Japanese Newspaper Reveals PlayStation 4 Price

Japanese newspaper, Asahi Shimbun, has confirmed that Sony’s February 20th event will indeed see the official unveiling of PlayStation 4 (Orbis).

According to Asahi Shimbun, the next PlayStation’s price has been set to ¥40,000. This is equivalent to $432 at today’s exchange rate. However, Japanese companies such as Sony have a habit of rounding prices to increments of $50 or $100 when selling in the west. As such, we can expect PS4 to retail for $399 or $449 at launch.

This price range is actually pretty close to Wii U’s $349.99 price point. Until now, Wii U’s sales figures have been disappointing. Most likely, this is due to the lack of high profile titles and because most gamers believe that it is underpowered to be a true next gen console.

PlayStation 3 launched in USA in 2006 in 2 SKUs, the 20G model retailed for $499 and the 60GB model retailed for $599.

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I don't have a problem with $450 bucks. I woujldn't have a problem if it came in two different models priced at $500 and $600, as long as the next PlayStation console was a truly powerful machine. A machine that would keep up with PCs for at least the first three years of its' life. Such a thing is possible seeing that a console has an operating system that takes up little system resources, and the developers are free to use almost all of the hardware to dedicate to a game. I've had many a gaming rig, and the thing I dislike about PC gaming is the resources Microsoft Windows uses. A good gaming PC requires anywhere from 12 - 16GB of DDR3 to run smooth as silk. Also, the lack of "full" controller support for many games is also a con. Not to mention the price tag of a good gaming PC will range from $1,000 on up. The only concern I have regarding the PS Orbis is if the CPU is going to powerful enough. An eight-core CPU running at 1.6GHz seems abit underpowered to me. Let's hope that rumor isn't true.

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