Sony CEO: We’ll Show Our Next Console Only After Microsoft Shows Its Own

Sony president, Kaz Hirai, seems to be content on repeating the company’s PlayStation 3 launch mistake by holding off PlayStation 4 (Orbis) release until Microsoft has launched its Xbox 360 predecessor (Durango).

"Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?" he explained to British magazine, The Times.

With both Orbis and Durango specs nearly finalized, most enthusiasts expected official announcements to be made during this year’s E3 expo in June. This looks less likely now.

This quest for processing power superiority has lead Sony to release PlayStation 3 a full year after Xbox 360. When Sony’s consoles finally made it to the market in 2006, its main competitor had already enjoyed a market lead of 10 million units sold. Even worse, Nintendo Wii was released around the same time PlayStation 3 was launched but it still managed to overshadow both consoles before the end of 2007, effectively proving that raw processing power is not the decisive factor in this market.

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Calm Down

Let's see what console is going to be the best and let it go from there.No reason to get into it over the net.No one knows anything til it comes out,so just calm down.Fighting is stupid over the net anyways.PS4 might be a joke when it comes out,like XBOX 360 and it's no life consoles was.I know people now that have to buy a new or used xbox every couple of years because it don't last very long.CPU's are great too,but you always have to upgrade them every so often too.You could argue all day long on here and all it does is show how low you IQ really is like little snot-nosed brats that will never amout to anything in real life.God Bless.

Consoles are great............

Really if you look how gaming started, you would see that the consoles are better because back then really that and TV was almost the only thing you could do with a screen. The computer(The thing that evolved into a pc) started out as something that could keep information, and to have the files stored on a digital drive.

A note to trolls and pc owners

Ok, first things first, if you are going to attempt to troll someone based on their absolute lack of grammatic sense, make sure you at least try to make your post seem better. There are so many troll posts that are complaining about "this user's grammar" or "that user's spelling" that read more like "ThIs usrs spllng nd gmmr" that it hurts trying to read them all. Secondly, people posting on this page about the processing power of the PC being unparalleled by any console need to quit posting their boasts here as this is a console development article. By the way, you PC owners must take into consideration, that for the price of a console, all you could get would be a very weak laptop. Consoles are more cost efficient, and Microsoft Word is by no means, a replacement for paper and basic spelling knowledge. Besides, a key idea behind the creation of gaming consoles was to make it easier to take your entertainment elsewhere. Which do you think would be easier to move, a five to ten pound console and a few games, or a twenty to thirty pound computer built for gaming that requires separate boxes for the CPU, the monitor, the keyboard and mouse?

***** Please!!!

**** I've been waiting to see someone make a post like this. You think you smart getting a PC and laughing about being rich. Just remember if I find out you're PC crashed I'll make my way to you and take a **** in you're mouth. I bet you smart PC gamers can't play on a 72 inch flat screan like me. And I also know you can't play splitscrean withyoure friends like I can, but wait you don't have friends you stupit ************ ,sorry I didn't mean that cause I know you don't get ***** you ****. Now go sit infront of you're computer like the little ****** you are and try to make yourself **********.

RE: Wow, what a bitchfest! Best

Just to let you know consoles put costs like Xbox Live and Playstion Plus so they can make a profit. Also before you go "huurrr duuurrr they already make enough money as it is" no not really they actually lose money from making consoles but they make it back when you buy games and pay for memberships , that's the reason Bill Gates wanted to have other companies make the Xbox because it put his company at a loss but no one would because they knew their company couldn't pay that kind of money

Sony - Microsoft - PC

the only thing Sony is doing is using the Steve Jobs technique..... lets see what you got and improve what we got. A lot of companies do it. Both systems going to have their own games so its really where most of your game are on what system be it PC Sony or Microsoft. I love Sony by the Kinect is the **** and every PC game has online gaming. Each system has its flaws and they will have what they do well. Im really waiting on Cross - System - Online - Gaming.


gaming pc are expensive but you can control what "YOU BUY!". You can build a gaming pc for $600 or less what matter most to be able to run games today is a good cpu, averge graphics card like ATI HD. the cheapest one is AMD TECH. its cheaper to build gaming pc for theirs always special for there products. INTEL TECH. is more expensive. PC is a great tool to mess with and play you also self educate your self if you try building your own custom pc many ways to build pc for even more cheaper buy used product and control your budget. THEIRS NO EXCUSES ON BUILDING PC YOU GOT OPTIONS FOR THOSE WHO SAY CONSOLES IS EASIER THEN YOUR JUST LAZY TO GET UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

not laziness

Not everyone is smart enough for that stuff look at this comment thread. not only that but why would i buy a $600+ PC when i can spend $350 or less to play the same games graphics and power don't matter (to an extent) only gameplay you have to think about the current economy as well its not laziness just that everyone doesn't have that kind of money


Sony has a big announcement concerning the future of playstation. This even is speculated to be the PS4 announcement. Hirai's comment may have been a psych-out

yeah... sure

"Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?" translated "Why go first if we can steal other console ideas this way"


"...its Xbox 360 predecessor (Durango)." Unless you're seriously implying that the PS4 isn't coming out until Microsoft builds a time machine, goes back in time before the 360 was released, and releases something far superior to the original Xbox ahead of time in its place (thus making the Durango its predecessor), I think you may have your vocabulary wrong. Unless that's what you're seriously implying. And if that's the case, there's no hope. There will be no PS4.

Wow, what a bitchfest! Best

Wow, what a bitchfest! Best is a relative term. It all depends on what you like. I LOVE gaming on my PC. I have emulators for games all the way back to Atari 2600, I can play new games and I can surf the web. I can put on 60 hours of music or more if I want and I can write or draw a picture. Basically I am in control of my PC. Can you say that about your console? I pay for an internet connection. You pay for internet AND you pay for Live or PS+. My PC cost me about $1000 but that was 6 years ago and the only thing I've upgraded was the operating system. Oh sorry, you can't do that on your console either. I have a 360, but I only use it for games. I can't do whatever I want with my property, because that would violate some stupid agreement with a money-grabbing company. The "services" provided by these companies are a joke - a bad joke and for the aggrivation they cause, these services should be free. I am fed up with Sony and Microsoft consoles and all the BS attached to them. At least Nintendo still remembers it's about the gaming and making it fun. Sony and MS are too busy competing with each other to care about you or me, they just want our money. When the Wii U is all fixed up, I'll buy one, but until then, I'm staying on my PC where I decide what to change and how much to spend. As for Sony waiting to see what MS has in the "720", it's just a political ploy to try to grab more of the market share and it's complete BS. And imo more proof that they only care about the money.


Consoles, lmao. Peasants have consoles. Hilarious. Who still has time for inferior gaming systems controlled with a ****** gamepad? At least on PC you have a choice..

pc is the future people get used to it!

listen people I know everyone who has a console enjoys it very much. I enjoy x-box a lot myself. however pc is better because the consoles are covered in problems that are fixed in the NEXT system. then there are more problems so they make ANOTHER variant of THE SAME THING THAT DOES THE SAME STUFF ONLY BETTER GRAPHICS!!!!! while on pc the computer itself almost doesn't change the model. the new software ACTUALLY does dirrerent stuff and at least the pc CAN PLAY A LOT OF ThE GAMES ON CONSOLES. you could make the argument that the pc costs more but it would show your ingorince to the world because gameplay on the pc is almost infinantly better in most ways. + the pc has steam, where you can get sooooooo many games at a discount its almost criminal. the playstation has better controlers don't deny it x-box its true

To Elliander Eldridge

To Elliander Eldridge are you high or something? while GD-ROM did have slightly higher density pit wise than CD-ROM and thus held a bit more data and had slightly higher read speeds it was in no way superiour to DVD as DVD held up to 4.5GB compared to GD-ROM's 1.2GB (CDROM held up to 700MB at the time) and DVD had faster read speeds. Reason some games such as marvel vs capcom 2 didnt fair as well on ps2 was they wernt ported perfectly it had nothing to do with the storage medium. Sega mainly used GDROM as a piracy counter measure since they couldnt be read in a conventional cdrom or dvd drive at the time but that didnt stop the pirates.

This article has become

This article has become redundant. "... most enthusiasts expected official announcements to be made during this year’s E3 expo in June." However, Sony are expected to make a big Playstation announcement February 20. Many expect it to be the official PS4 announcement.


...Really man? PC? Firstly, this is a thread regarding the development of a Console. Secondly, WTF? How can people, you included, say that PCs are better than consoles. Type "Gaming PC" into google images and just look at the immensity of the machines one has to have in order to have a good time gaming (by "good time" I'm referring to the idea that they won't have to go into settings to turn down effects etc). A PS3 or Xbox 360 is plug and play. A PC is plug and "oh, need more RAM", ok now plug and "oh, need better graphics card" OK NOW plug and "uurrrgg they all have better keyboards and mice!". See my point? On Console you can be a "Pro" gamer for under $1000. On PC if you pitched with a machine worth less you'd be laughed at. Bunch of "mine's bigger than yours" numbskulls. Lol, on that note I'm probably going to get some rubbish about the size of my pea shooter... so be it. But be warned. It's smaller than you could care to troll about. Hope my grammar was ok btw!


I'm 17 so not lots of experience in this stuff, but i have played lots of games on lots of consoles (I have 14 of them). I play my 360 the most right now solely because of Skyrim. I have played for 6 hours straight and never had a problem. My NES still has the original 72 pin connector and it works flawlessly every time. Moral of the story? I take care of my stuff and it all still works (Give your console air flow). Also, PCs are unfair. My $300 computer can't keep up with the $5000 computers that some of you have, But I know everyone else with a 360 has the same restrictions that I do. I can argue console wars too. Nintendo has always innovated and others have copied. Rumble packs that we all know and love? Nintendo on the N64. Thumbsticks? N64. Handheld consles? Gameboy. Skip ahead several generations and we have Motion control? Nintendo (Move sucks and Kinect lags too much). I read an article saying that the ps4 would be the first playstation to not use the dualshock controller because they developed a controller with an integrated screen. Does that make you think of something else? So to sum it up, take care of your crap and you won't have problems. Which console you have doesn't matter as long as its a console. And every console is just a more expensive copy of a Nintendo device. Thanks. (P.S. I wrote this on my Wii U!)

A (mostly) good strategy

While it is true that both Microsoft and Sony are already too late in the game to make any major changes based on what the other reveals, the fact of the matter is that the choice of one apparently minor feature can be a game changer. Examples: The Dreamcast boasted the GD-ROM which was superior to DVD-ROM in every way Sega could envision. It held data in such a way that allowed for more robust graphics. (which is why when Dreamcast games were ported to later system some of the visuals suffered despite newer consoles being more powerful.) - Unfortunately, the GD-ROM wasn't suited for DVD-Playback. When Sony included DVD playback in the Playstation 2 the Dreamcast failed because if you weren't buying a PS2 for games you were buying one to watch movies. More recently we had the war between Blue Ray Disc and HD-DVD. The xbox 360 came out first playing DVD movies. A year later the PS3 came out with the ability to play Blue Ray discs. Even if Sony wasn't making as much money per unit by including Blue Ray, it ensured overall profits by winning the format war. Microsoft at the last minute tried to include the HD-DVD player add-on, but it was too late. While it is unlikely that the disc drive will be as big of an issue this time around, it is an overall fact that the person who goes last can include something in their console that changes the game without any major change to design. On the other hand, if they wait too long they will give the Wii-U needless market share. Sure, Nintendo shot itself in the foot by requiring updates so large that consoles keep breaking brand new, but people are getting over it. I think whoever holds out longer will earn the most over the next 10 years from their console.


Well, don't forget that the 360 was having issues early on as well, easily getting red rings of death just for bringing them home, over heating, scratching up your discs easily, etc. Give Nintendo time and they will patch everything up just like Microsoft did. Unlike Microsoft who kept denying that the 360 had problems (especially with the over heating), Nintendo knows there's still problems and are actively trying to fix them. They even do free repairs when you ship them out to them which is also a great plus.

Sony please don't throw in

Sony please don't throw in crazy technology that going to allows to achieve super computing powers. We just need to play a game. Quad core, few gigs of mem and a decent GPU that all we need. Emotion Engine = FAIL CELL Broadband =FAIL PS4???

You guys need to be in school instead of gaming all the time....

Do any of you proof read your comments before sending them, or is everyone a bunch of kids??? Looks to me like the most of you need to be back in school learning your grammar and how to spell, instead of spouting off at the mouth about graphics and which system is better!! Half of these comments make NO SENSE at all, and the other half have so many misspelled words and horrific grammar that its barely understandable! Wow! Lmao

So what if we're bunch of

So what if we're bunch of kids and so what if you think we should go back to school and learn. You're just jealous because you can't misspelled words and make horrific grammar like us do. Go troll some place else. Don't thread ********, stick to the topic smartass.

Trolling Trolls

Before criticizing other's grammar, consider proof reading your own ... ("Looks to me like the most of you," "spouting off at the mouth," "make no sense") Sadly, trying to make yourself feel better by bullying others left you open to it. You are far from perfect. Thus, to have any validity in your lucid attempts at trolling, try shooting for easier targets henceforth. Btw., Sony is having a major press conference on the 20th. Let us cross our fingers for a ps4 release.

grade: B-

* proofread is one word... * "the most of you" (extra "the")... * "it's barely understandable" (it is, contraction). Multiple extraneous punctuation. Recommendation: Repeat 4th grade.

Grammar and Grandfar

I Know, it's like the less then coherent ramblings of a neurotic monkey scribed by a spanish crack ***** and translated with Babel Fish back into English. I would get more sense out of a conversation with my poo.

Uh, Yeah.

"and the other half have so many ..." Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't that be "the other half HAS?" I believe so, because the word "Half" is singular, and has would go well with singular. ALSO, "Horrific grammar that its barely understandable" It should be "it's" LEARN2APOSTROPHE


The problem with that sentence isn't in "and the other half have so many". The next part "misspelled words and horrific grammar" should read "misspelled words and SUCH horrific grammar". LOL sorry couldn't help it.

Dont hate But love the games

i must say some of the comments are very amusing, the passion and pride that some people express is brilliant. i my self love to play the games that come out on these consoles. but i wouldn't go as far as belittling someone for having or expressing an opinion. Irrespective of which console i play, its all about the games that are released on those consoles. Sony has an idea and a plan, it may pay off or it may hurt them very badly. but son long as the game developers keep up the good work, all is well. Ultimately its not going to be massively different when it comes down to the technical side of it, because all the platforms/consoles (with the exception of the PC) will have to take into consideration of the fact that when a games developer develops a game they will base it so that the games can be played on all consoles, it would be way to costly for them to create games per console, unless of course its a console exclusive. the only advantage the PC would have is the fact that if the developer later released a higher res texture pack for pc gamers to install. I would recommend trying to acquire all consoles that way you can experience majority of your games on a preferred console, any exclusive titles on the other console and any moddable games such as the elder scrolls franchise on the PC and of course the Nintendo classics on the nintendo line of consoles. Happy Gaming to All.

wah wah its all in ur own opinion u. care to much

Its so intertaining to listen to girls complain about whats better do ur research beforw complaining and making garwntees and bets pc is better for graphics but its all in what u like are u willing to sacrific. For consol play over pc i am because i just never could get into pc but it is better in the visiual department for sure but wii u it sucks in my apinion and it sucked when it was just wii i honestly jaave no right to say so other then the fact i just dont like it so refuse to touch it x box and playstation i like for different resons but its all in. The difference beetween what games come out soly for one or the other and . Not both i like playstation a little bit more just because i enjoy the controller over x box. No. Real reason other thwn the way they fit my grip

For everyone out there PC has

For everyone out there PC has the best graphics by far yes, now when we get into the head hoauchos like PS3, the 360 and wii/wii u heres how it needs to put out there PS3 had the HD disc yes but that is a special coating to not let scratches happen and PS3 it not really that great like everyone say did you know that most PS3 games are only 720p NONE reach the 1080p/1080i. Now on to the 360, the 360 has the white back dvd style disc which is always in danger for scratches (which is why you should always install your game you don't get the dirty things) which can cause you game to not work obviously but if doing so your load times are faster and your disc doesnt move so no scratches now to graphics with the 360 i would say to be fair 65% of the 360 game will play in 1080p 1080i which is something that for some all people love from what im seeing here. Now on to the wii u and wii ehhh not a fan so i cant say i hate them or love them just not my area of gaming but to continue with nintendo for everyone out there SERIOUSLY go get yourself an old NES or SNES so you can appreciate what we have now hell try out an atari if you can you would get a kick out of some games off of that one, it has one of the first contriversial games on the atari all in all though just have fun what the need with all the bickering


And for those of you that don't know what the controversial game is, its called look it up your own self, people need to stop putting their time into researching somebody's stupid question, if its like fixing an emulator/console then yeah that's different, but " Where can I get ROMs"? Come on! Look it up yourself! I spend 50-60% of time on the internet researching stuff, the rest is youtube, where I do some research at that.


Firstly, PS3 doesn't make games. It plays them. Second, that is a completely biased opinion that not all people agree on. I disagree. I think it is a tie amongst the three major consoles (360, PS3, Wii) being that there are so many multi platform games, and then there are the classics for each console (Halo, Mario, God of War). With that said, I own an Xbox 360, and I love the games that are available for other, but I would appreciate seeing some PlayStation games on Xbox. But anyway, saying "Everyone knows PS3 makes the best games," (note your comma fail) is a bold statement. Besides, there are PSX games that would effortlessly take the cake over plenty newer games, including PS3. I'm excited to see how the new consoles turn out, and hopefully some more games go multi platform, although I don't see it likely.


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