PlayStation 4 Hardware, Price And Launch Date Revealed

Sony today unveiled the PlayStation 4 hardware design at its annual E3 Media & Business Summit press conference, where the company also announced its next-generation platform will launch in the United States for $399 this holiday season.

“We are proud to unveil today the most advanced gaming system ever created, PlayStation 4, which demonstrates everything PlayStation stands for — a relentless focus on the gamer, an inspired community of developers equipped with the most powerful technology, and the long-standing legacy to building worlds without boundaries through one-of-a-kind gaming experiences,” said Jack Tretton, President and CEO of SCEA. “What’s equally exciting for us, however, is transforming the PlayStation ecosystem into a stronger, more vibrant destination that enables gamers to engage, share, play, and connect on their terms.”

PlayStation 4

SCE World Wide Studios is currently developing more than 30 PS4 exclusive titles, 20 of them, including 12 new IPs, are planned to release within a year of the launch of the PS4 system. SCE WWS President Shuhei Yoshida provided an update on PS4 exclusive titles, #DRIVECLUB, Killzone Shadow Fall, KNACK, which will be available at launch, and inFAMOUS Second Son, available first quarter 2014.

Proving PlayStation’s commitment and support for indie developers, SCEA Vice President of Developer and Publisher Relations Adam Boyes introduced a lineup of titles that will be making their console debut on the PS4 system, including: Transistor by Super Giant, Don’t Starve by Klei Entertainment, Mercenary Kings by Tribute Games, Octodad: Deadliest Catch by Young Horses, Secret Ponchos by SwitchBlade Monkeys, Outlast by Red Barrels, Oddworld: New N Tasty by Oddworld Inhabitants and Galak-Z by 17-bit.

Boyes also unveiled blockbuster content from key publishing partners, including KINGDOM HEARTS III and FINAL FANTASY XV from SQUARE ENIX, Ubisoft Entertainment’ Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag and Watch_Dogs, 2K Sports’s NBA 2K14, Bethesda Game Studios’ The Elder Scrolls Online, and the world exclusive unveil of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s Mad Max.

Bungie, the original creators of Halo and one of the most important Xbox developers, was also on stage to introduce the world gameplay premiere of Destiny. SCEA announced a long-term exclusive partnership with Bungie and Activision.

PlayStation Plus

SCEA also unveiled new details for PS Plus. With a single PS Plus membership, gamers will enjoy all of the program benefits across the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita systems. PS Plus benefits include exclusive game discounts, cloud game saves, early access to beta programs and content, and access to the Instant Game Collection.

The Instant Game Collection, which provides PS Plus members immediate access to a library of games — “including blockbuster hits, innovative indie games, and classic titles” — will extend to gamers on the PS4 system along with online gameplay, ensuring that gamers always have a selection of games to discover and enjoy with other members of the PS Plus community.

To celebrate the support of PS Plus on the PS4 system, SCEA will offer the #DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition to PS Plus members in the Instant Game Collection. In addition, one digital title will be rotated each month, including three of the new digital games introduced during the PlayStation E3 press conference, Don’t Starve, Outlast, and Secret Ponchos. These three titles will be available at no extra cost via the Instant Game Collection during the first year following the launch of the PS4 system.

PS Plus membership can be purchased through PlayStation Store and is available as a one-year membership for $49.99, a three-month membership for $17.99, and a new a one-month membership option for $9.99.

Cloud Gaming

SCEA also announced that PlayStation’s cloud gaming services will be available in 2014 beginning in the United States. The cloud gaming services will provide gamers on the PS4 and PS3 systems, followed by gamers on the PS Vita system, with immediate access to a catalog of PS3’s most acclaimed titles. These games will be streamed using Gaikai’s proprietary network technology.

PlayStation Vita

More than 85 additional titles are slated to launch for the PS Vita system by the end of 2013, expanding the current library of more than 125 PS Vita-dedicated games and more than 400 classic titles from the PSP and PS one Classics catalogs.

Featured titles mentioned at the press conference include Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, CounterSpy, Destiny of Spirits, Doki Doki Universe, Killzone: Mercenary and Tearaway. In addition, SCEA announced that God of War HD 1 and 2, Flower, and Dead Nation, as well as Square Enix’s FINAL FANTASY X and X-2 and Telltale Game’s The Walking Dead are coming soon to the platform.
The Walking Dead on PS Vita will feature a new control scheme that gives players the option to use the dual analog sticks and buttons or touch controls unique to the platform. To celebrate the title’s debut on PS Vita, SCEA will offer a limited-edition bundle that includes a 3G/Wi-Fi PS Vita, the complete first season of The Walking Dead game series (including the newly announced Season One episode, 400 Days) and great bonus content.

PlayStation 3

Sony promised to support PlayStation 3 with a lineup of blockbuster titles, unique indie games, and exclusive “only on” PlayStation content this year, including Puppeteer, Rain, Gran Turismo 6, BEYOND: Two Souls, The Last of Us, Batman: Arkham Origins and Grand Theft Auto V.

Make sure to check out the PlayStation 4 hardware photos in the gallery.

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Well i have an xbox 360 and dont get me wrong i realy like it. But Sony pwned Xbox about pricing and online services. Not sure about the hardwere yet tho.

son *****

sony haven't owned xbox about anything you ******* ****** the ps4 will be shie like the ps3 is the online is ***** and always will be it looks ***** and I bet it runs ***** aswell just like the ps3 did. everyone goes on about how the ps is more powerfull than the xbox but yet it doesn't run any better the games don't look any better and the online is really *****. sony sucks *** and they always will everthing sony make is *****.

Says a ******* Microsoft

Says a ******* Microsoft fanboy ****** who knows absolutely jack ****. hardware of ps4 more advanced FACT. this time Sony has aimed at being developer oriented. **** box one ports will be lesser quality than ps4 due to hardware limitations whereas last gen difference in ports was down to awkwardness of cell processor.

r u blind

you must be blind man the ps4 looks really bad the console looks **** the controller looks **** but then again sony have never been able to make a good controller

I wonder if PS4 Plus will

I wonder if PS4 Plus will work the same as it does on the PS3 - where if only one account on the console has Plus all other accounts get the same benefits - or whether it'll be the way it is on the 360, where every account needs to be paid?

It's been confirmed by more

It's been confirmed by more 'updated' news sites that you must subscribe to ps plus to play games online on the ps4. It has also been said by devs that the DRM policies will be very similar for both xbo and ps4, so all the DRM-free no second hand sale fees speech is bs, or maybe not, maybe they plan to make second hand games not run at all, still no fees on the sales right? Regardless, that puts both consoles on equal footing, both clinging to ****** policies meant to hurt gamers and fatten the wallets of bussinessmen. Fanboys, you don't have to put up with this ****, drop consoles and come to the PC. It's the nice and cozy corner of gaming where we do whatever we want.

Because we've expected

Because we've expected industrial design to not be at a standstill in a world where even ******* Google of all people can make computers that don't look like they were put together by thirteen year old slipknot fans? Watch the WWDC keynote - that's why people are so critical of the design language of these consoles. We're allowed to now, we know they can do better.


That's because we have gotten to used to the idea that if it's expensive it has to be pretty, pretty, shiny, shiny... Spoiled little *****, the lot of them...

Sony, Sony, Sony

Either this was a prototype, or Sony were trollin: megagames. com/news/could-be-what-ps4-sort-looks... Which does leave the question why Sony would use the prototype in their official trailer.

so when you paid for xbox

so when you paid for xbox live it was more expensive than PS3, now that you pay for PS+ on PS4 you're laughing? You have to pay for both, xbox cost 100 more (system) and I think sony is only $50 a year 17 for 3 months and I heard of a 9.99 for a month. PS3 and PC is still free but 360 you still pay. If you're a xbox person I don't think the Sony fanboys are feeling bad about your comment at all. They get benefits with PS+ on PS3 and 4, but Live was just a requirement even before this.

They still talked about vita

They still talked about vita and ps3 while talking about PS4, look like they did win (well I'm not sure cause the other article only talked about the new xbox and seem like they abandoned old xbox) Plus they had Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. Those fans love those games they wouldn't shut up about Kingdom Hearts and now that they announced it well.....They also had Bungie show up, they guys that pretty much made xbox successful. Just curious to see what new games nintendo have

Read the same.

Read the same think on some articles on my phone this morning, Sony conference got the nod from alot of media sources. I didn't watch the video (they are too **** long) but I read the loudest applause happened when they announced zero restrictions on used games, and no need for constant connection. Plus $100 cheaper for a more powerful console. It's a better deal. Oh man, what is going to happen to WII U? Ps4 is only $50 more, Nintendo has no choice they need to drop price I think...

LOL wii u? nintendo is

LOL wii u? nintendo is reaching the end of its miserable life. why? because they didnt LISTEN, they should have more good titles.. not endless mario, zelda and whats not, which unfortunately repeats the same ol story.

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