Virtual Reality Gaming Is Just Around The Corner


While the Omni Rift was an impressive piece of kit (by all accounts, I've not tried one myself) when it was first unveiled, but the obvious limitations with the tech were there. You're still sat down holding a controller. But what if you could wander around and remain in one spot, whilst moving around in-game. What if you do that in your living-room, affordably? That's the plan behind the Omni - an omni-directional treadmill accessory.

We've seen these sort of things before, but they were grand experiments, not really representative of home gaming, but this, this is something we could all imagine slotting in a space somewhere in our lounge. Apparently it'll fold away in a simple fashion too, making storage easy.

In the released videos so far, we see a man combining the Omni with an Occulus Rift headset and running around gunning down enemies in Team Fortress 2. Another is seen strolling through Skyrim.

Certain in-game features would still require a controller, but throw in some Kinect support (which is already there) and we're starting to see some pretty impressive Virtual Reality gaming in the next year or so.

But think beyond gaming. Imagine going for a jog around Far Cry 3's island without the enemies present? Or walking through the beautiful story of Dear Esther with a friend on the other side of the world - or just sit by the sea and have a virtual reality chat?

Office meetings could be conducted this way. Why not?

We're really close to this becoming a reality and I couldn't be more excited. Except maybe about Monster Hunter Online, that looks amazing.

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now just add some kind of

now just add some kind of move/kinect hybrid motion tracking to the weapon or hands, and the weapon/hands don't have to remain in front of you, they can freely move around. I noticed the cross hair did not track with the gun (obviously). But here's to hoping they get it done. Been waiting for proper vr for soo long i've gotten too old to even give a **** about gaming, i hope this brings me back... even movie watching will be more exciting. imagine a movie filmed in total 360 or (spherical enviro), Imagine a horror movie! and of course porn. I'ts time for this ****, get it done before i die dammmnit.


awesome, I think it would be a lot of fun, this is just a proto, maybe ,,in time., it would have to have the option of just siting back and just playing, looking at a monitor ,,and im sure your multie purpose gun would have a jump button on it?

Dayz would be quite a show

Dayz would be quite a show with the zombies running behind. Also.. imagine the platform changing it's angle via a rotor when going uphill of downhill to make the thing more realistic.. now that's healthy gaming!

Not bad

It's not a bad idea, can't agree more with everyone else here regarding the jumping. I can see a few cool things coming out this however like fps shooters were soldiers have different characteristics such as stamina depending on the player or reflexes. I'm really waiting for the Oculus Rift consumer version next year to play with Skyrim.

I prefer...

I prefer the holosuite/holodeck idea better. You looking like an idiot in an enclosed room. Also, not strapped to something. Anyone notice he can't/won't jump? TF2 rocket jump is a hallmark of that game...

I agree that such a device

I agree that such a device must allow jumping but as for the rest, we all look like idiots while sitting in front of a screen for hours watching/playing something from the eyes of a cat so that wouldn't be different and at least, gamers would be able to move a little more, which would be more rewarding when running away from zombies and such.

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