Omni Directional Treadmill Surpasses Kickstarter in Hours

Omni Kickstarter

No surprise here folks. The Omni, an omni directional treadmill that's designed to allow you to walk and run naturally in videogames while using an Oculus Rift headset, has now been officially funded on Kickstarter - in just four hours.

It's already surpassed its initial goal by four times the amount - in less than a day. This thing has the potential to be the most funded project ever on Kickstarter, as the creators gave it a whopping 48 days of funding.

At the time of writing it's at $535,092 (the initial goal was $150,000) and there really aren't many of the first batch of Omnis left, so if you want one, head over to the Kickstarter now.

If you've not heard of the Omni before now, it's a treadmill that can move in any direction, the idea being, that you can stand on it and move around in a game, without going very far in the real world. It's an idea for virtual reality that's a slightly different take to the large, warehouse like room that would be required for a Holodeck like experience.

Of course you can feel and hear the treadmill moving around as you run on it, but if you're in a game, with an Oculus Rift headset on and a decent pair of headphones, it doesn't even register.

While it's far from perfect virtual reality, this is the first real step. Want to go for a real wander through Skyrim? Shoot the other team while actually running in Team Fortress 2? Check out the below video to see the capabilities of this system.

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Do a barrel roll

Do a barrel roll ( Slippy ) Go on google and type : Do a barrel roll ull see what i think bout' that xD Soon ull have some of em in ur nearest gym next to thread mills :D


If it was a viable product it would get real investors, not teenagers donating via kickstarter. pos thing won't go anywhere, and it certainly wouldn't be cheap, you're looking at something that would cost $1500 at least.

"Does your species not take

"Does your species not take to kindly of us humans?" Are you living in a fantasy world? Or does your mom work at Disneyland and maybe you grew up underground there because she couldn't find a babysitter. lol. P.s. George Carlin was never funny, nor intelligent.


Well I have an opinion and I say you are not entitled to your opinion, then shoot the ****** and walk away. {George Carlin}.

Its not a treadmill, its a platform

"Of course you can feel and hear the treadmill moving around as you run on it" There are no moving parts, your just sliding on its surface with special shoes.. Watch the video before writing your article.. I don't think that project will go to the multimillion dollars, Occulus made 2.5, and this is basically a gadget for it, so I'd expect its stalls very fast. After all most players are lazy and ain't interested in moving..

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