Nintendo R&D Director Defends Wii U CPU Speed

One of the most heavily criticized aspects of Nintendo’s Wii U is its CPU performance. While Nintendo never gave any solid number regarding its core frequency or its calculations speed, a well-known hacker dismantled it last November and concluded that it runs at 1.24 GHz.

This number shocked fans and experts alike as it is less than half the 3.2 GHz speed of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3’s CPUs. Nonetheless, Nintendo didn’t dispute it till now.

Nintendo's R&D director Genyo Takeda is the man behind all Wii U major design decisions, including its CPU speed. During his speech at a Kyoto investor meeting last week, he didn’t acknowledge or deny the 1.24 GHz claim, but he asserted that Wii U combines "low power consumption and a fairly high performance."

"Regarding your comment that we focus on the GPU and that the CPU is a little poor, we have a different view," Takeda answered one question. "It depends on how to evaluate a processing unit. In terms of die size [area a chip occupies], the GPU certainly occupies a much larger space than the CPU."

"As you can see CPUs used for the latest PCs and servers, however, it is usual for current CPUs that the logic part for actual calculations is really small and that the cache memory called SRAM around it covers a large area. From this angle, we don't think that the performance of the Wii U's CPU is worse than that of the GPU."

The R&D director then argued that Wii U’s architecture is insensitive to CPU speed. "We have taken a so-called 'memory-intensified' design approach for the Wii U hardware" he explained. "It is no use saying much about hardware which should remain in the background in our entertainment offerings, but at least we think that Wii U performs pretty well."

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That could work when the game is focus about GPU/Physx not when the game is developped around cpu over GPU calculation. Good example: MMO, you will require a good cpu to handle the process of the people around you vs GPU. In the long run, the GPU of the WII U will need to be updated while the next generation of Xbox/ps4 will be ok for another decade

Well, MG seems to have

Well, MG seems to have disabled the reply button, so here's the new reply format: @bear (not verified) on February 6, 2013 - 5:12am Immersion is a player skill, not something the game does to you. Graphics are completely unrelated to it. Its all in your head and it depends on how good you are at it.

Nintendo has always being

Nintendo has always being greedy with their hardware and they compensate with good first party sofware. Problem is; after decades of cheap hardware their software starts to feel repetitive and archaic compared with the competition. That would be if they'd had these games out already, which there aren't. They did not evolve, thinking their name would save them once more. Gamers these days ask for more than a low polygon stereotyped plumber or a soft green elf wearing white pantyhose. Software is too pricey compared with the pc platform, obsolete performance in return. The WiiU is likely going Dreamcast. Good news is if Nintendo stops the hardware market, then the software will finally look good on better hardware, despite being multi-port.


I KINDA AGREE WITH NINTENDO ON THE COMPARING WITH 360 AND PS3 THERE IS NO POINT HERES WHY.. a while back i did some testing and got a useless core 2 running at only 1.8 ghz and paired it with a good GPU a 5870 radeon desktop version and do you know what? it ran nearly all games that were on both pc and consoles at about 2-3 times the frame rate and so about 90fps and ran at 1080p res very strange this held true for all but games like battle field 3

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