Sony CEO: We’ll Show Our Next Console Only After Microsoft Shows Its Own

Sony president, Kaz Hirai, seems to be content on repeating the company’s PlayStation 3 launch mistake by holding off PlayStation 4 (Orbis) release until Microsoft has launched its Xbox 360 predecessor (Durango).

"Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?" he explained to British magazine, The Times.

With both Orbis and Durango specs nearly finalized, most enthusiasts expected official announcements to be made during this year’s E3 expo in June. This looks less likely now.

This quest for processing power superiority has lead Sony to release PlayStation 3 a full year after Xbox 360. When Sony’s consoles finally made it to the market in 2006, its main competitor had already enjoyed a market lead of 10 million units sold. Even worse, Nintendo Wii was released around the same time PlayStation 3 was launched but it still managed to overshadow both consoles before the end of 2007, effectively proving that raw processing power is not the decisive factor in this market.

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It's funny how you call

It's funny how you call others dumb ***** when you can't even ******* spell to save your own **** life ******. Sony also makes computers you retarded ***** and Sony makes more than just that. Sony also makes Movies, TV Shows, TV's, Tablets, etc, etc... Microsoft is severely outmatched when it comes to production, I don't know if you realize, but Movies and TVShows are what really makes the "big bucks" ******* idiot. Judging by your spelling you can't be more than 14, so I don't believe you've been in any tournament just off the pure fact that you're an idiot. Last, but not least. You said"have a nice day poor faggots." That sentence really made me laugh because I own several consoles including the PS3 and Xbox360 which means I can afford them all and probably have more money than your broke ***. Get off the internet kid you have already shown your true age...

What did you just say?

What proof do you have that players are better on the xbox? I wouldn't argue for either side. XBOX is supported by MILLIONS of companies??? That was my favorite exaggeration ever. Abot the computer made comment. Sony makes PC's and the ps3 is in fact a computer. Bill gates is no longer the CEO of Microsoft. Just thought you should know that. and I'm not trying to be mean. Microsoft has been hurting ever since he left. And my biggest question, when did cod become a sony franchise? have a good day dumbass. PS This is my new favorite comment on the internet.

Wrong. PS3 has a larger

Wrong. PS3 has a larger library of games compared to 360 (who only seems to have Gears of War and Halo as relevant exclusions any more). Not to mention if you bought a PS3 in 2006 (like me) you've saved 420 dollars from being able to play online for free (compared to Xbox), also had an hdmi out and played Blu-rays to start (and since has added the ability to play 3D blurays... blurays the thing Xbox never had). Plus lets not forget the consistent threat of the Red Ring of Death in the first gen 360 systems. Since 2006 I've bought one PS3, four Xbox360s..... Don't bring in your bull**** about Halo being more profitable than CoD and don't suggest that Halo is a "hard" game to play either.... want a difficult game play Gears of War and quit your b****ing

obviously your not an

obviously your not an intelligent person.Sony has more then just computers. they cover all electronics,Meaning they have computers. By the way how can you say xbox players are better then PS players when the games we play are the same dumb ***. the system has nothing to do with if your good or not.Wow halo cool isnt the only game out there but why should i even bother arguing with a little kid


Halo only makes a fraction of the money COD makes. That alone has me doubting you've ever played in a MLG tournament because you don't have a clue on what you are talking about. In fact, you're probably twelve years old. Halo is an exclusive to the Xbox while COD sells on multiple platforms, it's the best selling piece of media of all time, and currently destroys Halo on 360's nielsen ratings for games played on XBL. Google it and find out for yourself how incorrect you are. I won't be buying a PS4, and I'm a fan of the Xbox, but your fanboyism is unreal.

chill out nerd

I think you should also take into consderation that now cod has made tripple as much money as halo also look at how much better graphics the ps3 has or the fact that the kinect is a complete ripoff of the sony play toy for ps2 wow all xbox360s technology was available during the ps2s era

Think straight

I think your the dumb *** in here. Sony came with the eyetoy on the ps2 and were so much ahead of microsoft. But they noticed there was no market for it and stoped further development. Microsoft came with the improved eyetoy and called it kinect. That was stupid of microsoft because there isnt much money to make from it because most people lose there interest in playing with a camera after 2 months and stop buying these games. Look at the facts, how many hardcore kinect players are there?


Obviously you don't know how to spell, or maybe your just too lazy too. I've had my ps3 for almost 2-3 years, I just recently got a 360. Most of the people on xbox and 7 year olds who play FPS. Sure you have your 'famous' clans and what-not. When I play PS3, I do better than half the community and when I play 360 it's the same. As for endorsements, Sony might not get as many, but Sony is more diverse. Sony makes different types of electronics, from televisions to surround-sound stereos. What does microsoft make? Useless software? Consoles? That's about it. And I highly doubt you have ever played in a MLG tourney. And Halo is a rip-off of COD, check the release dates. I've played Halo 4 and Black Ops 2, the community is much more friendly on Black Ops rather than Halo. You don't have to pay for PSN, which is helpful for the families that aren't the richest. Those who play 360 are more egotistic. The only plus that the 360 is on the lag side of games. But to put this statement to an end, you're a stuck up person who doesn't respect others.

Halo is a what?!

If Halo is a ripoff of Call Of Duty then why was it in production before COD was even a glint in a gamers eye? Also, not trying to be a fanboy myself. BUT! COD only makes money because they rip people off so you can play their online match making. Same with Battlefield. EA has been ripping people off since the Sega Genisis at least.

lolololololololol. are you ten yrs old? wtf kid

i played cod way before i played halo. of course, there was no online play at the time. and i never recall having to pay to play online for modern warfare 1,2,& 3, or world at war, or black ops 1 & 2. hell, not even on call of duty classic. so what call of duty did you play that made you pay to play? lol. on the flipside though, i agree with you with EA and their battlefield series, along with other games and such.


I have a xbox360 and a ps3 sorry ps3 games are way better lets see halo 1and2 good games after that sucks cuz if u play them all they do is repeat them selves Sept a couple new monster. the best game ever made goes to ps3 with the uncharted series IV never played a better game and I wish they would hurry up with the ps4 I would love to see where the uncharted series go so hurry up

in all honetly, as far as

in all honetly, as far as simulation games like the sims, command and conquer, AOE, and the countless others, pc is better cuz of the interface and ease of control. consoles are better for racing, shooters, 3rd person, action and whatever other genre you can think of becaue i would rather pop my new COD or assassins creed in and play within a few minutes. the truth is that no console or system is better because they all have different uses and what not. i love my pc but i love my ps3 more(hate xbox and wii) so when gamers fight over stupid **** like this it makes everyone look bad. drop your ****, exit off pornhub, chill on your fake online friends, and go get a gf and a bj while your playing your favorite game. thank you


people like you have to be consume by game systems in order to feel better about your incompitence of reality,grow up and stop acting like a little *****


It's pretty clear that he was bluffing. Considering everybody who is anybody believes they will be revealing it on the 20th. And Sony has seen the rumors and the hype up until this point. If they weren't planning on showing the PS4, they **** well better be now.

re:pc v. console..

could all the console hatin from the pc fans, come from the social ineptitude that has developed from sitting alone on a comp, playing with "friends" online? maybe talking some seriously inappropriate **** to some 8 year old on WOW? versus, the consolers.. buch of buddies show up, crack a beer, hit the ****** bong, pass out the controllers, play some ****** goldeneye, kill some zombies..maybe feel up the old lady whilst waiting to respawn. ...communicate and exist in real life, while enjoying the virtual one.

Re: go get some ***** guy

So to the dude below who went off on the go get ***** rant. I just have to say, I'm a PC gamer and have been playing video games most of my life. I actually can bench 220, I have a hot girlfriend, I exercise all the time and I help hungry children through donations to charity. Lol. Swear to God. I still rub it out to porn here and there but also get laid all the time. So **** off and quit projecting your own shortcomings onto everyone else. When did video game forums get so **** serious? To the point at hand... While I am a hardware snob and get what Sony is doing, I don't know if its a smart move. Marketshare accounts for a lot so the difference would have to be huge, and I doubt it will be. Lastly, PC's are better than consoles (sorry I can't help it :) that's just a fact of life, but consoles clearly have their place and are better in certain ways, ie accessibility, ease of use, etc. After all, I'm a die hard pc guy but clearly I'm reading about consoles now... Game on gamers! And quit hatin dude

"all of you need to get *****"

"all of you need to get *****" dude the *** that left this comment obviously has no ******* life or he wouldn't be on a gamer site reading about games bashing people who do the same. what a ******* moron! LOL ya dumb *** ******* ***** bait

all of u need to go get *****

Y'all ******* need stop arguing over consoles and PC and go outside and excercise. I bet all of u are like that nerd on robot chicken always rubbing one off to a porn video every time. The PC people who talk about building there "machine" and talking about console players are lazy week all that time spent "building" could have been used making a relationship with a girl or doing something more productive like helping a hungry child on the street. I been going different sites with gamers and see the same little girls crying over who got better stuff then the other. I bet y'all won't met in the street and scruff it out. All of u are ***** and i bet none of u can bench 220. So stop jerking off and do something productive with your life. U **** **** motherfucka could also kiss my *** if u don't like it.

Your ludicrous post.

I'd just like to say, even though I currently don't have a girlfriend, I do indeed bench 220... Actually, I'm benching 285 for reps and squatting 405 for reps, not to mention leg pressing 600 + and military pressing 145. Yet I still find time to wind down with 'games' and have indeed built my own computer before. Your argument, sir, is invalid.

PC v Console

Obviously a PC can be upgraded and will eventually surpass the raw power of any console, but why are PC users so ****** off at console users? Probably, because whilst they believe a PC is the ultimate gaming system, they resent the support that the consoles get, I.E, the games. So, if consoles are getting all the best games then they are the better system. It's not about technology, its about games. Also, two ******* stupid things have been said numerous times on these comments which I would like to put straight; 1) you don't NEED to buy PS+ to play online, ps3 has a free online gameplay, PS+ is an optional benefit that includes some free games and store discounts; and 2) you ******* saying "peasants play consoles" and "haha let us rich people enjoy our superior machines" etc can just go and throw thier elitist arsed off a tall building. Honestly, would you walk uo to a tramp and say "hahaha my clothes are better than yours and for tea tonight I'm having quail eggs and Xavier, what are you having you poor *******?". You know. Comments like that really make you a complete ****.

the end all argument

The Wii, 360, PS3, pc, mac and whatever all suck and they are all the best in the world........well, behind the NES that is. NES is far superior to all. Thing is. All consoles and gaming machine suck and are awesome. They suck when you get no time to play them. They are awesome when you get home from work and have a few mins to play them and take out frustration. I will always need my pc. I do not exactly need a console, but I love playing my 360, ps3, and Wii. I love tyem all because I love playing certain games for each one. I could give a **** less what system it is. They all give me what I want. Time in virtual space to do something I love to do. Which is play games. I swear. Most of you people could argue about anything that is and will always be a useless point. Whether you like xbo. Or sony, it is your opinion which is better. Not fact. Opinions are a good thing to have. However. Your opinions are stupid and I only agree with my own viewpoints. That's how life is. Get used to it. Opinions are like ********. Everybody has one and everybody thinks everybody else's stinks. There you have it.

Come on guys

Come on people, play what you like and stop saying other people's gaming preferences are ****. I prefer the 360 but still like to play on the PC every now and then. And I know the PS3 is a great console, its just not my thing. Just cause someone isn't just like you doesn't mean they're an idiot. No need for a flame war cause no one is right and no one is wrong. Its all your own option.

Just because micosoft sucks

Just because micosoft sucks doesn't mean a pc does. Anything a console can do a pc can do better. No stupid long load times, put in cd/dvd once to install and never again, games are generally $10 less. Customized controls (unless the game sucks) Mods, crazy high resolutions, along with much better anisotropic filtering, much smoother framerates and so on.And yes it had been proven over and over again, mouse and keyboard ALWAYS dominate over controller at same skill level. Consoles are the PROBLEMATIC reason why graphics still suck in most games. They can only plan ahead maybe 3 years in advance tops. If they actually made a game exclusive to pc it would blow away any console game visually. Consoles in a sense are the fast food of gaming, Just for the lazy minded. Anyone who disagrees has never had a good pc in their life. I'm hoping for the day when eye infinity will be adapted to movies.


Consoles win hands down, me and 3 friends can all sit on the couch and play and have a good time,dont need internet, dont need multiple anything, just the single console, and the games. thats cost effective. also, pc gamers always leave out the fact that there is a chance a game simply wont work on your expensive ****, point in case, friend had a 2000 dollar computer, there was a known issue between his graphics card and the game he wanted, still hasnt played that game.

Console gamers don't get PC gaming because, well they just don't

FYI, XBox, XBox360, PS2, PS3, etc... are ALL PC's... Just with different processor architectures. So, considering the vast majority of console fanboys will go out and buy their favorite console at launch price (probably upwards of 700$), and considering the fact that a decent gaming PC is: - About 75$ for a power supply, - About 75$ for a motherboard. - About 150$ for a processor, - I believe they are just giving away memory nowadays (maybe what 75$ for 4GBs of DDR3?) - About 150$ for a SSD - About 150$ for a GPU. Also considering the fact that PC gamers will ALWAYS have the advantage, because most games except the signature franchises of the respective consoles will be ported to PC, and often released at the same time as their respective console versions. Considering that a mouse and keyboard is 1000x better to control ANY game out there than a stupid toy controller. Also considering the fact that PC gaming = BETTER graphics that the console version in 90% of the cases (better shaders, better textures, better framerate, better AA). Considering the fact that in 1 year after your console is released just changing a GPU or adding RAM to a PC will make it twice as performant. Considering that no cheap console will have a SSD on them anytime soon because no one is willing to take the risk... Considering all that and the 100 other reasons I haven't enumerated, any self respecting gamer plays on a PC nowadays. Consoles are TOYS. Toys that parents buy for little kids who have no jobs and cannot figure out how to put a proper gaming rig together by themselves. They last as long as nothing else is better out there. Do yourself a favor and invest your 700$ in a PC instead, you will never look back.

Playstation 4 is launching this spring perhaps even before E3

Did you guys not hear the Feb 20 date for an announcement that they are making alot of fuss about. The fuss they have made over this press and investor only meeting is HUGE. It is the PS 4 announcement, and they plan on launching it very soon. Along with the PS Store update that the PS 3 can barely handle this was launched in prep for PS 4 release. So, you guys just dont do much investigating before just taking the word of the CEO do you? He has said these things to throw you off the track, and for most people it has not worked, but for you guys, it sure gotcha. PS4 also has stated a price point of 400 bucks. Bet ya did not know that either. You need me to write articles for you.

Drama From Redneck Teens

Neither console is better. They both play games. All that matters is what console fights for what exclusives. In fact, they both suck, they both get hacked and they both die within 3 years. That is why my PC is better than your dead 360.

Calm Down

Let's see what console is going to be the best and let it go from there.No reason to get into it over the net.No one knows anything til it comes out,so just calm down.Fighting is stupid over the net anyways.PS4 might be a joke when it comes out,like XBOX 360 and it's no life consoles was.I know people now that have to buy a new or used xbox every couple of years because it don't last very long.CPU's are great too,but you always have to upgrade them every so often too.You could argue all day long on here and all it does is show how low you IQ really is like little snot-nosed brats that will never amout to anything in real life.God Bless.


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