Would You Preorder An Unknown Game For 50% Discount?

Anomaly Warzone Earth developer, 11 Bit Studios, are putting their upcoming game for preorder at a generous 50% discount, but there is only caveat: nothing whatsoever is known about the game yet. Not even its name or genre.

The game will be unveiled on February 28th, 2013. It is scheduled for Q2 2013 (between March and June) release on Windows, Mac and Linux.

The game will retail for $14.99, slashed to $7.49 for preorders placed before the official unveiling. An “extra gaming gift” is also promised to the loyal fans who take the preorder risk.

If you are willing to take your chances on 11 Bit Studios, keep in mind that preorders can’t be refunded after the official unveiling. Also, the game will be available on Steam only.

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It is a terrible idea and

It is a terrible idea and concept to sell something. The fact that they make it a secrete is a bad sign. 1. It could be because they are loosing money and need to get a quick cash boost to save their ***. 2. They know that their game will not be more then average with other games. Think about it, if they knew the game would be great and popular once they announce it they would not need nor want to sell it for 50% off. If you know your product is a hit you would charge as much as possible.

don't they realize they

don't they realize they actually lose money by doing this? lets say half of everyone that will ever buy this game preorders it right now. these people wont give you any more money when the game is released. this whole pre-order stuff has gotten out of hand. we are constantly required prove our loyalty and trust by DRM, on-disc dlc and other shady, no not shady but outright criminal business models and the only company ever to prove some loyalty back is valve.


Not without any information, and depends who the developer was, take Star Citizen (Chris Roberts) for example, over $7.2 million raised (their target was $2.5 million) for it before the game even hit development. It's not even out for another 2 years or so. THAT i would and have support(ed). They are some muppets to be pitching for pre-order money without even knowing what the game is going to be about, not even a genre...seriously...

yes i would, but thats

yes i would, but thats because i know what its about. A lot more people know what the game is than you think, this article is kind of stupid. Heres a hint, its a strategy game involving customizable tanks/machines.

So true...

Again Megagames' so called "editors" show how stupid some of them are, your description fits perfectly, you should have written this article, because it's inflammatory without justification... Thanks to your description, I wanted to see what I would get if I buy the game... BTW look ate the stupid additional post made by some sheeps: "baa", pathetics!

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