CryEngine 3.0 Ryse Son of Rome Announced


Ryse: Son of Rome was just announced at E3 and it looks quite interesting. It's an Xbox One launch exclusive (a Crytek developer made it sound like it might be elsewhere later on its lifecycle) and puts you in the leather sandals of a roman legionnaire, fighting his way through hoards of enemies.

It's pretty, it's brutal and has a real movie quality to the way it's presented. There's a lot of quick time button hints and a very unsteady camera that swoops around to give you the best angle for the kill.

There's a mixture of squad control and third person combat - the latter of which looks a little reminiscent of Batman style brawling with swords - and some basic tactics involved that will remind the few of us that played it, of Viking: Battle for Asgard.

Ryse: Son of Rome will be released on Xbox One at launch as an exclusive.

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All i want to see with the

All i want to see with the cryengine is a "life simulation" game. i wanna get in my car and drive around, pick up my kids from school and drive through McWendles (copyright) to get "Enjoy Meals" (copyright) for the kids.

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