Nvidia Shield to Launch in June

Nvidia has announced that its little Shield console will be released this June and will cost just under $350. If you fancy preordering one, you'll be able to do so on 20th of this month on Nvidia's official site.

Looking like a Razer designed Xbox controller with a screen attached, the Shield grabbed headlines earlier this year by showing its ability to not only play high-def games itself, but to also accept wirelessly streamed games from a PC, doing what the Wii U can do with its gamepad, but from a standard desktop instead.

While in streaming mode, the Shield will only need to display the video, its internal hardware is beefy enough to play some relatively intensive games on its own - certainly more than the little Android console Ouya, though the price does reflect that.

Internally the Shield packs a Tegra 4 processor which has more than enough meat on its bones to handle Android games: 72 graphics cores, four CPU cores and 2GB of memory. This is combined with a 720p display, but if that's not enough for you, via HDMI cable you can transfer what's on the little screen to your big one in the living room. This means you can stream from your PC to the Shield and display the video up on your TV.

Granted you can do this now, but it would mean having your PC in the living room and how are you going to have your own space away from the womenfolk if you do that?

Other internal hardware includes 16GB of onboard storage, GPS, Bluetooth 3.0, mini-HDMI out, micro-USB 2.0 in/out, microSD storage slot and a headphone port.

Cheers VentureBeat.

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**** you MG

STFU MG. You stupid shameless Nvidia **** lovers. I can have 2 PCs, how 'bout that?!!! Or I can send video from one PC to my mon' in one room, or my TV in another. How 'bout that?!!! I don't need some new money grubbing piece of junk with the same processor as a phone in it, that can't do any of the things a phone can do except play games. No thanks MG. No thanks Nvidia. **** you MG. **** you Nvidia.

Here's the thing. I'm a fan

Here's the thing. I'm a fan of cloud gaming. make a good controller attachment for my ipad like maybe 360/ps3/pc controller support, I'm all for it. I don't want to cloud game on a ******* touchscreen. So somebody has to make the move. I really don't care who it is, if done right and affordable, I'm all for it.

Nvidia Shield

Reasons why I won't Buy this Product. Nvidia Shield looks like a toy a cheap toy a cheap toy. Seriously, a Tiny 5 inch screen. You think I want to go from my 10.1 inch tablet to a 5 inch screen. No thanks. I personally don't care if it can hook up to a 600 inch projector slash Pc slash etc etc etc. Project Shield is downright ugly. Turn it around its this Big Thick plastic looking bulky toy. No excuses. Nvidia tried to make it so different so they could say to the world we have somethng different here than what everyone else has. You crammed in about 190$ worth of chips into a lame Joystick Casing and now trying to pass it off as something cool and new. Ya right, $350, seriously. No thanks. I don't need all that power to play some lame Android games. Tegra 3 is already overkill for 99 percent of all tegra games made so far. No thanks. Where are all the Tegra 3 games, oh wait, there barely are any Tegra 3 games and now you think we'll buy this overpriced Android Console in a joystick box just so we can play 2 or 3 Tegra 4 only games on a 5 inch ******* screen. IBM PC use to create Ugly White PC boxes back in the 80's. Pc companies didn't know any better until Apple came along and showed the world Ugly Products don't do so well in the year 2013. Theres a reason why people pick certain cars over another, it's not because of the engine or whats under the hood, Most people choose cars based on its appearance alone and the same will go for this Joystick looking console.If it was 149$ I'd consider it only after tons of tegra 4 games came out, but the fact this console looks like a toy, its downright ugly when you turn it around, the thing has a tiny 5 inch screen, and there are almost no Tegra 4 games and probably never will be more than a few when they find out this thing will flop @ its $350 price tag I have to say this people. Don't buy this console. You're just waisting your money. Get a new xbox720 or Sonys New Console. They will both actually be well worth the money they will be asking unlike this ugly monster packed into a joystick controller.

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