Microsoft Showcases Kinect 2.0

Microsoft Research has posted a YouTube video showcasing the new features and improvements provided by Kinect 2.0 which will ship with next-gen Xbox consoles.

According to the video, Kinect 2.0 is able to capture hand movements in higher accuracy and precision than its existing predecessor.

Kinect 2.0 is also able to recognize open and close hand gestures, allowing for richer interaction with applications. For example, Kinect 2.0 users will be able to draw in paint applications as if they are carrying a pen. More importantly, opening and closing your hands would act like a traditional mouse click in Windows 8.

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well that move Popsicle could

well that move Popsicle could really help with the unresponsiveness of the kinect. its not about stealing ideas, its about working in what would make a waaay more solid game experience. cause to be honest, kinect as it stands today is complete ****. great idea, but still seems very beta.

This isn't kinect 2.0

This isn't kinect 2.0. Never did he say this was 2.0, the hardware looks pretty much the same and even the captured images look like kinect 1.0. This is just a demonstration of new applications of Kinect 1.0 for PC (windows). Who writes these articles? Some times I wonder why I still come to megagames... :/


Da's whassup Kinect was capable of so much more what the $hitbox could handle. Theys didn't wanna bus' it all over PC 'cuz theys knew PC would squash it & butthurt the console babies. Can't have another excuse to get a PC over a $hitbox until hackers started pimpin' all over that dizzle so M$ had no choice.

It all began at microsoft R&D

It all began at microsoft R&D. We found sheeple with money had trouble moving the mouse and pressing buttons, so we brought them jumping-around-like-a-****** support. But that wasn't enough, so now announce 2.0 with full-****** mode. It was certainly an interesting project to link them with our AI that makes sense of their movements. The final objective on our roadmap is to get these sheeple to move their limbs as much as possible, we notice it can induce standing epilepsy - surprisingly they enjoy it, making those sheeple feel they did something important in their lives.

Funny how you compare kinect

Funny how you compare kinect with mouse and kb instead of a gamepad which is what it was made to replace, regardless of what this article says. That aside, if you were to google kinect hacks you'd find a whole lot of applications that kinect enabled (which were not possible previously). Talk about sheeple who can't think for themselves...

"making those sheeple feel

"making those sheeple feel they did something important in their lives." Important things like writing scathing article replies about the epic dominance of the mouse and keyboard over motion-sensitive user interfaces? Now that sounds really important. Oh Great Microsoft Pharaoh! Let these sheeple go!

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