Xbox One Unveiled - The One Device For "All Your Entertainment"

As promised, Microsoft unveiled its next-gen Xbox 360 successor in today’s press event.

Duped "Xbox One", Microsoft’s upcoming console aims to be the single device that provides "all your entertainment." As such, Xbox One is designed to be permanently connected to your TV set, utilizing Kinect 2 to respond to your voice commands and gestures – including turning the console on.

When the console is on, you can simply utter the magic words "Watch TV" and the TV app will fire up instantaneously. And even when the console is not "turned on," Xbox One owners can take advantage of Kinect 2 through apps such as the TV listing app which allows them to switch channels by saying the desired channel’s name with no need to specify its number.

Xbox One also supports multi-tasking; so you can browse the internet or chat in Skype in a side panel while watching a movie.

But what about gaming?

According to Microsoft, Xbox One delivers 8 times the graphics performance of Xbox 360. The company didn't reveal any details about Xbox One’s CPU, except that it sports 5 billion transistors; that is, ten times the 500 million transistors found in Xbox 360’s CPU. Xbox One also boasts 8 GB RAM, 500 GB hard disk drive and a Blu-Ray drive.

Learning from past mistakes, Microsoft’s engineering team took care while designing Xbox One to prevent overheating. As a result, the team opted to have Xbox One’s CPU and GPU hosted on a single 40 nm chip that is connected directly to the consoles’ heat sink along with the memory, the controller logic, the DRAM, and the audio processors. The internal components of Xbox One are also custom-built to be smaller than off-the-shelf components in order to allow for better air flow. This includes the hard disk and optical drive.

Xbox One ships with Kinect 2 that is able to detect minor orientation changes in hands and fingers. As for the gamepad, it is slightly larger than that of Xbox 360 and it doesn't have a “share” button if you are wondering about that. Just like PlayStation 4, Xbox One comes with native game capturing and editing tools. Additionally, Microsoft said that it has upgraded Smartglass as well, but didn't elaborate on its new features.

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pay twice

so they say to keep your 360 to play all your live games you have and then you buy a xbox1 do you get chaged twice to keep them both on xbox live?

pay twice

one thing I haven't seen printed is if you have to keep your 360 to play your xbox live games you have and you buy a new xbox1 do you get charged twice to keep them both on xbox live. just wondering knowing how greedy they are. thx

A perfect piece of **** for

A perfect piece of **** for the thirtysomething dads and their dumb blond bimbo wives/girlfriends and their dumb kids. For the hardcore gamers, well, we have already got an all-in-one machine and its the PC! .... still, they revealed so little in terms of specs and i watched the whole 1 hour video at gamespot, if the MS bot on stage did a fart the bot crowd would clap and cheer like they were hi on something.... or were getting some sort of sexual pleasure like a ******* while i'm not seeing anything special,, the graphics improvements they were parroting was obvious, i mean the whole graphics industry has made more breakthrough and so it's expected of. They said 8 core processor and 8gb memory and blu-ray drive (no surprises). And that's it. What about cpu/gpu and speeds etc. manufacturer. Didn't clear up the used/secondhand games confusion... Instead he's telling me I can watch live TV, well i ain't wasting my fibre optic bandwidth and data cap limit on bullshit live TV that I already get on freesat and already pay through TV licensing here in the UK. Not to mention the 300watts of electric needed to power that piece of ****, must be ******* joking... i'd much rather play some next-gen games and waste the same costs. One of the reason i hate emulation and playing PS1 titles on PC, my nvidia card will eat soo much electricity, it ain't worth it... That's why Sony share price went up 8percent! There was nothing new that was a surprise - what a shame.

It's YOU'RE [short for: you

It's YOU'RE [short for: you are] and not "YOUR" you dumbfuck! And of course I have a 2KW PSU, and so what?! ,, and of course I have quad SLI, recently got gtx560s in there but not every software can make use of it would have liked to use Vegas Pro 11 to encode some HD content, but that **** can only take advantage of max 2 gpus... still, It's like mentioning my **** size - what the **** does that have to do with it? Why on Earth are we deviating away from the central question of your bullshit xbox 1 being a total piece of ****, you dumb MS BOT.

Speak english dumb ***. That

Speak english dumb ***. That entire wall of text is incomprehendable to sane people. Do not just a favor to me, but to everyone else and just shut the **** up because you don't **** about computers. Just cause you bought a Dell Alienware for $1000's of dollars like the dumb *** you are. Doesn't make you the authority when saying a console is trash. Go buy a OUYA and get the **** out of my face you dumb ******.

Good lord; you type like some

Good lord; you type like some 5 year old. I can forgive a typo or two but to miss words - like I'm playing some bullshit word game and need to fill in gaps - you display a mental ability of 5 to 8 years old... Perhaps you suffer from mild downs syndrome that has kept you body growing while the brain has not kept up. That's just plain sad, I know we're supposed to be positive to disabled people. I ain't gonna bother extending this thread any more, it ain't loreal and you ain't worth it.... ha ha ha. Now **** off twit. Go to tweeter instead!

That press conference was soo

That press conference was soo disapointing, why show off call of duty if its gonna be exactly the same on other ps4?, and fortza WGAF. Exclusives is why i buy the machine, if its all multiplatform, I'll just use my pc. and how the hell is this gonna work with my cable company, i already have an STB that "as far as i know" isnt compatible with external devices except that of what the cable company allows. I'm pretty sure cable and satellite television providers are not going to give up their precious hardware or make an update to share data with the Xbone.

Dont Matter

It doesnt matter which one is better, the hardcore gamers will get both systems. Its pointless to argue which console is better. Get both and its a win, win.

Buying the XBox One isn't a

Buying the XBox One isn't a winning situation in ANY situation. So far as the conference has made known, it's going to do everything MY TV ALREADY DOES. I can watch sports. ON MY TV. I can watch TV. ON MY ******* TV. Fun fact: I can also play games. On my PC! This console generation is LAUGHABLE. Fair props, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but buying the XBox One is...well, wrong.

no CD

They have confirmed that after you install the game you do not need to cd to start it anymore. You then can go to a friends how and play it from the cloud. That explains why they are installing over 300000 servers this year.

No Cd

Note that after you install the game it becomes "activated" on that account. If the game is installed on a different account, you have to pay a "fee". Microsoft hasn't mentioned what the fee will be. So if you want to buy used games or borrow games from friends keep in mind you will have to pay to activate the disk.

No Used

Looks official according to Microsoft. They are positioning this as a "convenience" thing, ie. when you activate the game you can download it again later (like Steam). Looks like the real reason is to stop people modding the console by forcing game activation. Charging used games is purely a bonus for them, a money grab.

WTF is wrong with you people.

Every time I read the comments from this site I just laugh. You people sound like a bunch of 6th graders. Who gives a **** how the xbox looks ? Who gives a **** what the PS4 looks like. Between the 2 systems there are about 150 million consoles owned worldwide. Do you think all of those people give a **** ? I know some of have dated fat girls just because that's all you can get. its the same thing. As long as it gets the job done and you are happy for 1 hour or longer just shut your face and enjoy someone making **** for you so you can ***** about how you want or would have made it. Get off your *** and go and make the game you want so bad we can sit here so tell you it suck *** !

GAMES please?

Well it looks decent, none of that "wavy" nonsense from 360. Controller looks good too. Actually all in all I like the look of the thing. Ps3 looks better to me, but this still a big step up from 360. All that doesn't really matter though. Games please. This is why my 360 has been collecting dust for the past year - Microsoft seriously needs some exclusive first-party titles. Talking about third party-games like Fifa and Call of Duty is useless, these are multi-platform. I love Forza but if that's all this thing has than I am not buying. *I'm also concerned about the price since they are including Kinect...could be expensive - I hope they don't become Sony and charge $600 at launch.

The image in this post messed with my head. It's mirrored, or if it isn't they'e done an interesting redesign on the controller.


I think i will stick to my own ALL-IN-ONE's called PC ! i can do everything that "I" want to do on it..AND my graphics will STILL be WAAAAAY better than these consoles.oh hey we can be EVEN LAZIER !! since the dawn of REMOTE CONTROLS humans haven't need to get up to change the channel. NOW , we can be EVEN LAZIER and not even have to LOOK for the stupid remote.............lame.

I noticed it too

Ya no kidding you saw that too right? I was noticing that, vents on top is a bad idea, dust just drops in. The article mentioned Microsoft doesn't want overheating issues again with this Xbox, maybe that's why they went overkill with the vents...


(((Shaking Head))) & Still Laughing... .. . Oops! Fell Out of Chair... .. . Now Continuing to ROFLMAO!!! ... .. . OMG! omg! ... Trying to Catch Breath...!!! ooHa - ooHa - ooHa ... .. . Still Can't Breathe... Too ... F... Funny... Microsoft & Sony Corporate Suck-Dickery!!!... .. Aaaahahahaa!!! Now Anybody that runs out & buys either of these Electronic Laden Plastic Corporate Crap Boxes, Deserves All the Best that Life Has to Offer... Save your Money! Don't Suck-it for Them!!! ROFLMFAO!!!

you can see the ps4 in the

you can see the ps4 in the reveal trailer. it shows the whole thing, im not talking about just quick shots of part like the last one. this one shows the whole thing. research before you bash cuntwad.

Microsoft came out awhile ago

Microsoft came out awhile ago and said that it wouldn't be always-on. I don't recall on used games though if they said anything, I do believe I remember seeing something about them not restricting used games, but I am not 100% certain on that.

Well they said it wasn't

Well they said it wasn't online always but it is. If your xbox is disconnected for more then 24 hours then it will refuse to play your games. In other words it is online always. That is from kotaku meeting they had (on their front page at 6:15pm central time) Used games are also gone. To borrow a game to your friend you have to give him a disc, which comes with an activation code. This activation code though is used by your console. So for your friend to use your friend will need to pay a "activation fee" for their console. This will supposedly fall as the game gets older. Also Kotaku meeting. Seems to me like PS4 will win this generation so long as they don't force used game code purchases and online always (which seems to be the case)


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