New Warframe PhysX Trailer Is Pretty


Let's make like it's 2007 and PhysX is a new thing we're all impressed by. That's what Digital Extreme's is hoping anyway, as it's released a new trailer for its free to player third person shooter, Warframe, that shows off the new PhysX effects found in the game.

It does indeed look very pretty, with lots of particles swirling around in a way that's reminiscent of the Unreal Engine 4.0 trailer that we saw last year. The differences are noticeable too, especially in the segment with the red armored individual that has giant thighs. And by giant, I mean giant.

The effects are a little odd in places though. They look great and are very impressive, but I don't know what they're supposed to be. The fire stops looking so much like fire and looks more like fairy dust.

Warframe is a free to play cooperative shooter, that sees an advanced alien race awaken from hyper sleep to be confronted by two species of humans and aliens, both bent on their destruction. Their horribly cliché sounding names are the: Grineer and Corpus.

If you want to try Warframe out for free, head over to the developer's page here. It's currently in open beta.

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Don't let the seemingly outrageous graphics option fool you. Warframe is without a doubt the best F2P shooter game I've ever played.


This is what happens when the grand N bought out Ageia, of which most of you never even bought. I had one, in fact I had three and everybody failed. From Ageia, to game producers or the last buyers. Cell Factor in beta stages was awesome and they didnt even use half of tech at their dispose. There was more to be taken both from hardware and algorithms. Even more, there was a future for it, untill N brought it down with large amounts of cash and A just sucked it up ala J.Romero. Remember that AI card? Same deal. This game might be fun but it isnt showing off what the math and according hardware can really do combined with creativity.

****** just be hatin'

physics based particles are impressive - only because we never see em en masse. never came close to getting any of this **** in 2007. bemoan this new juciness all you like. aint no how im going to play this game just for the particles, but *****, if theres a choice between hardware accelerated physics based **** and current gen console level effects, you know whats got my vote. "i'm having a headache figuring wtf's going on..." "i cant see anything with PhysX" holy ****, ****** brains be tarded

LOL they are still trying to

LOL they are still trying to convince us that it's good to play a game just because of its improved graphic :D i think we all have enough experience of ****** games based on hyper realistic effects and useless billions of tired of all this. It's just a stupid way to force people on new hardware every 6 months

Am i the only one who likes

Am i the only one who likes it better without PhysX effects? What i've just watched either looked like a nicki minaj clip with glitter **** all over the place or one of these latest pixar/dreamwork **** with so much on the screen i'm having a headache figuring wtf's going on... Feels like an old 98's copy of "Incoming" bundled with my Voodoo 2. ... And the irony wants my captcha to be "create new things".

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