PlayStation 4’s Connected UX Explained At GDC

During his GDC 2013 keynote, Sony’s Senior Staff Engineer Chris Norden gave an overview of the user experience the company intends for PlayStation 4 users to enjoy.

The key concept behind the new user experience, which Sony calls Connected UX is having “everything and everyone” connected.

Connected UX is based on five key principles: simplicity, immediacy, social connectivity, mobile integration and personalization. This means that the Connected UX should give its users immediate access to social networking features without requiring much user interaction beyond pressing PS4’s “share” button. Norden didn’t elaborate on Connected UX’s mobile integration, but he did say that it will integrate with PlayStation Vita, smartphones and other platforms.

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You must not know very many

You must not know very many people, Cause this isn't just for hardcore gamers, it's also for everybody, and everyone. I know the majority of people use social clients on a daily basis. You can guarantee if pulled off correctly, they will have a major profit increase due to giving the people what they want. People want to have easy access to eachother. That's humanity.

exactly, it is because the

exactly, it is because the people at the top of sony are businessmen now and owned by investors. They hear social stuff is popular so they build a UI around it and hope for the best. Not really understanding what is happening. I was a console gamer until xbox360/ps3. They started trying to do all kinds of ****, so I just got a PC while destroys all current and future platforms. I dont want some social **** forced on me, I do not care, I want to play games. And actually, recently AAA titles have been **** so even as far as games go even on PC... Ill stick to the indie games like kerbal, zomboid, prison architect etc.

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