AMD: No Radeon HD 8000 In The Near Future

AMD marketing manager Robert Hallock revealed that the company has no intentions to release a Radeon HD 8000 series for the foreseeable future.

"The HD 7000 Series will remain our primary focus for quite some time," he said through twitter.

When asked for clarification, he elaborated that "I cannot say anything more than what I’ve already said, really. AMD and its partners are happy with the HD 7000 Series, and it will continue to be our emphasis in the channel for the foreseeable future."

"I should note that HD 8000 Series has never been so much as hinted at for a channel release. Anything to the contrary is an unsubstantiated rumor fabricated to drive traffic."

Hallock’s comments lend credibility to water cooler rumors that the HD 8000 family won’t be out before Q4 2013.

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There never was an HD 8000

There never was an HD 8000 series to begin with, AMD had planned to use next gen 7000 series and repackage it as 8000 series. So really what their saying is that they have no plans to release a new series until MS crawls out of its *** and releases Windows 9.

Not a big deal

Considering both AMD an Nvidia current mid range cards can max most game's out at 1080p this is not a big deal. If anything it just means if you were wanting a new GPU but was worried about a new version coming out very soon, it's fine to go ahead an upgrade.

@ Ron

AMD does not produce chips or hardware for MS, MS just buys the designs from AMD and then MS rents factories to produce the product. Also the next xbox design was finished by mid 2012 which means their using existing hardware from 2011/2012.


Anyone think it might be that perhaps they are getting their production line ready for the chips they might be making for both PS4 and for the Xbox720 ? :)

why the delay occured

I don't think its because of cross-competition with consoles, which may have relatively slow graphics cards (hd 7000 at best, but highly optimized). Nvidia would simply release their next gen cards. It's probably issues with manufacturing and yield issues.

i can see the reason behind

i can see the reason behind this....old gen consoles are keeping the 3d requirements low for new games(which is not necessarily bad btw), and the invasion of indie games and tablet and smartphone gaming doesnt help either..Better to concentrate on power consumptions and soc solutions.

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