Sony CEO: We’ll Show Our Next Console Only After Microsoft Shows Its Own

Sony president, Kaz Hirai, seems to be content on repeating the company’s PlayStation 3 launch mistake by holding off PlayStation 4 (Orbis) release until Microsoft has launched its Xbox 360 predecessor (Durango).

"Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?" he explained to British magazine, The Times.

With both Orbis and Durango specs nearly finalized, most enthusiasts expected official announcements to be made during this year’s E3 expo in June. This looks less likely now.

This quest for processing power superiority has lead Sony to release PlayStation 3 a full year after Xbox 360. When Sony’s consoles finally made it to the market in 2006, its main competitor had already enjoyed a market lead of 10 million units sold. Even worse, Nintendo Wii was released around the same time PlayStation 3 was launched but it still managed to overshadow both consoles before the end of 2007, effectively proving that raw processing power is not the decisive factor in this market.

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ok just because playstation is making a new system doesnt mean that xbox has to make a new system. like always they are taking their ideas. playstation has been around longer than xbox so i think ps know what they are doin and ps has a record of having more sold ps systems like the ps3 and ps2 than any other system. im mad at xbox one. not ps.

you realize that one does not

you realize that one does not simply make a console. That the xbox1 has(despite it's recent showcase) has been though over and crafted for long period of time and the only true thing they could copy in a shot time would be trying to match sony's ram or memory or other things of that nature because games have already been developed for it, and that doesn't happen over night either. Not sure if that what you were implying but that what i took it as.

Agree with Bryan Corea

Anonymous dude, maybe its you who need to look at the facts. Sony has been in the Video Game market since 1994, Microsoft have since the turn of the millenium. Sony have a little more experience in this market yes granted Microsofts console was considerably cheaper than the PS3 and ultimately I assume this is what won consumers over. But dude its specs where ****! It was DVD drive where Sony updated to Blu Ray something that Microsoft copied Sony on this generation. And don't get me started on the durability of the Xbox 360! This along with Pay to play online!? I mean don't we pay enough for our gaming experience already!? Microsoft were lucky with current gen Its extremely likely that luck will run out.

Sorry, must have missed the

Sorry, must have missed the part where I said Sony was new to the game. No wait, I didn't. I know full well how long they have been around for (longer than you think actually. A lawsuit delayed them) so they should know better but considering their entrance to the gaming world was ripping off the snes (the lawsuit i mentioned) it's not hard to believe that they need help. Microsoft have more experience than you realize, forget xbox, think pc. They've been around the business longer than anyone but still fail. Great specs are just a load of **** for people to argue over. Any of the companies can put the latest high end tech into their machine, it's all to easy but you need to balance things properly, an external power source would be a great start. Besides, if all machines were equal then we would only be judging by our gaming experiences. The real question is who has more fun on which machine, pure and simple case closed. Graphics obviously mean **** when people play apps on their phones so much. The 360 was a load of ****, the stupid thing broke down too much, it's second failure rate exceeds it's first and that's a complete joke. I fail to see what your point is. Sales figures are dodgy also, considering the failure rates and how many people had to buy one or more extra consoles, the sales figures give a false impression of the true consumer tally. I think rental games for the xbox one will die. Who is going to pay twice for a rental game (one to hire and one to install on the machine). We don't need any blue ray or DVD or other multi-media crap on consoles, it's a waste (something we pay extra for and we don't need it). Everybody copies, yes I said everybody but some can get away with it so think very hard and research things. Do my facts open your eyes a bit or are you still trying to pull your head from your ***


That's how companies go belly up... Atari had crazy amounts of experience over nintindo but over looked them. Its not luck when research is done

Seriously? Playstation know

Seriously? Playstation know what they are doing? Sold more than any other system? All I'll say is 'do at least some research before you start saying things' you look like a fool when you get things so wrong

Everyone makes mistakes

PS have passed 360 but not Wii so he was partly right but PS3 was the better systems, has better exclusives and has a blu-ray plater so they do know what there doing generally yes. Also Xbox live is a joke atleast playstation plus gives you free games to download and beat

'Partly right' is not right.

'Partly right' is not right. There is proof that they have not sold more than EVERY other console. Also there is proof that they don't know what they are doing, example; the wand. The camera needs to see the blue ball on the wand and when an attachment blocks the view of the blue ball it renders its capabilities useless. I'd really like to know what exclusives it has that you consider better than all others, very interesting concept lol. Lmao, how does blue ray make games better. It sounds like you need some facts also. Interesting factoid for you, playstation rips off ideas from Nintendo, do some research and you will find proof of that too :) Just let me point out that I never said playstation machines aren't any good, I'm just making sure everyone knows it's not quite the best that many think

Nope never seen a Sony red

Nope never seen a Sony red ring. They probably couldn't afford it after every other thing they put into the console. Didn't stop them from biting the dust though. No courtesy light from Sony :( boo hoo

Microsoft and Sony sales are

Microsoft and Sony sales are a bit sketchy too. Because the systems were so faulty most people bought more than just one or two extra. Therefore if you at least half the sales you'd get closer to the actual amount of consumers. Food for thought :)

Not really.

What is the better system is really subjective. If you want to play Gears of war Halo etc the Xbox is your choice. God of War Ps3, Zelda Wii etc. It's all a bit Juvenile that gamers are always resorting to my console is better than yours. Each machine has its merits, people should just enjoy gaming as opposed to have some misplaced loyalty to massive corporative companies.

My Gaming System is Better than your gaming system.

Due to Moore's Law one day it wont matter what you buy, The software titles will sway you towards this system or that one. I don't play games that don't have an ending anymore. NO MMORPG anymore. I like relaxing, not putting every minute of my life into being a slack jawed idiot drooling over pixels. If that is you, you are better off not buying ANY system and throwing them all AWAY! NO PC, NO TABLET, NO VIDEO GAMES ON THE TV. GO OUT AND GET A LIFE BECAUSE GAMING IS NOT LIFE AND LIFE IS NOT GAMING. And those living around you if any can stand being around you anymore have to put up with you being stressed over something stupid as playing a game. The stress bleeds into your real life and you end up taking it out on people you should be spending time with in real life. Put down the joystick and find joy in LIFE. It is fine to play when no one else is around or before bedtime. But to forsake those you love for gaming is a sickness. Break the cycle, go love your family before you end up without them.

Get a life

Dude your being a negative outlook and onffensiveness on peoples lifes who cares we can play whatever we want except if you have a mom. Second you have no regard for life, humanity, and society itself P.S. if you want be offensive go right ahead I'd love to see you behind bars, as for everyone else graphics do not ******* matter what matters is gameplay

Can We All Just Get Along?

Can we all just get along????? I mean seriously! PlayStation and Xbox are both great consoles, my opinion is to just get a mix of both of them, get a better Playstation Store ( like the marketplace ) and free internet like PSN. Microsoft and Sony should just partner up and maybe Nintendo with them since the Wii was a big success the first few years. And only some people let their lives get away from them due to gaming, it's not like everyone who plays video games when they aren't alone means that their family or boyfriend/girlfriend is going to say "You have a problem, you need help, you're not wanted here anymore." i mean seriously man, you're just being a **** by being like that.

reply to getting along

Yeah and why don't all the NFL teams just join together and make one mega team and everyone can win at every game. There will be only one team and everyone will be happy. Unfortunately for you competition is good for the market. I love both the Xbox and Playstation systems, but I love competition even more.

Stupidity of console wars

Both one and ps4 will have downfalls and upheavals I have a 360 and ps3 I barely play my ps3. The have to install a game thing is dumb as was the case with the ps3 and it took forever and far too much space on my hd. Xbox made an idiotic move with adopting that. The ps3 exclusives are wholly not appealing and repetitive I love uncharted, and infamous and lbp. Resistance is the same as any other fps, gow is a button masher with a good story, and kill zone is also a generic shooter. I hate halo and gears but still prefer my Xbox. I have playstation plus and I like the free games but Xbox live is an overall better online experience for me. Yes it's 5 dollars a month and for som reason people assume that's outrageous although you've spent more than that in a week on things you don't even remember. Ill likely buy both new systems and both will have their share of issues but I love games and will play them until I die regardless of what system they are on.

Steam > LIVE (Steam is free)

You pay for LIVE because you're a dumb ***. You pay for something that is free everywhere else because you're a dumb ***. You pay for MS to use your internet & system as a server because you're a dumb ***. If MS used my system as a server & my internet to P2P the game they would have to pay me, real talk.


hopefully we can get a FALLOUT 4 preview. im pretty sure its gotta be a Xbox release. that's why its so tightly under wraps. wishful thinking I guess.. lets hope


hopefully we can get a FALLOUT 4 preview. im pretty sure its gotta be a Xbox release. that's why its so tightly under wraps. wishful thinking I guess.. lets hope

Xbox One Reveal: Our Reaction, Opinion and Everything

Well, that's it then. All of that build-up and anticipation was leading up to this. Rumours begone! Xbox One is here, and we know almost everything we needed to know. Almost everything. It's not called Durango, it's not Xbox Infinity and it's not just called 'Xbox '. It won't make you a cup of tea, give you a massage or fluff your pillow, and it won't directly interface with your brain by drilling through your eye socket. Although the new Kinect comes dangerously close to doing that. What can it do then? So far we know that it's an “all in one system” according to Microsoft's big cheese, Don Mattrick, with TV, movies and all of your entertainment in one place. It's what most gamers feared. The Xbox reveal was almost exclusively about what the console can do with voice recognition, streaming TV and movies. Whatever happened to the games? The sum total of games actually revealed during the event were seven if you include Call of Duty: Ghosts. We shouldn't lose heart on that front however, as Microsoft is promising plenty of game reveals for E3 2013 in a few short weeks. Oh, and it'll spin its games on Blu-ray discs. Yay! This first look was really all about Xbox One's entertainment delivery chops, with Microsoft focusing on Kinect's voice gubbins, its partnership with NFL to deliver American Football games with the full stadium experience and more of that kind of thing. Hell, 343 even took time out to announce its Halo TV series, disappointing fans hoping for confirmation of the next Halo game. Steven Spielberg's involvement did nothing to lessen our dashed hopes either. While the demonstration of Xbox One's ability to seamlessly change channels, switch between TV and movies, while chatting to someone on Skype was undeniably impressive, a lack of games and a whole litany of unanswered questions left us concerned that the Xbox rumour mill would continue to grind unabated. Thank goodness then for the post-Xbox One reveal event in London, where practically all of our questions have been answered by Xbox UK Marketing Director Harvey Eagle. Microsoft's willingness to be completely transparent with us regarding backwards compatibility, achievements, Gamertags and always-online does beg the question as to why these salient facts were left out of the reveal event in the first place. Nonetheless, we have answers now and can fill in some of the gaps for you. Firstly, not only will your achievements and overall Gamerscore carry over to Xbox One, but how you obtain your achievements will shape your gaming history to share with friends. Your Gamertag and Xbox Live Avatar will also make the jump to the new console, so there's no danger of you losing the Xbox Live identity you've been working on for the past eight years or so. This is all good stuff. Disappointingly, Xbox One won't be backwards compatible with any existing disc-based Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Arcade games, which means you'll have to maintain a working Xbox 360 to play your library of titles you've accumulated over the years. This is bad stuff. Tempering this piece of bad news is confirmation that Xbox One won't utilise DRM or always-online functionality to block pre-owned games, so any such rumours pertaining to such a feature can be consigned to the dustbin. Although, you will apparently have to pay a fee to install used games though, which goes some way to explaining EA's abandonment of its online pass scheme. We wait with bated breath to find out how much you'll have to shell out to play a used game. Xbox One is also to play host to no less than 15 console exclusives in its first year, including Forza Motorsport 5 and Remedy's potentially very exciting Quantum Break. Remedy's game is a new IP for Xbox One too, and is hopefully an indication that more new and fresh titles will arrive with the advent of the next-generation. Microsoft has already said that there'll be no less than eight new IPs coming to the platform during year one. Even CoD is turning over a new leaf with a new engine, new characters, new story and a dog (yes, a dog!) to feature in Call of Duty: Ghosts. That's what we can take away from Microsoft's Xbox One reveal today then. A glossy, understated black box with a new 1080p Kinect device, a slightly redesigned controller (we're keen to find out what the 40 design innovations are exactly), and TV, movies and more all in one place, controlled by your voice and accessed seamlessly in an instant. It'll play games too, it seems. We thought we'd be more excited for the next Xbox, but we're feeling a little cold in the wake of the Xbox One reveal. Perhaps a more in-depth demonstration of what Xbox One is capable of and the games that will come to define the platform will manage to boost our excitement, but for now we're feeling that the overall event was a rather lukewarm one. For the next few weeks then, we'll be looking ahead to E3 in June, when we hope Microsoft will finally deliver on the potential and promise of Xbox One, with a line-up of games to really get the blood pumping. After all for us - and we suspect for you too – Xbox One should really be all about the games. We just didn't get that today. Xbox One will launch later in the year. Let us know your thoughts about the Xbox reveal and Xbox One in the comments.

CEO of Operatives Entertainment

I have a gaming PC, Wii, and Xbox 360. I like all of them and still have an old PS2 in the attic. By far the best in terms of power for games is the PC but only because it is a gaming PC, which means I can run three of the best graphics cards in the world, together with lots of fast RAM, solid state hard disc and top of the range CPU; all in one computer. Consoles will never be able to do that. I connect my console to a brand new 55" ELED 3D TV and I have dual play which is cool. For PC gaming, the resolution isn't nearly high enough, so I use a 24" PC monitor. So if any of you console fanboys think any different, you really ought to know your **** before you start spouting it. Having said that, the console is more convenient and I enjoy playing football and driving games much more on a console. It doesn't matter whether it's an Xbox360 or a PS3. What console developers are much better at, is getting every bit of power out of the hardware, which is why game get better as time goes on. PC only developers are lazy. They know that if they release a power hungry game, us idiots will just upgrade our PCs but at least we can. It's each to their own - live with it! Sony and Microsoft seem content to see how long they can keep using 10 year old systems. As long as the Wii U continues to squander it's 2nd screen (which lets face it is the only major feature it holds over the PS3 and 360) and console gamers continue to buy and play these aging systems, we may never see a new release. Two things are bound to prompt them to release new systems: 1. the Wii U blows up once developers actually start using that 2nd screen in revolutionary ways (ZombiU has set the bar). or 2. Consoles begin to lose even more players to the PC. No console can keep up with a powerful gaming rig, but as time goes by the gap between consoles and the PC continue to grow, Sony and Microsoft will be forced to release new systems to keep up. Either way, they are going to have to do more to distinguish themselves from PCs if they hope to succeed. That may well mean following Nintendo's lead on motion controls and 2nd screen controllers, or some other "gimmick." But if all they do is up the power and such, they will pale in comparison to a good PC and FAIL. Consoles are better than PCs when they're released, It takes a year or two for PCs to catch up, the reason being PCs aren't and never will be optimized for gaming so it's fine if consoles just up their power, fun doesn't come from graphics or physics anyway. PCs are general purpose machines and that's what makes them great. Hooking up a PC to a 70 in tv is as easy as plugging your consoles HDMI cable into your pc. Sony and microsoft are NOT holding back on releasing their new consoles due to wii u's lack of innovative games (do you even know how R&D works? Of course not, silly me), new consoles will be released at their set release dates if no critical issues creep up, just because they don't tell you when they'll release it, that doesn't mean they don't have a set date. They do, welcome to the real world chump.


I’m still not totally sold on the ’4′, I think it would have been better to just have a vertical line rather than a diagonal one. And I hope it doesn’t look too ‘box-y’ it looks like it has a lot of hard edges rather than the smoother curves the PS3 consoles have shared.

Please read

I dont understand this, you guys and gals are gonna start a ww3 over a plastic/metal box, its a hobby to be a gamer, not a sport, the only competition you need is against your friends or some person across the world who got randomly put in your lobby, you all should calm down, its pointless to get so worked up about all this. Raging over a forum wont do any good, so cut that **** out and go play some games fellow gamers!:)


It's okay, I respect your opinion. But Nintendo is my favorite, and even tough the Wii is "Wiik", it has a more creative controller, motion controls, and also (in my opinion) better games. Not just some games that all you do is shoot most of the time and there's barely any story or color. I really don't love PS and Xbox as much as the Wii. Also, most of the hardcore games (Call of Duty, Metal Gear Solid, Assasin's Creed) are out in the Wii too. Sure, the Wii isn't in High Definition, but graphics doesn't matter. Also, I don't really care about the graphics. I enjoy playing Nintendo 64, GameCube, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS and Xbox. So, yeah. The thing is, I don't really like hardcore games, and the PlayStation 3. I always stick to Nintendo, and sometimes play on PC (Minecraft or Fate). I grew up with Nintendo's colorful games, and I love them. Sure, I have a PS2, but around the time I got a GameCube, it broke. After that, I got the Wii and Wii U. I fixed my PS2 a month ago. I don't enjoy it as much as I used to, since I've been playing Nintendo all this time, but I still enjoy it, and the PlayStation2 and Xbox are on my Top 10 Favorite Video Game Consoles Of All Time List. So, if you like Hardcore games, or PlayStation and Xbox, then stay with them. I'm not mad at you, and I respect your opinion. I'm not being a fanboy like most people and making Wold Wars over which system is better. I am only posting my opinion. That's all. I respect your opinion, and I hope you respect mine, too.


you all sound like idiots and children. whats this world coming to...none of your arguments have any validation...youre all trolls.

Good Idea

That's a great idea... Why do companies go against each other. To stop a little bit of hate in this world they should work together as a team! But no they are to stubborn to realize they can start a gaming revolution!!!

Survey Question


Pointless arcticle

They announced their specs and decided to hold off on showing the console until later to keep from blowing all the steam in the hype train that will be E3 rolls around. The article doesn't make any sense because the PS2 took longer to develop due to complications with the cell processor as opposed to holding out to see the xbox's stat sheet first. I mean really these things are ordered a year in advance anyway because it takes time to manufacture. Whats with so many people commenting today as though they've been living under a rock for the past 4 months and haven't heard all of the announcements/news that prove this stuff wrong?

Yeah, Right

This is a complete lie, and if you fall for it you are crazy. If Sony plans on launching in the fall, then the tech specs have been locked for at least a year to get launch titles in development. My guess is more that they are having significant issues packaging the console for whatever reason and don't want to show it yet. If the specs are not locked then once again Sony will highly annoy their third party developers, which seems to be a theme for them, and then they wonder why so many franchises aren't staying exclusive to the console.

Everyone is entitled to their

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but when it comes to facts, people need to keep it real. Each machine has it's own merits but when it comes down to it you will either go with the most trustworthy or be a mindless follower and buy what you "believe" is good. I have a PC but very much dislike pc games (for my own reasons). I've owned both play stations and xboxes but are very unreliable and the games are just not with the hassle. If you like something with some brains put into it, energy efficient, reliable, fun and more I will always go with Nintendo. They are always doing something great. They have done some strange things but always get the pay off in the end. We are all evolving and the only gaming machine to truly evolve with us is produced by Nintendo, the others don't even give it a go. No one can argue Nintendo being the most reliable. Is everyone up to date with the original gameboy that survived an explosion in a war? If not, I know first hand how reliable they are in comparison to competitors. I used to work in a refuse transfer station (place where rubbish goes to be transferred to landfill) and found many xboxes, xbox 360s, ps1, ps2 and ps3s (and I mean HEAPS). All of which did not work with the exception of 1 xbox, proving the unreliability of those machines. Don't worry, many Nintendo machines were also discarded but the difference is that these were old machines but every single one worked. I did manage to find a gamecube in my time there. Someone had absolutey smashed it and the plastic of the machine was only partially intact. I thought it would be amusing to test it and see if it would show any sign of life. Wish I could have seen the look on my face when it fired up and actually worked. Had some trouble reading a disc but I'd put that down to a misaligned lens after the smashing of the machine. But as I said earlier, everyone has a right to their own opinions and this is mine and may my experience and facts help others with their choices. As a famous person said "I can only show you the door, you are the one that has to walk through it"

Reply to "Everyone is entitled to their" by Order

@Order, Except that Nintendo (of which you are an APPARENT fanboy) did absolutely nothing to improve graphics for their systems in the last two iterations (Wii and Wii U). I originally thought the Wii concept was a great innovation and had planned on buying a Wii. That is, until I found out that the graphics on a Wii were not updated to next-gen trends. Complete laziness on Nintendo's part. Just like they took too long to go away from cartridges, they are missing the mark again with hardcore gamers. We do not want gimmicky consoles with "brand new innovations" and last-decade graphics. Until they modernize their graphics, they will always be a console for children and casual gamers. And they will not last in the "console wars".

Hahaha 'did nothing to

Hahaha 'did nothing to improve graphics' you mean they didn't upgrade graphics to your liking and if I'm not mistaken (which I'm not) the post you responded to said nothing about graphics (you have concluded that by yourself. I would also have a good guess that cartridges will make some form of comeback, consider the size of flash drives and you'll understand where I am coming from. Cartridges were better but cd/DVD was just too popular and cost less. Nintendo is the survivor of THE console war, just wait and see how they do this time

Try owning a nintendo system

Graphics shouldnt matter if you like playing games for fun. Duke Nukem forever had terrible graphics, but is it a kids game? Hell no. I own a Wii U and the graphics are amazing, developers would not make high quality ports to Nintendo consoles because it is apparently "cool" to bash nintendo. Call me a fanboy all you want although i love playing the 360 and the PS3. I personally think the Halo series is the best FPS series ever made along with Battlefield, and guess what. Neither of those games are out for Nintendo consoles (of course Halo is an exclusive for xbox and EA does not consider Nintendo to have any well made ports.

Halo is horribly slow paced

Halo is horribly slow paced and I hated it so much. NOT the greatest FPS of all time because that includes every FPS from all time. I went back to old school Perfect dark for the N64 after playing halo. Have a go of the original perfect dark and see if you can keep up with it after playing the seriously lagging behind BEST FPS of all time

Comment for Anon

You're absolutely right, and in my view their last great innovation (aside from pioneering the popularity of motion controlled gaming) was the SNES. Nintendo has not catered to the true gamer fanbase since the N64, and from what I've seen may never go back to their roots. It's a shame to see THE company that brought video games to the masses give it all up for trends.

The snes was so good that

The snes was so good that Sony copied it and named it playstation. The only thing they changed was it played cd instead of cartridge. Since then they have copied anything they've thought worth while but have done so quite badly. Although, their machines are now filled with everything imaginable (like a wh*re at a party).

Old School Games

Miss the good old NES days like Mario and Sega's Sonic. Who cares about the graphics. Its all about gameplay.Miami Heat fans the second championship is on its way.#WhiteHot#LJ6


Stfu dude, you're just mistaking nostalgia for actually missing something. It wasn't better, it was just the good times you had that you miss, not the games themselves. If you really miss them that much, stfu and go play them. Don't want to? That's because you don't miss it, you miss the memories.


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