consoles, is in fact, playing games... It's nothing compared to high end gaming rig with SLI and Nvidia 3D Vision. I didn't have to wait no 3 minutes to load my games in Skyrim nor did I have to deal with slow render speeds. To quote someone else's message on a similar article... "Consoles are crappy out dated overpriced hardware in a pretty box..." Next gen consoles are going to be phased out much sooner than PCs.

When will they ever learn, PC

When will they ever learn, PC rules, man consoles are just ****** and the only reason they have lived so loong is cause of the stupid exclusive titles. its a shame when they have to tone down the game so that consoles and can run it.


I can draw that on paint too. It's pretty much like that crazy PS4 speaks leaked (128 SPE hahahahahaha) Fix the ESRAM info, whoever typed this typed "32GB" instead of 32MB like in the image.

Never better

I wish it would get better, the CPU is a little under impressive. 8 Cores or not. If anything we will see a further reduced version of this. Over the last three generations of hardware I've seen a consistent trend. Developers dream bigger than they're willing to spend on, the Wii was originally an impressive piece of hardware, until they decided to cut corners. And the Kinect was originally 4 or 8 times more powerful than what was eventually released to the public. No, sadly, if anything what we the consumers will be sold will only be this good or worse.

Here's the thing though,

Here's the thing though, everyone here thinks the specs are computer wise, and believe its going to run like it would run on a pc setup, but its optimized for console OS architecture and not a windows OS and would run completely different with said parts.

Although in fairness, it's

Although in fairness, it's getting increasingly difficult to deny just how similar consoles and PC's are becoming, right down to half-finished games with bandwidth-busting patches on day one or a few weeks down the line. Firmware updates I can understand though.

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