Dark Souls: Prepare to Die (+22 Trainer) [FLiNG]

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die


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Dark Souls: Prepare to Die (+22 Trainer) [FLiNG]

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It Does Work

^ ^ Wrong, It DOES work on ALL materials, you only need to try and upgrade a weapon, if the weapon needs a Slab to upgrade, you'll get 99 Slabs, in other words you get 99 of any material you need when you upgrade a weapon.

Not on items

It only works on materials, you cannot duplicate items like Divine Blessings, perhaps you can duplicate Boss Souls the same way you get 99 Shards when upgrading weapons.

No it doesn't

Just went to the New Londo ruins blacksmith, and with infinite items on, green shards do not replicate. HOWEVER, when I did this, my white soapstone became 99 white soapstones. Something is wrong.

It does

Replicating materials requires: A) You have at least 1 material IN YOUR INVENTORY, NOT IN YOUR BOX, B) you just need to hover over it, you don't even need to upgrade anything.


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