NVIDIA Announces $999 GeForce GTX TITAN Video Card

NVIDIA today introduced the new GeForce GTX TITAN, the world’s fastest GPU.

When benchmarked against other single GPU products including GTX 680 and HD 7970, the GTX TITAN performed 21% to 117% better in all twelve tests running at a resolution of 2560x1600 with 4xAA/16xAF settings.

"GeForce GTX TITAN is a beast of a GPU -- and the only one in the world powerful enough to play any game at any resolution at any time," said Scott Herkelman, general manager of the GeForce business unit at NVIDIA. "And yet, all of this immense power is housed in a sleek, sexy design, so gamers can also build beautifully-designed PC gaming machines about the size of a gaming console, yet magnitudes more powerful and always upgradeable."

GTX TITAN is built with the same NVIDIA Kepler architecture that powers Oak Ridge National Laboratory's newly launched Titan supercomputer, which is number 1 in the list of the Top500 supercomputers in the world.

The GeForce GTX TITAN:
• Contains 7 billion transistors
• Has 2,668 GPU cores -- 75% more than the Company's NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 GPU
• Delivers 4.5 Teraflops of single precision and 1.3 Teraflops of double precision processing power
• Supports new GPU Boost 2.0 technology which automatically boosts graphics performance and supports unlocked voltage and advanced controls for even more gaming control and overclocking customization
• Can be combined with additional GTX TITANs in SLI mode for even more performance

The GeForce GTX TITAN GPU will be available starting on February 25, 2013 from NVIDIA's add-in card partners, including ASUS and EVGA in North America, and additional partners, including Colorful, Galaxy, Gigabyte, INNO 3D, MSI, Palit and Zotac outside the US. Partner participation will vary by region. Pricing is expected to start at $999 USD.

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Hardware Release Timing

For those wondering why no new Program Shader Hardware Updates like, Direct X 11.1a (or) Direct X 11.b, Dx11-with with a cookie & ice cream, or whatever they decide to call the next version for Graphics is this... The new consoles are using last years Graphic Chip (GPU) Technology which is DX-11 Shader Model 5.0 Based. In the past, by the time a console came out, the PC already had updated graphic tech. and many people were understandably upset. For Example: When the $600+ X-Box 360 came out, we eventually learned it was really only Dx9 Capable, while PC cards were using Dx10.1..... This time, since the two big consoles are actually using PC hardware across the board, they decided to hold off for awhile after the Shiny New Consoles come out before giving PC Graphics the Next Dose of Added Realism & Wow Factor. Therefore, if you have an updated PC with a Quad Core CPU & good Dx11 Graphics card, your PC will visually reproduce anything you see on the new consoles. Hope this helps clear things up a little.

Hardware Release Timing

Oops! Sorry My Mistake! When I said XBOX-360 was $600+ I was wrong, it was $299 & $399 I guess. It was the PS3 that was $500 & $600 Depending on Hard Drive Space... (((Shakes Head)))) The Point was that PC Graphics were already ahead of both consoles when they came out, but this time will be different. This is why AMD isn't coming out with HD8000 Series Cards for the near future. . Adding to what I said earlier, AMD Supplied the 8-Core CPU's & GPU Chips for BOTH Console Companies! Only Real Differences being Number of Shader Cores & Types of Memory used. XBOX-720 with 768 GPU Shaders & 8GB of shared DDR3 RAM Plus 32MB of Super Fast ERAM for the GPU. PS4 Also Has 8-Core CPU but 4GB of Double Fast GDDR5 RAM and 1,152 GPU Shaders. According to Press Releases of course! However, These 8-Core CPU's are less powerful than most 4-Core CPU's. . So it's easy to see why any PC with a newer CPU, Graphic Card and Ample System Memory Will Be Fine & in fact, More Powerful in Most Cases. Heck! an HD6770 has 800 Shaders and half the memory throughput of the flagship cards but can run the new stuff quite well, regardless of the B.S. Ya Gotta Pay Premium for Eye Candy!..... Nonsense! We PC Owners will have to wait for the Shine to Wear Off from the New Consoles a bit before We get a nice visual enhancement to our trusty Dx11 API. Therefore I say Nobody in their right mind would upgrade a good (year or two old) graphics card until the Next Direct-X API Comes out... (((Smiles & Waves)))

I'll never understand why a

I'll never understand why a gamer would spend 1k on a 3d card.. while a 250 card can play anything with superb performance. The 250$ card will be dated in 2 years.. say 3 if you're more greedy so what? you buy a new one and that makes gaming much cheaper than this featured card.. PC gaming is always made for the mass. Games are made to be played on cheapware as well so buying a 1k card is pointless as the 250$ cards will maxed up the graphics as well. This 1k card will have longer life (performance wise at least), but whose gonna play on dx11 shader 5.0 in five years from now?


Considering the PS4 wiill cost, more than likely, 300-400 dollars less than this and actually come with an entire system, I think not my good sir.

Nice but too cold.

Awesome card, awesome perform, awesome price but; nothing new. Apart from milking the consumer and client, I really dont get it. When are they going to bring us new techs based on new hardware? Everything is faster, larger or smaller if you wish but, its pretty much the same relative power. Like what happens with a Titan supercomputer and a turing machine.

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